Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wherein I am blessed.......


I was raised the only boy, the first born in a family of six children. For the mathematically challenged....... that means I have 5 younger sisters.

Out of courtesy to them, I'll not give their ages away, but, I do want to relate that while we were in the waiting room at Emory University some years ago, while our mother was undergoing her second heart bypass, one of them noticed 'Look, Larry is the only one of us without any gray in their hair.'

A couple of years ago it was noted that now I'm the only one with any gray. Obviously while I've aged.........They remain as youthful and lovely as always.

My sister Melba, (for some reason, those of us in the redneck part of Georgia, pronounce that as Melberrrr.) Well, maybe that was just me.

She sent the wife and I a nice gift today. For which I am thankful and tickled.

There was one addressed to me which I want to share with the whole part of the blog-o-world I reach.

Thanks Sis.

From inside my now scented kudzu grotto.

Hush! I thought I heard a russell n th' corner.

Update: No slight meant of the rest of my sisters, as they are all fine ladies and have fairly nice husbands and kinda OK kids.


Carolyn said...

Larry, You are ever the gentleman. We all love you big brother.

Jean said...

What a beautiful gift... something you will treasure, I'm sure.