Monday, January 10, 2011

More Global Warming

Sheesh, we've about 4-5 inches already and more coming down.

Unusually for me the cold seems to have found it's way into my finger joints this morning. Does this portend worse weather later today? No idea, as this is unusual.

Of course this Global Warming is unusual too. Reckon it has something to do with a lack of sunspot activity the last year or so?

Why haven't we been hearing from that bloated wind bag Albert Gore lately? Even meek little Tipper finally got fed up with his lies and booted his ass to the curb. Of course he can just give her half of everything and still have enough money to draw the bimbo-flies and environmental moonbats to his swollen carcass. A waste of resources to keep him alive, methinks.

Of course, I have been accused of being a little intolerant of idiots. I mean come on, they're fun to laugh as for a while, but you soon become weary of shooting fish in a barrel.

Speaking of shooting.......I finally took the time to peel the camouflaged tape off the barrel of the Ruger Model 77 Mark II I picked up a while back and gave it a good cleaning and lubrication. Nice gun, stainless steel barrel and action with composite stock and topped with Leupold 4 X 12 VX-II scope.

Hopefully, I'll be able to take it over to the ARC range next month and sight it in.

I have no real need for a rifle of this calibre, but, like I've always heard...... you can never have too many guns, or enough ammo.

Well, I've had my grits and hen apple for the morning, I'm sure I have a lot to do if I'll just get too it. Hopefully I'll be able to get to the Fedex office before the icy part of this winter wonderland hits later today. Right now it's fun to look at, but if we get any ice on top of it the pines will start snapping onto the power lines and the real fun will start.

Stay warm and come back now, hear.

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