Sunday, November 08, 2009

On the record

It seems that the House of Representatives, which has a dumb-o-crat majority has voted along party lines for the most part to pass their version of a national health care bill.

No big surprise here. There will be many who are overjoyed and just as many who will be saddened.

The thing to remember is that it now has to go before the senate. A much closer majority for the dumb-o-crats and with quite a few of them that are facing re-election in 2010.

Will they pass anything resembling what the house has passed?


The thing to remember is that next year is a re-election year for every house of representatives member. What is done by one congress can be undone by another. Will the people be heard shouting for or against what is essentially a vote to destroy the greatest health care system the world has ever seen? We'll know soon enough.

In the meantime the talking heads on both sides of the issue will have plenty of opportunity to increase ad revenues by broadcasting day and night.

It won't make a lot of difference to me personally. I'm already on a gov't health care plan. The VA takes care of everything. Just as long as I have enough time to get to Augusta. If anything sudden comes up though and there is not time to make the 2 hour trip and I have to go to the local emergency room I'm screwed.
At that point I'm on my own for paying the costs of everything done there. Never mind that I am 100 percent covered by the only counts if it's in a VA facility or I have been seen at the local VA clinic and given approval to go to a civilian Doctor or hospital.

Kinda makes me want to live a little more healthy lifestyle. Well......kinda. Old habits are hard to break.

While I am grateful to have my VA benefits, I can see the problems in it also. Most of the care I've received has been top notch, but then I'm fortunate not to have a lot of physical ailments. Should the time come when that changes, I'm more than a little worried about having to depend on an over crowded and over worked system. Having a country that has been actively fighting war in more than one country around the world with the smallest active duty regular force in decades will mean more and more work for the men and women caretakers in the VA system.

Want a steady job into the foreseeable future? Get any kind of medical or related skills and go to work for the VA.

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