Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some thing never change

Somewhere north of five hundred moons ago and just a little below the 17th parallel and south of the Ben Hai River , your now somewhat older (and hopefully wiser), then youthful Boy Sky Warrior, was introduced to the idiocy of politicians directing the course of a war so to be as politically correct as possible, avoiding disturbing either the sensibilities of their electorate, or of the enemy.

Our elected leader PBHO is now attempting to do the same thing.

We warriors of that long ago conflict re-learned one thing, which thing had been known throughout thousands of years of recorded history and almost as many years of continuing conflict, but is so easily forgotten between conflicts. That thing is that in order to win a war, either of arms or diplomacy, you have to convince the opposing side of your implacable determination to totally crush them either with arms or ideas.

Generally speaking it requires the arms to succeed in order for the ideas to gain ascendancy. It requires, as mentioned, that implacable determination, that steel will that will not accept the idea of surrender or defeat.

Our generations rising military leaders (the next generations Generals) learned that lesson very well, and when the next little fracas came along those Generals when turned loose to win with the admonition of "General win me this war" defeated one of the best armed and equipped armies in the world in about 100 days which for the ground troops consisted of just over 100 hours of fighting mostly the demorlized ground troops of the enemy with just over 100 losses of their own personnel.

Now comes a new generation of Generals who have for the most part advanced politically rather more than from actual achievement, as well as a new generation of politicians who for the most part have no real concept of the meaning of taking and fulfilling an oath.

For the commander-in-chief of the United States to dither in making a decision that will protect American lives and will in addition free million of Afgans from the tyranny of religious zealots is to my way of thinking unconscionable.

There are those who will keep their oath along with the 3% that will never surrender, who will only break, never bend till the objective is achieved. For I chose not to be among the mendacious, mediocre, mewling masses which accept blindly the dictates of those who only want power over me and mine.

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