Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Speech Hint

Boy do I know how to have fun, or what?

Story of my life. Just a little out of sync with everyone else. Sorta like looking into a fun house mirror, only with out the fun. Sorry to be so boring. 100+ year old speeches, while they may still contain truths that apply today, are kinda like getting advice from your Great-Great-Grandfather. You just want him to shut up and give you your birthday gift, already, for crying out loud, so you can go hang with your buds.

Temples of higher education want to teach the newest slant on things at the expense of the tried and true. With the exception of LL,(who is nowhere near 40 by the way) does anyone over the age of 40 have the slightest idea of how to help their children with their math homework? But we want them to get into the finest Universities so they'll get a good job and be able to support us when we get senile. Drooling on our chin and soiling our polyester pants left over from the 70's.

Our speech giver was no Con man. He drew from the Well of wisdom and knowledge and tried most of his adult life to impart that to all he came in contact with.

I'll not bother with anymore hints. I gave you several tonight. If nobody wants to play...........
.....well, I'll just find something else to write about.

Now...back to American Idol along with about 25 million other mindless drones. But some of those ladies can flat freeking Sing.


Jean said...

I want to play! I just can't figure it out...:(

LL said...

Crap. Don't give the answer yet. When I have time this weekend, I'll read the post. How far down is it?

kdzu said...

Thanks for playing ladies. This post contains several verbal as well as visual clues. I confess though, that it is probably harder than I think, after all who spends their time reading things a hundred or two hundred years old except me and Eric, of Straight White Guy.

LL, the Question is posed in "I Love to Read'.

Answer to be posted on Saturday if I remember to do it.

Jean, I'll bet you can do anything you set your mind on.

kdzu said...

Make that "I like to read".