Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Warmer climes

A bit rainy here again today. It really came down hard during last night. A few sprinkles and mist today with cloudy skies and a bit of wind. All combined to make it feel cooler and less comfortable. An extra shirt and a hat to keep the top of my head dry helped a good bit in the feeling like I wanted to be outside today.

I don't generally mind the cold too much, although to be truthful I much prefer warmer spring like weather much more.

I've recently made the acquaintance of a man who was born in El_Salvador. He's been in this country for 20 years or so. I haven't asked him if he came here legally, to be honest, even if he didn't, I consider him an asset to this country. He's married with 2 children who were born here and his wife was also born in El Salvador.

We had a bit of fun tracking his home in that country down with Google Earth. It's amazing what you can find. He was able to use some nearby landmarks and pick it out exactly.

From time to time I get a little treasure from him since his job working for a landscaper has evaporated and he now buys and sells to me some scrap jewelry. He's not doing too badly at it either. As he says, "it's better than working meester
". He and his wife are buying a duplex here in the Classic City and living in one side while the renters pay his mortgage. He'll also be renting his current house out also.

I told him I was gonna stay close to him as he would be rich soon and I wanted some of it to rub off on me.

The reason he and warmer weather come to mind is that of course El Salvador is very much south of here and winter is something they only experience when they go to the top of their higher mountains during the rainy season.

He came by a couple of days ago with two rocks about the size of half dollars that he said came from the area of El Salvador he came from. We crushed them very fine and placed in a quart jar with some Aqua regia. Very pleased was he to see that there might be a little gold in them. Not'll maybe turn out to be a little over a gram, but considering the original size of the rocks and the fact that the big miners consider a quarter oz of gold per ton of rock processed a bonanza I'd say he did very well with his rocks.

Now we both want to go gold mining in El Salvador. What a hoot. You just never know when an adventure might present it's self.

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