Friday, November 06, 2009


Just mulling over a couple of things whilst munching on a crisp apple for breakfast here.

Two events happened yesterday.

First, at noon a bunch of people met on the steps of the Capital building to protest the health reform legislation that the hollow-eyed-hippy from Haight Asbury, Nancy Pelosi is pushing and then meetings with congress-people to encourage them to vote against it.

Second, an Army Major, A psychiatrist of all things, who was to be deployed overseas (where he would work in a secure medical facility) shot up Fort Hood killing 12 people (last I heard) and wounding over 30. I'm sure it was simply by happenstance that his name is one that sounds Islamic.

Which event was reported on in the news? Even Drudge doesn't mention the first this morning.

Oh well, I'll finish this apple and hope the fiber will help clean out the chile I gorged myself on last night.

Wish it would flush out the Colon on the Potomac (CotP). I'm afraid it will take a high colonic to do any good up there.

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