Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Faith and Credit.

Full Faith and Credit.

Those 4 words are all that back the money most of us use every day. Whether to buy that morning biscuit and sausage and black coffee at McDonald's every morning on your way to the ditch digging job, or a croissant and super creamy french vanilla grande latte at Starbucks in the hi-rise office building where you lurk in your corner office with the good view on the 60th floor, we all use the bits of paper and base bits of metal coins that our rulers in their massive marble facaded opulent edifices to conspicuous consumption constructed on the most expensive pieces of real estate in every downtown of every city and village in the country, we all use them (or it).

I speak of those pictures of dead presidents and founding fathers found in everyman's (screw it, I'm not politically correct. If you're of the female persuasion would you want me to use the term hu-woman instead of human to refer to you as if you were a separate and distinct species from the other half of the race) wallet, or in the case of our french cousins your purse.

We carry and use them (or the modern electronic equivalent) because they are so much easier to carry around than the ham you would perhaps trade for a years subscription to Oprah magazine.
After all she can only eat so much ham at any time and by the time she carried it to those poor starving and ragged young girls she mentors in Africa it would taste much as the ham the wife discovered while defrosting the freezer yesterday and tried to serve this morning. A bit rancid .

Those bits of paper or notations on an electronic recording gadget represent a portion of our life or our intelligence. After all we trade our work or skills for them.....they must be worth something. We expect them to be worth something...we trade our lives for them after all, and we expect those in charge of our government and banking systems to do their job to insure that they are worth Something...Anything, else our lives meaning is demeaned.

So it was a bit disturbing this evening to read the following words.

Faced with a weakening world reserve currency, the questionable status of the world’s largest economy, and unsustainable US government spending, central banks are rendering a quiet vote of no confidence on the US dollar

NO CONFIDENCE.......WTF....my work, my skills, my life traded for drab green rectangles of paper and ink, and Central Banks have lost confidence it them.

Now I understand all those ads for gold on the Fox Network.

Just as an aside...if any of you are on speaking terms with your local banker, go tomorrow and ask him or her if they'll make you a loan using your gold and silver coins and bullion for collateral. They'll likely laugh in your face,... but suggest that they use as collateral your CD for $10,000.00 you have on deposit in their bank and see what they say.

Oh, by the way, they will be just as unwilling to use all that ammo you have buried under the slab in the garage or that dehydrated food stacked on shelves in your pantry.

But if the PTB (powers that be) don't start acting like responsible adults instead of the pimpled 14 year old kids they apparently are up there in the hallowed halls of power, you just might be glad of those cans of pinto beans and cases of .223 you've so wisely put aside.

Oh. You haven't?

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