Saturday, March 24, 2007

Up in the morning ...........

........Just to keep my job.....

Wait........Ha......I don't have a job.

It's 8 in the am, on what looks to be a sunny Saturday. The wife and dog are off to the sister-in-law, leaving me to watch over the ol' grump and make sure he eats and takes his meds.

Had 3 visitors from overseas on the blog late last night. Ireland, England, and Bulgaria. Cool......thinks I. No body wants to talk though. Have to seriously rethink what I want to put out there on this blog.

In other news, an american general in afganastan, kicked out a group of Marines for responding to an attack by IED. I know this must bring great joy to liberal moonbats out there. Bend over, put our head between our legs, kiss our own ass and come on home. The democrats and media have soundly defeated truth justice and the American way again. The War against Islamic terrorists has been not lost but conceded. And we whimper, tuck our tails and whine for forgiveness from the very ones who would destroy us. Vietnam all over again.

In the good news, LL’s pooch is doing better. Way to go Mona. Every time I see the name Mona, I think of Lisa, she of the enigmatic smile.

The search is still on for the answer to my trivia question. Hints have been in every post since, except one I think. Answer tomorrow.

Well, since everybody hates me and nobody loves me, I think I'll go out and eat worms.


LL said...

I have it.

And nobody hates you. ;)

Oh, and here's Mona. hahaha Whenever I think "Mona" I think Mona the Bone-a Head, not Mona Lisa.

Jean said...

You are loved by many, sweet man... including ME.

kdzu said...

You humble me.