Friday, March 30, 2007

Let me at......

....those pain pills.

Whoa who the hell has been beating on me with a ball bat. Oh yeah. Now I remember.

The lot our house sits on has never been landscaped. In fact since construction 8 years ago, except for just a little grass front and back the rest of the lot had been allowed to regrow in briar's, bushes and small trees.

The wife wanted to get out there and whack it all down with small hand pruners.
The girl just doesn't want to wait till funds allow hiring a skid steer loader to push everything up by the roots so at least most of it won't return.

Well yesterday was the big day. Loader was delivered about 4:30. Since then I've been riding the bucking bronco from hell with not the best muffler system. I've got aches and sore spots in places I'd forgotten I had. Fortunately there were still a few of the pain pills left over from my carpal tunnel procedure last year. Just waiting for them to kick in.
But at least the jungle has been pushed back for now. Before pictures at top. After at bottom. Now if I can just find some Kudzu sprouts to plant, I'll be good to go.
Wonder how that will go over? Probably about as good as when she came out and found the bench had a broken leg. No "way to go babe, the yard sure looks better". No just "you broke my bench leg!!" Like I can't get it welded.

Thank goodness kudzu grows quickly.

Monday, March 26, 2007

You can certainly tell......

......that spring has arrived big time in this part of Georgia.

Last week you could look up and just barely see new leaves appearing on the red oak trees and the white oaks only had their dangly blooms on.
Today I look up and the red oaks are providing a halfway decent shade from the mid-80's temperatures and the white oak leaves are telling us that we better get a move on if were going to be planting corn.

And pollen.........don't get me started. The Atlanta weather persons are saying that todays was the highest ever. And the pines are only just barely getting started on their release of reproductive dust. The next month will see yellow clouds of the stuff wafting in the slightest breeze.

This morning first thing I took the water hose and washed the pollen off our cars and truck. This afternoon.......couldn't tell I had expended the effort or water.

I told the wife that I'd probably get a bobcat to push up all the small brush and trees which have been allowed to grown on the non mowed parts of the lot this coming weekend. "Oh, don't push up the Carolina Jasmine", she said. Like I can avoid doing that if I take the small trees out of the way. She'll just have to go to Home depot and buy flowers to replace them.

You can all ways tell when spring comes to this area. All you have to do is open the door (windows being closed so precious air conditioning doesn't escape) and listen to all the hacking and coughing going on up and down the neighborhood.

The wisteria is in full bloom, and beautiful. But the Kudzu is only just beginning to leaf out and start growing. Be a while before it starts blooming. I'll just have to wait.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

As I sit............. front of a blank page

and search for my muse......
and the right words to use....
to open my heart....
I succeed only in part...

the doors which are locked.....
.......are also blocked....

and the bands which bind....
the pain which I hide...
seem stronger than steel.....
and bend not to my will...

I look with longing......
to those who are belonging...
to ones who are held.....
by others..their souls to meld......

and I yearn to be free...
of the chains which bind me..
and keep hidden within...
all my ugly past sins...

perhaps I'll try...
transcendental meditation...
instead of the doc's...
chemical medication.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


A most hearty WELL DONE goes to LL who correctly identified the speech maker as Russell N. Conwell, Founder of Temple University and Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. The author of "Acres of Diamonds", which speech he gave over 6000 times and many printings as a pamphlet and book. As inspiring a speech on responsibility and Free Enterprise as I have ever read.

If you haven't yet read it, follow the link LL gave in the comments on the last post.

And to all who may have wondered and searched for the answer. Thanks for playing.

Up in the morning ...........

........Just to keep my job.....

Wait........Ha......I don't have a job.

It's 8 in the am, on what looks to be a sunny Saturday. The wife and dog are off to the sister-in-law, leaving me to watch over the ol' grump and make sure he eats and takes his meds.

Had 3 visitors from overseas on the blog late last night. Ireland, England, and Bulgaria. Cool......thinks I. No body wants to talk though. Have to seriously rethink what I want to put out there on this blog.

In other news, an american general in afganastan, kicked out a group of Marines for responding to an attack by IED. I know this must bring great joy to liberal moonbats out there. Bend over, put our head between our legs, kiss our own ass and come on home. The democrats and media have soundly defeated truth justice and the American way again. The War against Islamic terrorists has been not lost but conceded. And we whimper, tuck our tails and whine for forgiveness from the very ones who would destroy us. Vietnam all over again.

In the good news, LL’s pooch is doing better. Way to go Mona. Every time I see the name Mona, I think of Lisa, she of the enigmatic smile.

The search is still on for the answer to my trivia question. Hints have been in every post since, except one I think. Answer tomorrow.

Well, since everybody hates me and nobody loves me, I think I'll go out and eat worms.

Friday, March 23, 2007

I can only imagine............

........what this must feel like for both of them.

The ironman triathlon each year in Hawaii is a testimony to the strength of the human will.

I saw this man and his son compete in their last triathlon on TV a couple years ago. I still get tears in my eyes. This is a nice youtube edition, but the actual event was moving beyond words.

Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste. I'll learn how to put videos up one of these days. Read the description beside the video. You won't regret it.

Where do you go to ...................


I've had many ladies tell me that, "Oh, I don't wear any jewelery. I'm not interested in that sort of thing." Most of them look like they and their husband or boyfriend together couldn't scrape up the cost of even a [so called]'chip' diamond. Funny how that works.

I'm sure that there are many women who really do not have any interest in jewelry. However, I think it may be quite a bit fewer than those I hear protesting. Our nature encourages each of us to show our feathers a bit.. Kinda like peacocks trying to attract the gaze of a peahen. Or guys trying to hold their potbelly in. Come on guys, admit it. Hell, sometimes at the local shopping center here, when the coeds are in town, I damn near pass out from lack of oxygen, because I won't let my diaphragm drop.

So if I hear a lady tell me they have no interest, I look more closely at them, to check my estimate of their net worth. It makes no never mind to me. I prospect for diamonds and gold where ever I am. I agree that the more attractive a lady is, the less need for ornamentation they require. And the young and nubile need nothing but their radiant good health and zest for life.

I however will turn my head toward a lady of legal age, and a little, who clearly has a self confidence about herself and pride in her appearance, to dress to show that, and to wear her clothes and jewelery in a manner that says "I'm worthy of myself". The grunge look does not appeal to me. You do not need to be well off, or rich, to take pride in who you are. Some of the poorer are more worthy than many of the wealthiest.

Back to the original question. If you think of only precious stones as diamonds, I guess you would look in a jewelry store, or a large mall. Perhaps you would think to go to South Africa, although they are well down the list from first on the list of top diamond producing countries.

If however you think of moments, or special places, or music, or kind words to a stranger, or gestures of affection between married couples, both young and old. Then you might be surprised at all the jewels you stumble across.

An old Buddhist monk once told a farmer that if he would find diamonds, he should look where the river ran over white sand between two mountains and there he would find diamonds. So the farmer sold all his acres and went in search of diamonds, and spent all his money and wore out his spirit in the search, when possibly he should have looked closer to home.

I'll have to sweep the corners of the grotto to see what I can find....., under the kudzu.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Did You...........

...........Or Do You?

Have a list of the things you want to accomplish? Or wanted to, meant to, would of, could of, should of list of things to do or see or have by the time............
........whenever things?

I guess most of us could come up with a list if we were to give it some thought.

Or do we mostly just react to whatever life hands us on that particular day, or moment.

A wish man might rightly say, that a goal unwritten, with real intent, is just a dream.
And so many of us are just dreamers.

Yet somehow the world keeps on turning on its' axis, while hurtling thru space around the sun, which is way out on the edge of our galaxy, one of many, some bigger, some smaller. All expanding outward at unbelievable speeds away from that instant in time when............

.......Bang! all began.

And so it goes.................and I suppose it will, for quite a while yet, whether any of us reach our particular hoped for destinationnnnnnnnnn........

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wherein I am blessed.......


I was raised the only boy, the first born in a family of six children. For the mathematically challenged....... that means I have 5 younger sisters.

Out of courtesy to them, I'll not give their ages away, but, I do want to relate that while we were in the waiting room at Emory University some years ago, while our mother was undergoing her second heart bypass, one of them noticed 'Look, Larry is the only one of us without any gray in their hair.'

A couple of years ago it was noted that now I'm the only one with any gray. Obviously while I've aged.........They remain as youthful and lovely as always.

My sister Melba, (for some reason, those of us in the redneck part of Georgia, pronounce that as Melberrrr.) Well, maybe that was just me.

She sent the wife and I a nice gift today. For which I am thankful and tickled.

There was one addressed to me which I want to share with the whole part of the blog-o-world I reach.

Thanks Sis.

From inside my now scented kudzu grotto.

Hush! I thought I heard a russell n th' corner.

Update: No slight meant of the rest of my sisters, as they are all fine ladies and have fairly nice husbands and kinda OK kids.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Speech Hint

Boy do I know how to have fun, or what?

Story of my life. Just a little out of sync with everyone else. Sorta like looking into a fun house mirror, only with out the fun. Sorry to be so boring. 100+ year old speeches, while they may still contain truths that apply today, are kinda like getting advice from your Great-Great-Grandfather. You just want him to shut up and give you your birthday gift, already, for crying out loud, so you can go hang with your buds.

Temples of higher education want to teach the newest slant on things at the expense of the tried and true. With the exception of LL,(who is nowhere near 40 by the way) does anyone over the age of 40 have the slightest idea of how to help their children with their math homework? But we want them to get into the finest Universities so they'll get a good job and be able to support us when we get senile. Drooling on our chin and soiling our polyester pants left over from the 70's.

Our speech giver was no Con man. He drew from the Well of wisdom and knowledge and tried most of his adult life to impart that to all he came in contact with.

I'll not bother with anymore hints. I gave you several tonight. If nobody wants to play...........
.....well, I'll just find something else to write about.

Now...back to American Idol along with about 25 million other mindless drones. But some of those ladies can flat freeking Sing.


........What are they good for???

For what reason do we have laws?

I was thinking along these lines today, while picking at the lint in my navel. Actually I was driving to Home Depot to indulge my love of looking at tools, and watching some of the people who go to Home Depot for whatever.

Down at the end of the parking lot, someone, I can only assume HD themselves, has erected, quite a while ago, one of those metal carports and provided picnic tables for the Latinos looking to pick up a day labor job. Every contractor in the area knows to go there in the morning if they need help. Don't even bother going if you don't pay at least $12 an hour. The old guys tell the new guys and they're tougher than a labor union.

There are not quite as many hanging there as there were last year. Building has picked up so much around here that steady jobs are available for anyone who wants to work and will.

So, I'm thinking about the fact that we have immigration laws in this country, but the defenders of our Homeland don't seem too serious about enforcing them.

It occurred to me that if a sovereign nation won't protect their own borders, then they are guilty of violating the oath that they took to defend this nation from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Some people will say anything and then do the opposite. (Kinda like the Clintons and their marriage vows.)

Our Declaration of Independence says that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the of the Governed.

What, then, is law? It is the collective organization of the individual right to lawful defense.

Each of us has a natural right--from our Creator-- to defend his person, his liberty, and his property. These are the three basic requirements of life, and the preservation of any one of them is completely dependent upon the preservation of the other two. For what are our faculties but the extension of our individuality? And what is property but an extension of our faculties?

(The Law, Frederic Bastiat, June 1850)

We have laws to enforce our individual rights in a group manner.

We adopted a constitution to delineate how our rights should be defended, and elect public servants to enforce our rights, and defend the land that we think of as Our Country.

It seems to me that we are being seriously short changed in the things we supposedly pay taxes for.

Your comments, either for or against are welcome.

Just my view from the kudzu.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Oh how I love ....... drive to Atlanta in the morning rush hour traffic..


Thankfully, it's only a couple of times per month. I pity the fools who drive it every day of the work week. I'm glad there were no serious accidents to contend with. I get up at 5:15 in order to leave before 6am to try to miss the heaviest part of the traffic. I don't care if I get there and hour and a half early, just let me miss the heavy traffic. 30 minutes later will get me there an hour later at the earliest.

When I ran the dairy farm all I had to do was step out the door and I was at work. I would average less than 7000 miles on the pickup truck a year. Now I average between 30 and 45,000 miles a year. At least most of it is outside of the big cities. A friend once told me I work harder at not having a job than most people did with a job. I've tried it a few times. I'm just not a good employee. I prefer to boss others around, even if it is only me, myself and I. The pay is the pits though.

Another hint for the previous question.

The gentleman in question took 57 cents and turned it into over $200,000.00. and from that small beginning founded one of the most prestigious universities in the eastern United States as well as a renowned hospital.

One more day in the life of a kudzu dweller.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Just a Hint

.... for the question of authorship of the speech fragment........

..The author was a soldier, lawyer, preacher, world traveler and educator.
He was very shrewd with money, with the ability to turn a very small amount into a considerable sum.

The fragment is from one of the great speeches of any time.

Sorry Jean, Abraham Lincoln while a gifted orator, and only slightly connected in a small way to the author, was a politician through and through, and one who helped start the drift away from the Constitution of the United States and into an oligarchy of the supremely corrupt. (JMHO)

Come on people, ask your friends.

Here's a chance to hack away at the kudzu over us all.

Remember you'll get a hearty Well Done from your's truly.

This Guy.......

........way Interesting.

Makes you think, and wonder....

Friday, March 16, 2007

I like to read........ entertains, sooths, inspires, moves
my soul.

My mother instilled that within me, I think. Also my father, who would come in of an evening after the days work was done and supper finished, and sit in his chair and read the paper and any one of the farming magazines or perhaps Sports Afield, because he loved the out of doors and hunting.

But since I was very young and not old enough to labor in the fields, or tramp thru the woods then, I first learned to read from my mother and the teachers at our school. I was good at it, by damn, and it was encouraged and looked on with favor. Besides, I learned quickly that by being able to read well and retain what I had read, I was able to do well in my lessons. Not that I always got the best grades because...........
...well, because I was lazy, if you must know the truth of the matter.

But, I did well enough, I suppose.

Back then, in the age of dinosaurs, we were taught some strange things. After all, this was before the digital watch, when the computers of the times filled whole buildings, and the term 'bug in your compute' meant that a fly or cockroach had shorted out one of about a bazillion glass vacuum tubes.

Strange, weird, demonic things we did learn back in those pre-civilized days, when boys wore greased back ducktail haircuts, and girls still wore dresses with poodles on them and white bobby socks, and wore their hair up in a pony tail.

These things and my love of reading remain within me. I'll sometimes read something that I have read many times before and find a truth that time and people have tried to change and I'll be reminded of one of the things that probably make up a part of what I am.

Tonight was such a time. Something that is now so much a part of me that any deviation of it grates on my nerves like the scratching of fingernails on a green blackboard hanging on the wall of my old classrooms.

I'm going to put up a quote here from a famous speech, and I'll give a gracious and hearty well done to anyone who can tell me who gave the speech. It's very famous, millions of people have heard it or read it, so this should be easy for the readers out there in the ether. All 10 or so of you. Feel free to ask anyone you know to help you, I'll give them the same Well Done. If you don't know, and have a real desire to know, I'll share with you. But, only after real effort to come up with the answer yourself.

I ask this audience again who of you are going to be great? Says a young man: "I am going to be great." "When are you going to be great?" "When I am elected to some political office." Won't you learn the lesson, young man; that it is prima facie evidence of littleness to hold public office under our form of government? Think of it. This is a government of the people, and by the people, and for the people, and not for the officeholder, and if the people in this country rule as they always should rule, an officeholder is only the servant of the people, and the Bible says that "the servant cannot be greater than his master."

The Bible says that "he that is sent cannot be greater than he who sent him." In this country the people are the masters, and the officeholders can never be greater than the people; they should be honest servants of the people, but they are not our greatest men. Young man, remember that you never heard of a great man holding any political office in this country unless he took that office at an expense to himself. It is a loss to every great man to take a public office in our country. Bear this in mind, young man, that you cannot be made great by a political election.

I sincerely hope that thousands of people can give me the answer.......

...before the kudzu starts growing in the spring.

One of my .......

...............Favorite people of all time

...........Is General George Patton. I'll confess to watching George C Scott's portrayal of him in the movie, which I loved.

But I have read biography's on him, and the books covering all his existing correspondence available. The Guy was full of self-doubt, but by damn, nobody could tell by looking or listening to him.

I lifted this from Denny, and I swear, I almost broke into a smile.

Give it up for
Georgie Boy

Call me insensitive to the wants of the Islamic terrorists, but Scruuuuum!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Do you remember .........

........the land before time.

My grandchildren used to love to watch the cartoon movies about Dinosaurs supposedly in the 'Land before time' where most of the dinosaurs were able to talk and always treated each other gently except the Tyrannosaurus Rex who was kinda a meany and the greatest threat came from climate change of one kind or another.

I'll bet there is a special section of hell reserved for those environmentalist wacko brainwashing terrorists who prey on kids minds. Hope so anyway.

No..... I'm referring to a time not so long ago, when things didn't seem to move so fast. Before the advent of the quartz vibration regulated digital wrist watch, that we all wear now. Even I, anarchist and rebel without a cause that I am.

I remember when the Pulsar watch was the newest rage. Then they went digital and analog dials seemed to suddenly disappear.
I'm glad they made a come back, cause even without my glasses, I can tell approximately what time it is.

My first watch was a Timex with a gold plated expandable band. I thought I was all that, with that watch on my wrist. After the Astronauts landed on the moon I just had to have a watch like the one they wore. An Omega Speedmaster II. A chronograph which I still have, although without the original stainless steel band.
It still keeps perfect time just like it was made to do, even if you do have to manually wind it each day.

But, I refer to an even earlier time children. When our grandparents and great grand parents carried watches made to be carried in the pocket. Pocket Watches, greater and not so great depending on your economic status. When my maternal Grandfather passed away, his gold plated 7 jewel Elgin came down to me. I still have it, but even when he had it, it constantly needed repair and couldn't be depended on.

Railroad and Doctors watches were considered necessary instruments of their trade. They were generally of higher quality and accuracy. Probably a 23 or 27 jewel watch of any one of dozens of brands. Many of these were encased in 14 or even 18 karat gold cases, delicately engraved with birds, flowers, vines or other decorations.

Cowboys carried theirs in the watch pocket of their Levis'. Bankers and Undertakers carried theirs in their suits vest pocket with a gold chain crossing their ample stomachs.

Folks would take them out slowly and gently. Open the case and leisurely look to see what time it was. You could tell how important a person thought he was by the amount of time and the deliberateness with which they consulted their watch. If it caused you to wait for them, that was all the better.

Over the past half century many collectors of those old fine watches acquired as many fine ones as their budget allowed. There are still many of these, mostly middle aged men, (sorry ladies) around. But the interest is waning fast as they die off.

I have acquired a couple nice pocket watches. Not so much to collect but with the anticipation of turning a small profit. They're not really all that expensive, but, I picked them up at approximately the price they commanded when new or less. All I paid less than $50.00 for . They're gold plated or filled. Hard to sell these days.. In fact in the last 6 months I bought quite a few solid gold pocket watch cases at scrap value. People just can't sell what they have and sell the gold for scrap and part out the works for horologist's to use as repair parts.

It signals the loss of a slower, gentler time, which, for some wistful reason, I missed and miss.

So I slink back into my kudzu covered grotto.......

...Where I reside, and am fine Jean.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I sit......... my misery......

...and you don't know I'm there.

I rejoice in my strength..........

...and you don't hear my Tarzan yell.

I wait patiently......

...and you don't come to me.

I lie there beside you.........

...and you never reach out to me.

I scream in my pain.....

...and you can't hear the noise in my brain.

And I know.......

...that the time when you would have known......

...and would have rejoiced,

...and would have rushed to me,

...and reached out to me,

...and heard the unspoken screams......

...........has long since passed,

and as I sit, waiting, longingly, dejectedly


...I know that the finger of time......

...having writ,

...turns the page

..........and moves on .

This man has..........

............a grasp on reality.

Even more importantly, he knows what the Richest Man in Babylon knows.

Move over Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.......

Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Monday, March 12, 2007

A little mining........

....I did today.....

...A little prospecting.

Some people like to look back at the end of the day to see a nice straight furrow. Plowed deep and even, with the black turned up to face the sun. Ready for another furrow to be plowed beside it, as identical to it as possible. Until the number of them add up to a field, ready for the planting, and the watering, and tending, so at last to the harvest.

Some like to hunch over their numbers, and charts, and graphs. Adding, subtracting, tweaking, manipulating until the answer suits them or their employer.

Some chase little white balls around over a finely manicured lawn, or strain to bash a slightly larger ball over the fence, or between the goal posts, or thru a round metal hoop. Contemplating their newest sponsorship or mortgage payment on their vastly overpriced and oft times ill constructed manse in the most popular country club estates. Where their finely dressed and perfumed mates wait for them to fall prey to some small indiscretion, anticipating their next 4 million dollar diamond ring, bought at retail from the most expensive haute coutier jeweler. A small trophy for another small slip from grace of one of the pantheon of sports gods.

Mr. Grizzle of my youth, and my fathers youth, looked forward to a fine fall day, among the reds and golds and greens of the forests along the Alcovy. Where, after a breakfast of cured ham, redeye gravy and biscuits, he'd slip away with his English Setter an old Sears and Roebuck 16 gauge double barrel, and 4 shells. To seek once more to show only himself that his eye and hands were still steady.

As a boy in the early spring, just after the first hard rain to follow the first warm spell, as soon as the water cleared a bit. We'd go, my father and I, and perhaps an uncle or two, down to the river just after dark. To wade knee deep in the fast running water, shining our lights downward looking for the silver gleam of our quarry. Round, heavy laden with roe and long as your forearm or perhaps your whole arm, Suckers .

An inelegant name for an inelegant fish, which any other time of the year would patrol the bottom of ponds, lakes and swamps deep enough, eating and trying to avoid being eaten. But at this magical time of year would travel up the streams thru shallows barely deep enough to travel, in order to lay their roe, and thus begin another generation of their species. Begin that is if they could run our gauntlet and avoid our gigs.

Perhaps this is one of the many reasons I've never been one to sit quietly on a stand, waiting patiently for that big buck to wander unsuspectingly down the path, head outstretched in hopes of finding the doe who left that tantalizing aroma in the air.

Preferring to soar quietly thru the air, like a falcon seeking prey, to streak breathlessly downward, wings pulled in tight, faster than wind, to emerge either victorious or empty handed, in search of whatever it is I hope to find.

Today I found stones, blue green as the sea, wrapped gleaming in Platinum. And one, square, seemingly flawless, perfect as a princess, white trophy to the successful hunt.

After which.......

........I returned to the Kudzu.

Born Free.................

...And if I have my way.......

"To work for libertarianism -- to oppose the growth of government and aid the liberation of the individual -- used to be an idealistic choice taken for purely idealistic reasons. Now it is an act of intelligent and almost desperate self-defense."

Robert Anton Wilson

........I'll die free

Stolen from Boortz

Just a thought from the kudzu

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Don't forget............

.........To spring forward tonight.

After all, the government decides and we must obey like good little sheeple, mustn't we.

Makes me...........

...............Kinda wanna dance.

Whata day. Started out about 45 degrees with a few low clouds and a slight sprinkle of rain. You could see the sun coming up red behind the clouds as the morning awoke.

A fresh buttermilk biscuit and peach preserves got the day started right. Would've been better with a little crispy bacon.

I went to Walmart and Home Depot and only got half of what I went after. North side of the house needed a good dose of clorox and greased lightning to get rid of the mildew and crud growing there because of the lack of sunshine.
That accomplished by about 12pm, I tried to get on the internet. Whoops! Service is out. An unusual thing so far. Fall Back to the old standby a few good books. I'm rereading a few pages at a time The Richest Man in Babylon. Then switch to Leave Her to Heaven, a 1944 book written on extra thin paper because of the war. A little of that and turn to The Last Spymaster by Gayle Lynds, a spy mystery.

By then the wife is home with a few groceries which include fresh beef liver.
OH ! My ! With friend onions on the top along with Rice a Roni with cheese sauce.
Seventh Heaven let me tell you.

Then to find this little jewel on Youtube.........


(sorry. You'll have to copy and paste. You might enjoy. I did. Always a pleasure to hear a song and understand every word)

A good ending to a good day.

We even do it in the kudzu.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Where are they?

Who are they? Do they exist?

I know, you're thinking kdzu's off his medication again, or perhaps he over did things.
Maybe so, time will tell I guess.

LL’s blog is one I read everyday. Her honesty and candor, as well as her unabashed patriotism is a cleansing of the palet from the dregs of the meals of everyday life.

Today she posted the link to a couple of Jackasses.
Click on the link in her post.

I used to wonder where such people came from. But we see them all around us. Watch the boob tube for even a little while and you'll see more than you can stomach. Jerry Springer doesn't even have to break a sweat to round up more than would fill the Astrodome. And by no means is it limited to men. Girl's, you could do worse than spaying a few of your species also.

When I think of such things, I have to admit that I tremble for the future of humankind. Perhaps I'm a bit too much of a pessimist, but I've been fooled by people a few too many times. Like Sunni Maravillosa, I wonder where are the Sons of Boromir?

I could, and probably should, pay more attention to the immediate needs of myself and family. I've squandered most of my youth ( I don't consider that I'm as old as the calendar says ) in dreams. On the other hand I've done so many different things that I wanted to do that I pity those who are afraid to jump into the deep black water without knowing how to swim.

So I think about the future of the human race and of the trials of this moment in time. I think of my sisters sons who serve their country. One or perhaps two in Iraq even as I type. A shame that I don't keep in closer touch.

We (by this I mean Western Civilization) are truly engaged in a struggle, in reality
just as important as the fictional struggle in The Lord of the Rings books. A struggle against an evil that would deny every individual of their Free Will.
I don't claim to be a very good Christian, nor well versed in the scriptures, but it's my understanding that a great war was fought in heaven to determine if mankind would be forced to come to God, or have the choice to come willingly. Free Will Freedom One and the same I think. And we're fighting to keep that flame alive.

If you listen to the MSM you would think that we are losing and running from that fight on all fronts. That we face a righteous and implacable foe. That we might as well give up now, withdraw to our borders and wait for the inevitable overthrow of the world as we know it.

But if history teaches us anything it is that when we forget history we do so at our peril. 100 years after the founding of Islam by Mohamed the world thought that the forces he unleashed were unstoppable. Western Civilization was indeed on the brink of being over run. And then a small band near Tours in France, broke their ranks and their back for over a thousand years.

Read here for an account of that decisive turning point in history. Perhaps like me, you too will realize what a determined small
group of warriors can do.

Just my view....
..............from deep inside the kudzu.

Be Glad..............

........Be very, very, very Glad................

..............That I'm on my drugs.

Yesterday whilst sitting at the dining table with my hearing only half tuned into the tv in the living room where the local weather wizards were telling us what was what.........said wizards mentioned the impending change to daylight savings time this upcoming weekend. How it'll be 3 weeks earlier this year, and how some people will be upset.

Then the idiot male half of the team makes the statement, something to the effect of.......
......."Oh well, the government decides and we have to obey

WTF ......We Have to Obey????

Bejus, That kind of talk grates on my last good nerve. I can feel it tingling now from the left side of my neck, down my back and into my left leg.

This country is sliding down the slippery slope, going to hell in a hand basket.

Damned if I wouldn't leave if I weren't so stubborn and hopeful that some how there are enough good decent right thinking people left here that we might possible, improbably, have a snowballs chance in hell of turning the thinking of our citizens around, before we just tell the barbarian horde from the middle east to just come on over and we'll all bow down to their stinking asses.

I probably need to go take this mornings quota. Ya think?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

From News of The

Doesn't this just give you the warm and fuzzies..........

........Ms. Pan Alying, a schoolteacher in China's Shandong province, had her purse snatched in January (containing her mobile phone, bank cards and cash) and decided to try pleading with the thief by sending text messages to her stolen phone. According to Xinhua news agency, she patiently sent 21 sympathetic notes to the man, with no answer, but the day after the last one, she found a package at her door containing her purse and all its contents intact, with a note, "I'm sorry. ... I'll correct my ways and be an upright person." [Reuters, 1-22-07]

Monday, March 05, 2007

Truly Amazing...........

...............this internet is.

I average about 9 to 10 hits a day on this blog. Many are repeat readers. Some family and others part of an extended family I'd love to meet some day.

But, sometimes I am just flabbergasted by the locations from which people peek at the inside of my mind. I've had hits from the US of course, also, Mexico, Holland, England , Spain, Morocco, Indonesia, Singapore, Russia, Afghanistan, Russia to name a bunch.
Generally I'll get one hit from these countries after they've read a comment of mine on some of my favorite blogs. Rarely will they comment. Hell, most of those who check me each day, rarely comment. That's OK. I figure if I've said something worth a comment you will.

But yesterday I got two hits from 2 cities in Red China. How awesome is that? I'd love to communicate with them, to see how they live and why they search the internet.

The blogosphere is just a neat place, capable of bringing the people of the world together. Generally if peoples will engage in civilized discussion, they will see the similarities in each other. Differences, sure, but perhaps they will discuss them rather that hating each other for it.

Just my view........
........from the Kudzu.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


..................Or disagree....

This woman is spreading the truth. Let's just hope there are more like her off the radar in the middle east.

I think that if this hundred year war is to come to a good conclusion, it will have to be brought about by peaceful, freedom loving, patriots of whatever country who love freedom more than their own lives or whoever might be in power in their home country.

Just my view from the kudzu.

Grand Children

We have two of our grandchildren (My Sons) here with us this weekend.

Went and picked them up Saturday morning for a two day stay. A twooo dayyy tour.
They are great kids and like all of them between the ages of 7 and 9 full of questions, and so full of energy that they tire us out completely. But it is a joy to see how much they have grown and the things they have learned.

It's when you have grandchildren that you can see some of the unconscious lessons that your own children learned at your feet. And some that you're not too proud that they learned. Because somehow, unless they have given it some serious thought on their own, even if they don't really want to, they teach what they themselves have learned.

Many lessons that you wish you could go back and teach are too late, because you've only just learned them yourselves, or your children saw your actions before you learned that particular lesson, and can't see the change you hope is in you now.

I've often thought how nice it would be, if we could pass on the lessons we've learned to our children at birth, so they wouldn't have to go thru the experiences we did in order to learn from them. I mean how nice if children were born knowing everything we know, at a young age, and could then build upon that knowledge to grow to greater and greater heights of achievement. Imagine where we would be by now. Surely off this planet and to the stars.

On the other hand, many times I look at all the lessons we go thru and don't learn a damned thing from it. People are still greedy, envious, hateful, hurtful, stupid in large groups and in general no better that the worst among us as a whole. I know , you and I are not like that.......

.,...or are we?

What lessons do you wish your children could learn, before reality bites a big ol' chunk of their ass off?

Friday, March 02, 2007

Heeee's back!!

There is almost nothing so painful to a internet addict as to have your computer in the shop for 5 days.
I almost made those two little chinese people go crazy with my bitching and whining.
Finally they told me that IE wouldn't do what I wanted it to, and to just switch to Mozilla Firefox.
I can do that.
But it rubs my grain the wrong way to have something not work like I want it to.