Thursday, March 08, 2007

Where are they?

Who are they? Do they exist?

I know, you're thinking kdzu's off his medication again, or perhaps he over did things.
Maybe so, time will tell I guess.

LL’s blog is one I read everyday. Her honesty and candor, as well as her unabashed patriotism is a cleansing of the palet from the dregs of the meals of everyday life.

Today she posted the link to a couple of Jackasses.
Click on the link in her post.

I used to wonder where such people came from. But we see them all around us. Watch the boob tube for even a little while and you'll see more than you can stomach. Jerry Springer doesn't even have to break a sweat to round up more than would fill the Astrodome. And by no means is it limited to men. Girl's, you could do worse than spaying a few of your species also.

When I think of such things, I have to admit that I tremble for the future of humankind. Perhaps I'm a bit too much of a pessimist, but I've been fooled by people a few too many times. Like Sunni Maravillosa, I wonder where are the Sons of Boromir?

I could, and probably should, pay more attention to the immediate needs of myself and family. I've squandered most of my youth ( I don't consider that I'm as old as the calendar says ) in dreams. On the other hand I've done so many different things that I wanted to do that I pity those who are afraid to jump into the deep black water without knowing how to swim.

So I think about the future of the human race and of the trials of this moment in time. I think of my sisters sons who serve their country. One or perhaps two in Iraq even as I type. A shame that I don't keep in closer touch.

We (by this I mean Western Civilization) are truly engaged in a struggle, in reality
just as important as the fictional struggle in The Lord of the Rings books. A struggle against an evil that would deny every individual of their Free Will.
I don't claim to be a very good Christian, nor well versed in the scriptures, but it's my understanding that a great war was fought in heaven to determine if mankind would be forced to come to God, or have the choice to come willingly. Free Will Freedom One and the same I think. And we're fighting to keep that flame alive.

If you listen to the MSM you would think that we are losing and running from that fight on all fronts. That we face a righteous and implacable foe. That we might as well give up now, withdraw to our borders and wait for the inevitable overthrow of the world as we know it.

But if history teaches us anything it is that when we forget history we do so at our peril. 100 years after the founding of Islam by Mohamed the world thought that the forces he unleashed were unstoppable. Western Civilization was indeed on the brink of being over run. And then a small band near Tours in France, broke their ranks and their back for over a thousand years.

Read here for an account of that decisive turning point in history. Perhaps like me, you too will realize what a determined small
group of warriors can do.

Just my view....
..............from deep inside the kudzu.


LL said...

Find out about your nephews. The asshattery will NEVER stop, but family is forever.

Jean said...

Never give up...