Monday, November 09, 2009

Starting a new work week

Well, at least those with jobs should be heading out this morning rushing here and there in a vast, collective effort to keep the engine of the sputtering economy fueled and running.

Me, well I rolled out at my usual tardy 7:15 to shower, pull on some pants and down some bacon and eggs. No grits today.....nor toast or a delicious buttermilk biscuit fresh from the oven, even though I do love them so.

After a Sunday indulging my carb fueled jones for chocolate chip cookies and an actual sandwich with whole wheat bread, it's back to mostly protein with a few raw veggies and an occasional apple to help scrub the pipes all lubricated with water and diet green tea.

__________ ___________ _________

I notice that the left is gloating about their Saturday night effort to throw sand in the economic engine that keeps a great deal of the world put-putting along.

Not that I'm so xenophobic as to believe that the US is the only economic engine pulling the belts and shafts that keep the world turning......just that if we shut down, who would buy all the stuff that China and much of the Asian second and third world keep producing?

I'll just keep on playing with my hobbies and simple entertainments while everyone else does their part to keep things going.

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