Monday, March 05, 2007

Truly Amazing...........

...............this internet is.

I average about 9 to 10 hits a day on this blog. Many are repeat readers. Some family and others part of an extended family I'd love to meet some day.

But, sometimes I am just flabbergasted by the locations from which people peek at the inside of my mind. I've had hits from the US of course, also, Mexico, Holland, England , Spain, Morocco, Indonesia, Singapore, Russia, Afghanistan, Russia to name a bunch.
Generally I'll get one hit from these countries after they've read a comment of mine on some of my favorite blogs. Rarely will they comment. Hell, most of those who check me each day, rarely comment. That's OK. I figure if I've said something worth a comment you will.

But yesterday I got two hits from 2 cities in Red China. How awesome is that? I'd love to communicate with them, to see how they live and why they search the internet.

The blogosphere is just a neat place, capable of bringing the people of the world together. Generally if peoples will engage in civilized discussion, they will see the similarities in each other. Differences, sure, but perhaps they will discuss them rather that hating each other for it.

Just my view........
........from the Kudzu.


Jean said...

I've been getting hits from China too, and SnogDot has noticed them in his sitemeter.

I do wish more from outside the US would comment. It would be fascinating to see what differences, if any, there might be in how they relate/perceive what we say here.

MamaSMorgan said...

Hey, Uncle! I have had hits from strange places as well. I love it! Of course, I probably bore them away. You give us/them something to ponder.