Saturday, December 04, 2004

Nuke 'em and let God sort it out!

Thoughts of Iraq, Iran and Syria.

In Quang Tri someone brought back from R&R tee shirts with AH-1G Cobra helicopters on them to the pilots of the Gun Platoon. I customized mine with magic marker on the front that said "Kill them all. Let God sort it out. A common sentiment among troops in "Nam. We didn't want to die trying to decide who were the good guys and who were not. The politicians wanted to play games with the enemy, while trying to placate the protesters back in the world. We said, "welcome to the southeast asia war games". A game we didn't want to play, and damn sure didn't want to lose.

(Parenthetically, We won those games no less than 3 times convincingly and devastatingly, only to be held back from unleashing the hell we possessed the capability of unleashing on the straggling remnants of the enemy, by polilticians who had not the guts to strike an overwhelming blow when the enemy was down but not out and who if given the time to recuperate would and did.) They wanted a negotiated peace. We used to say "Peace through superior firepower". But it's useless unless you are willing to use it. And because our enemies see that we are unwilling to use it in overwhelming measure we continue to sacrifice our young men on the alter of political correctness.

The three afore mentioned countries are willing and active participants in sending fighters into Iraq. They fear a secular, democratic Iraq more than they fear to send their warriors into Iraq to drive suicide bomb laden cars, or to face a superior better armed force and die at a rate of approx 15 to 1. They hide behind their protestations of innocence. We know better but want to believe them so as not to have to confront them. Hence my feelings of frustration and a feeling it would be quicker and easier to just make their countries Glass covered parking lots.

Not a very noble feeling for a person who wants to be a Christian. The admonition to turn the other cheek if struck on one cheek feels good, but, doesn't say what to do if then struck repeatedly. I fear for my immortal soul, but don't have the answers to my fears.

A country that want protect its own borders can't be expected to be able to watch other borders also.

It occurs to me that if the gov't of this country would only put a bounty on persons crossing the borders illegally, (Capture them unharmed and held for police, prosecute anyone who uses unnecessary force or kills one of them), but give the people of this country the right and obligation to defend our borders, and you would see an
immediate and virtually complete stop of the flow of illegals across our southern border ( a number that most so called experts estimate at 10,000 each and every day of the freeking year). But noooo we can't allow the free people of this country to take advantage of the second amendment to the constitution of the Supposedly United States of America. They might then realize that the power in this country really lies within them. And it would free up gov't jackboots for foreign duties. OH, please don't get me started on the TSA. A rant for another day.

As a Libertarian, I have no problem with legal immigration. I just want it to be done legally and above board. A sovereign country that either will not or cannot protect its own borders has no business trying to tell other countries what to do.

The three aforesaid countries will do all in their power to stop a democratic and lawful Iraq. They know that if we are successful in empowering the Iraqi people that their murdering, bloodthirsty perverted time is limited. A cornered animal will fight back. These dictators will stop at nothing to preserve their power and control of their countries. A successful transition to self rule by the Iraqi's will spell the end of their control as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow for those of us lucky enough to live through the night.

Enough ranting. Time to take my medication. It helps keep the Kudzu at bay for a little while.

Damn Quacks

Why should I take the medicine if I still hear the noises?. I'm off to sell the gold we bought and refined at a loss the other day. I just hope I can find enough extra to return Garfields money to him . He shouldn't have to take a loss just because I'm dumb as a rock. Is it true that insanity means never having to say your sorry?

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Do what you say!

Why don't some people do what they say they'll do? Oh, I know most people do.
But, I'll bet good money that we all know someone who failed to live up to their word in some way or other.
I'm ticked this morning about the garbage service, or lack of service I should say.
Since we live out in the country at the end of a long rutted dirt road, we have to have private garbage pick up. We've been with one service since we started having it hauled off. Before we just took it out to a gully on our place and burned it. Oh, don't get started you environmentalist fruitcakes. If you were really serious you would come up a true recycling plan that would not only be profitable but could actually pay the consumer a miniscule amount for the glass, metals and other recyclable products we now cover in a landfill.
But back to my immediate problem. We pay this guy, in advance I might add, to come once a week and haul off our household garbage. Not much generally. Two to three bags at our house and our daughters house.
This slack ass hasn't been in a mounth. Even though we have call and left messages on his phone. He never answers himself of course, preferring to let the answering machine screen out the irate customers which he will soon not have.
I'll probably try another service and see if they'll live up to their implied contracts.
Just another tangle of Kudzu.