Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Just when I figured we were all going to have to grow gills around here, the rain stops and the wind begins to blow. And blow.

We live in one of those areas where the colors of fall just begin to blossom on the hardwoods and then we get a good rainstorm or two followed by wind and all those shades and hues of autumn are slammed to the ground, looking much like a manic four your old has been in the paint shed throwing all the paint buckets to the ground just to see them smash.

Time to get the mower out one last time this year to chew up what I can, then let the rest lay where they fall. I tried out my leaf blower day before yesterday and found it to be sadly inadequate to the task. I hope all my leaf rakes are broken. I don't think my hands are shaped right to hold one anymore.

My old friend the 2000 Dodge Ram had to go to the doctors today. I thought the water pump was going out on me. Turned out that the timing chain cover was leaking. Requiring an overnight stay since the garage needed extra time to get a new one in. With 350000 + miles on the odometer I guess I can understand a few little problems to crop up now and again. Doesn't detract from the fact that I have no payments to make to a finance company.

We left out, the wife and I, at 7am this morning, one following the other to drive the truck up to our regular mechanic, about 50 miles away. Small price to pay to have competent, knowledge people preform the required tasks necessary to get me back out on the road. If you are ever in need of a good mechanic in the NE Georgia area, you could do worse than call our friends at Taylor Automotive in Toccoa.

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