Monday, January 17, 2011

A Confession.......of sorts

I must confess to stealing the following paragraphs from an email received from The Daily Reckoning.

Look...according to our new Daily Reckoning theme...political parties, voting, the blah, blah of partisan well as Paul Krugman...

...they are all almost irrelevant...all “products of the past”...


...full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing.

The real trends are bigger than that. What is at stake here is a model of government that began with Otto von Bismarck. It is a model in which the state supposedly serves the interests of the citizens. (Under the previous model, there were no citizens...just subjects who owed a duty of obedience to the sovereign...and in exchange received protection.) In Bismarck’s model, citizens give up a portion of their output...and stand ready to protect the state with their lives. In return, the state gives them the right to participate (through elections etc)...provides protection from foreign states and domestic outlaws...and makes sure that their physical needs are taken care of.

This model seems to be headed for bankruptcy. The big question is: when the state is unable to provide the benefits it has promised...what will happen? Will the masses accept less? Or will they revolt? Or will a new model evolve...peacefully?

You can get a free daily email, just google Daily Reckoning and I'm sure somewhere you'll be given an opportunity. Of course you will have to put up with your fair share of advertisements, but, I reckon (poor pun) it's a small price to pay for another view of the world.

Often after reading thoughts that are not programmed into my consciousness by the MSM I ponder how different input requires different outputs.

The question is......"Or will they revolt"?

Not so much of a question as I'm pretty sure they will, just when and how bad will it get seems a more pressing question. Which leads to further questions. Will the military be used against us on our own soil? Will the leaders of the military follow those orders.

Do I have enough of.............. (fill in your own blank)

How safe is my present location? If not how can I get to a better one.......and how soon?

Questions and answers differ.......or is the question relevant?

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