Friday, November 06, 2009

Poetic Justice

I can't help but think that there is something truly wonderful in the fact that the islamic terrorist wannabe who committed an act of jihad against fellow Americans and Soldiers was brought down by the bullets of a Woman.

For all the misogynistic followers of the prophet moo-ham-id (piss be upon him and his followers) you just know that amidst all their celebrating that one of their myrmidons took down several dozen of the enemy that a 120 lb Woman stopped him cold has to cause a few shivers of fear to run down their yellow spines.

I'm glad she didn't kill him outright. He needs to suffer the shame (to their way of thinking) that a girl brought him down. His punishment should be to spend eternity standing in pig shit up to his eyebrows.

Just damn.....there seems to be no mercy in me for this guy. Can't find it, although I confess I haven't looked very far.


Kat in GA said...

ooh - great point! I didn't even think about that angle. :) heh. :) Love it. :)

Jean said...

Not all things deserve mercy.
Certainly not this p.o.s.