Monday, November 21, 2011

We are all Criminals

Way back in the Dark Ages say the 1950's and 60's the world was a whole lot safer.
Pretty much if you minded your own business, and didn't interfere with someone else, and you weren't making or hauling moonshine, you were generally safe from the long arm of the law descending upon your shoulders and hauling you off to places you'd rather not be.

No More 

Now we are all criminals. Even if we think we have all the requisite permits, all the EPA regulations complied with, even if you are the most meek and humble person around....
you are a criminal in the eyes of some local, state, or federal busybody, er, ah, dedicated public servant.

Walk out your front're guilty of something. Put your hands on your head and lie down on your stomach. Don't look'll be tasared for resisting.

About all you can do these days is to accept your criminality and growl, as did Colonel Ludlow,

Screw 'em, Screw the government.

and go on your merry way.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A little before midnight

It's been a sweet day here at the Kudzu Grotto.
The Kudzu wife (KW) slept late on the couch after getting up before dawn to let the pooch out.
A couple of Tylenol PM last evening let her get to bed early.

She needed the rest. For the last week it had been a constant watch over her mother, first in the Ty Cobb Memorial Hospital down in Royston, where she had been found to have pneumonia, low blood sugar, COPD (from 70 years of smoking) and a bowel blockage. Then here in Athens Regional Hosp. for possible surgery, with the decision made on Tuesday to transfer her to St. Mary's Hospice House.

She would likely not have made it through surgery, and if she did, would likely be on a ventilator for what little time was left as well as dialysis due to kidney failure.

Her passing was mostly peaceful. All her children came to see her while she still recognized them, along with mine and the KW's children, her grandchildren, along with four of her great grand children.

Friday afternoon, just after her bath, she took some gasping breaths and passed into that great unknown. She would have been 79 in January. A fruitful life in that she gave birth to four children, eleven grandchildren (I think) and more than 4 great grandchildren. (I can't keep up with the great's)

Born in the depths of the depression ( in the town where the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" was filmed) to poor parents, hers was not an easy life, rather it was filled with it's share of hardships and troubles. But she endured. And while all of her memories may not have been the most pleasant..... they were hers, and ours. And that makes them precious.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

O:Dark in the am.

Damn moving back and forth from DST to ST.
At least I was due for a little extra shut eye.

We humans think we're so smart, manipulating the clock, endeavoring to get a little more work time or play time out of a day.

Truth is we only change our perceptions. The earth still revolves around the sun at more or less the same speed. We spin around on a tilted top, at more or less the same speed each day, month after month, year after year, millinia after millinia, for the last God Knows how long.

Over and Oover.

And we think we're so smart, because of all the marvelous things we can do that previous generations haven't least as far as anyone knows.


Not one of us can create a sunrise.