Monday, March 26, 2007

You can certainly tell......

......that spring has arrived big time in this part of Georgia.

Last week you could look up and just barely see new leaves appearing on the red oak trees and the white oaks only had their dangly blooms on.
Today I look up and the red oaks are providing a halfway decent shade from the mid-80's temperatures and the white oak leaves are telling us that we better get a move on if were going to be planting corn.

And pollen.........don't get me started. The Atlanta weather persons are saying that todays was the highest ever. And the pines are only just barely getting started on their release of reproductive dust. The next month will see yellow clouds of the stuff wafting in the slightest breeze.

This morning first thing I took the water hose and washed the pollen off our cars and truck. This afternoon.......couldn't tell I had expended the effort or water.

I told the wife that I'd probably get a bobcat to push up all the small brush and trees which have been allowed to grown on the non mowed parts of the lot this coming weekend. "Oh, don't push up the Carolina Jasmine", she said. Like I can avoid doing that if I take the small trees out of the way. She'll just have to go to Home depot and buy flowers to replace them.

You can all ways tell when spring comes to this area. All you have to do is open the door (windows being closed so precious air conditioning doesn't escape) and listen to all the hacking and coughing going on up and down the neighborhood.

The wisteria is in full bloom, and beautiful. But the Kudzu is only just beginning to leaf out and start growing. Be a while before it starts blooming. I'll just have to wait.


Anonymous said...

... looks like some hard-assed work, man...... but hold off on planting the kudzu..... just keep it as a metaphore and leave it at that....


Anonymous said...

... oops.... metaphor.... not enough coffee in me yet......