Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pucker Up

Here it comes again.

Every where we look there are new spins put on everything that comes out of Washington.
Just like in the last Great Depression they talking heads and their copywriters keep spewing out new numbers supposedly proving that the light ahead is the other end of the tunnel and not the 11:45 pm Limited at 80 miles an hour.

On the 29th of last month the gov't released news that the GDP was up, which if true would mean that the recession is ended ..... right?? At least on the way up.

Sure I believe that. I used to play with dynamite for a living. Things tended to go up when I touched the electric wire to the battery also. Sometimes when they came back down you didn't recognize the results.

Our Federal Reserve, U.S. Treasury, and various U.S. Government fiscally incestuous cabal members are replete with liars, exaggerators, and crooked politicians. The U.S. Government and several others are economically dead; they just haven’t admitted it yet. There is not enough taxing power, stealing power, money and bond-printing power on this globe for these dudes to worm their way out of a major collapse. It may take some time, but its coming for sure if we don't throw that switch to put the Limited onto a different track. Just changing the faces of the people in Washington is not enough to do the job. Me thinks we might need to dig Andrew Jackson up and turn him loose for a while up there. Maybe he would be just the Zombie we need.

It used to be that this Nation was the engine that ran the world, then some one had the great idea that we could become the guy that worked on the engine and we could outsource the powerplant overseas.

For years we’ve watched with great interest the appearance of ridiculous made-up jobs’ ideas like ethanol, solar, wind, and various other concocted schemes designed to skirt around old-fashioned mining, manufacturing and agriculture. Here’s a few really stupedo examples:

1. How about buying a new three ton SUV hybrid? Now there’s an oxymoron.

2. How about demanding 1/3rd of the US corn crop be used for ethanol despite this one being economically unfeasible beyond common sense?

3. How about demanding 20% of all USA electricity be produced from wind by 2020 when the wind blows only half the time?

4. How about shutting-off irrigation water in California’s vegetable growing belt to save a two inch trashy fish? This killed 40,000 jobs and ruined one million acres of formerly productive farm land. And, there is no use for this fish whatsoever.

5. How about the tree huggers telling us, no demanding, that all coal-fired power plants be shut-down permanently for EPA reasons? China is building one new coal power plant per week. Don’t you suppose their wind pollution ends up over our country and elsewhere?

6. How about the world’s champion really dumb idea of eliminating all livestock and poultry as their, uh-hem, bodily function gases are not of the greenhouse variety but shall we say more of the barnyard variety?

7. And, of course the best one of them all-print counterfeit currencies and bonds with abandon having no consumer-commercial buyers-users. This being designed to fill a global void of zero-negative economic activity.

8. How about a new $40,000 hybrid electric car with a range of 40 miles before it stops? Most cannot afford a $20,000 car let alone one twice as costly. Besides most of us would not be thrilled to get stuck in the Mohave Desert with dead batteries.

9. Personally, with all of these wonderful new suggestions, we might suggest someone develop and build a new chain of insane asylums to house those mentally unstable folks spouting these great new ideas. Now there is good idea! That would be a flash of brilliance! With thousands of these nut-cases on the loose, those buildings would fill literally overnight.

Perhaps it's time to remind people if you own paid for stuff it will most likely remain in your hands; not in somebody else’s.

That is if you have the sense and will to keep them from taking it from you.

Two writers (two of the many reasons I spend more time reading and less time writing) of blogs that I especially like are V-man who sometimes takes a pessimists point of view of the situation, and Bill Whittle who can make me feel proud and hopeful for this country yet.

If you don't check in on them already give 'em a try. Maybe you'll like one or the other.

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