Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Still raining

Sounds like a cow pissin' on a flat rock outside. The pooch is so hunched over from trying to hold it in he's beginning to look like a comma. He is so going to have to go out before bedtime tonight. Last two nights he's required the wife to get up around 1pm to let him out. But she loves him....I just hope she doesn't think of waking me up to let him out.

Seriously folks...this year is making up for the several years of serious drought we had that preceded. Not that I'm complaining you know, but I've been getting more and more requests to help out on the Ark I'm building out in the back yard. I may have to do like the cruise ship lines and add a few extra stories. Probably need to add a few more rocks to the hold to keep it from flipping over in a light breeze.

I did manage to get out for a little while today. Nothing very productive unless being told what you already knew is considered productive. I swear that visiting places like the IRS, the Social Security Office, Banks and Post Offices make one wish I'd taken up a life of crime so I could have a lifetime J.O.B. also.

Speaking of enjoyable and exciting places to go, if you have a high pain threshold and stronger than normal gag reflex you might consider going to this website

I guess you could consider it work safe if you say it's doing research on where to shop to save the company money. Or studying the effects of diet, exercise and staying in school past the 6th grade as a project for the Human Resources department.



LL said...

Yeah, not so work safe. Apparently, it is now blocked from our internet. Bastards!!

kdzu said...

Even though we live in a college town and there is more that normal eye candy at Wally World, we also have our fair share of amazing sights to be seen there.