Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Update

The ol' Grump has been sent home from the hospital. He has had 4 days of people paying more attention to him and he's eating it up. Every memory he's ever had is told and retold.

The situation with the Kidneys has not changed, so they quit giving any medication for it. They also disabled the defibrillator he's had for the past 5 years.
A hospital bed has been moved into his room and the old double bed moved out back to the tool shop. The hospice nurse will start visiting tomorrow.

As they say, "time will tell", so all we can do is all that will get done and finally his preacher will get to preach him into the ground.

The Grump is OK with's been a long life with all it attendant ups and downs.

And so it goes.


Borepatch said...

He sounds like quite a character. Glad he's out - it must be a huge relief for Mrs. Kdzu.

BTW, hospice care has been simply outstanding for Dad. Not a great situation, but he's much happier at home with his family than in a hospital somewhere.

Carolyn said...

Larry, Please tell Bonnie that we love her and are praying for you all and The Ole Grump aka Carl.

Joyce said...

dear brother hugs and prayers for you all. good to talk with you tonight. love you