Friday, March 23, 2007

Where do you go to ...................


I've had many ladies tell me that, "Oh, I don't wear any jewelery. I'm not interested in that sort of thing." Most of them look like they and their husband or boyfriend together couldn't scrape up the cost of even a [so called]'chip' diamond. Funny how that works.

I'm sure that there are many women who really do not have any interest in jewelry. However, I think it may be quite a bit fewer than those I hear protesting. Our nature encourages each of us to show our feathers a bit.. Kinda like peacocks trying to attract the gaze of a peahen. Or guys trying to hold their potbelly in. Come on guys, admit it. Hell, sometimes at the local shopping center here, when the coeds are in town, I damn near pass out from lack of oxygen, because I won't let my diaphragm drop.

So if I hear a lady tell me they have no interest, I look more closely at them, to check my estimate of their net worth. It makes no never mind to me. I prospect for diamonds and gold where ever I am. I agree that the more attractive a lady is, the less need for ornamentation they require. And the young and nubile need nothing but their radiant good health and zest for life.

I however will turn my head toward a lady of legal age, and a little, who clearly has a self confidence about herself and pride in her appearance, to dress to show that, and to wear her clothes and jewelery in a manner that says "I'm worthy of myself". The grunge look does not appeal to me. You do not need to be well off, or rich, to take pride in who you are. Some of the poorer are more worthy than many of the wealthiest.

Back to the original question. If you think of only precious stones as diamonds, I guess you would look in a jewelry store, or a large mall. Perhaps you would think to go to South Africa, although they are well down the list from first on the list of top diamond producing countries.

If however you think of moments, or special places, or music, or kind words to a stranger, or gestures of affection between married couples, both young and old. Then you might be surprised at all the jewels you stumble across.

An old Buddhist monk once told a farmer that if he would find diamonds, he should look where the river ran over white sand between two mountains and there he would find diamonds. So the farmer sold all his acres and went in search of diamonds, and spent all his money and wore out his spirit in the search, when possibly he should have looked closer to home.

I'll have to sweep the corners of the grotto to see what I can find....., under the kudzu.

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Jean said...

I like to stop and think of valuable moments from my life. You just made me realize... or, rename them... as jewels in my life. They cluster and sparkle in my mind's eye, a continually growing source of beauty.

My own jewelry?... I buy it for myself and wear it with pride. Basically simple, classy quality. I like to think it represents some of me.