Monday, August 29, 2011

As promised

The oak buffet, or sideboard, as some us remember hearing them called in our youth.

I wish the round turned posts on either side were more visible in the photo, the growth rings spiral round like a candy cane......very nice. The hardware appears to be original and age appropriate. Probably the mirror has been replaced as it has none of the flaking of backing that caused many, let's call them beauty, spots to show through.

The new kitchen table is in the next room. At first I thought to strip it and show the natural oak under the paint, but I'm beginning to think there is a reason that it was factory painted. Most likely because, while it is solid oak, there are many short boards joined together and the overall effect may be less than perfect to the eye.
Still it is a nice solid, well made table and if we can find a set of chairs that will complement will make a nice heirloom table........well maybe not heirloom, but we're getting on towards middle age and it can probably last most of the next 131 years.

Unless we get drunk and climb up there and start dancing around showing our asses. In which case, the table may survive, but, we'll likely break our fool necks.

One thing I've learned by observation........

The rich don't necessarily have better taste, they simply know that if you start with quality you won't be having to spend money to replace it every time you turn around. That saves money, which eventually makes one rich.......or tightwadish.

They think we don't realize

That the more they try to scare us into accepting that only the government can protect us, that we must ever depend on them for our security and safety,...the more we realize just how ineffectual and inefficient and power hungry they really are.

The day we realize that we are Sovereign Individuals is the day the shackles fall from our limbs, the scales slide from our eyes, and we see the world and it's riches for ourselves.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Day

It has been a good day here at the Kudzu Grotto. Still 2 hr's + to go, but, I'm sitting here at the keyboard and baring something unforeseen it will go down as one of those good, good days.

I know that some in the north east portions of the country may be a little wet and there were some for whom Irene was a disaster of the highest caliber and my heart goes out to them, but, as long as my sisters in VA and MA, their husbands and children are OK, then I'm happy. Just as I know the rest of you folks throughout the NE are happy that PBO (pres. barry obama) was in charge at the Crisis Center Headquarters. Whatta president.......whatta guy!! Coming home from vacation early just to guide the ship of state through the choppy waters kicked up by Irene.
I can just here them now, up there in the AOP (Asylum On the Potomac), singing in unison..

SWG is sure to love this one.

Anyhoo, the Kudzu wife and I left this morning to visit the little antique store in the school house. That's where she said it was and who was I to argue. We needed a new kitchen table and chairs and that was where she was bound to look. So we did.

We saw many old tables and assorted oddments many of which were of interest, particularly an 1890's buffet in quarter sawn oak which I can only describe as striped, were it maple it would be Tiger Maple, but, it's Oak. I'm sure there is a wood workers term for it, and I should know it, but it escapes me right now.

Something I've always wanted. Now I can say I have one. Great piece, great price, (methinks). It sits in the livingroom. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.

The Kudzu Wife found her table.....but unfortunately, no chairs to suit her. I can feel another expedition coming soon.

Arriving home we awaited a visit from my Salvadorian buddy, Armando. He walked from Metzapan to the US to escape the civil war there while in his teens. He brings things to sell me on a regular basis.

Today, one of the items was 2 Marine Corp Qualification Badges, ( Sharpshooter, and Bayonet)and an Army Air Corp Instructors Wings from WWII. The wings most caught my attention, being a former Army Aviator myself, albeit from a younger generation. I haven't yet researched the Marine badges but the Wings look like this......

These items will not be shipped off for scrap, but added to my small collection of militaria. Sentimental ol' fool...........that's me.

Much has been going on in kdzu's life of late and the blogging is slow. I have to remember to breath in and out and block most things that threaten my blood pressure. I'll fill you in on some of it later.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Interesting question

I can't help it. Things just pop into mind and out through the keyboard.

I wonder, if there are any of the candidates running for president who are running them on a business like basis........that is, are they taking on any debt?, do they pay their bills when due?, how much did they spend on the dog and pony show in Iowa last weekend?

In these days of interwebz and electronic mediums those questions might be easy to find answers to those questions and more.

I'm just too lazy to go looking.

If any one out there has any of the answers, I'd be interested.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Apocolypto Syndrome

Go over to and read some of Ron's fine ranting.

Monday, August 08, 2011

I wonder...

... if now that the Chinese are saying what folks in this country have been saying for years the idiots in politics will pay any more attention?

Look at the market......look at the gold price. Hell just look around.

This mess has to be deliberate. No way on earth to fuck it up this bad by mistake.

Bad doo doo on the way.

Oh Yeah!

Passing the debt increase bill really saved us from disaster, didn't it.

Gold has increased to over $1700.00 the ounce.

China has gone from lecturing us to declaring the $ dead.

The rating agencies have downgraded our credit rating with promises of more downgrading.

Gas is up. Food is up. Nearly everything costs more except the price of your McMansion which is down 30% or more.

Our enemies are emboldened in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

How's that "Hope you can believe in, and Change" working out for you now?

The apes are in charge of the zoo and slinging shit on everything.

Friday, August 05, 2011

It seems that I am bereft of my famous Kudzu covered header on this blog. Something I've noticed for a little while but inertia has prevented me from giving a big flip about.
Now there appears some weird symbol at the top and although deleted yesterday, appears again today.



It's like being trapped in The Twilight Zone.

Thursday, August 04, 2011


We're saved!

Catastrophe has been averted and once again the wheels of state will be able to turn with everyone employed by gubbermint and all us pensioners and welfare recipients, out of work rocket scientists, Foreign and domestic bond and treasury note holders, receiving our monthly handout and interest payments on time.

Of course, since the funds are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Federal Reserve, they will buy less and less as the price of everything goes up due to the sellers wanting to maintain their purchasing power.

You don't have to believe me or the talking heads in the LSM........just check the price of gold and the markets around the world.

Deep, deep doo doo folks......but let's keep electing politicians to go to D.C. to help us out......OK?

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Future plans

I think I'm gonna join the local Republicrat party. Not that I have anything to contribute or anything.
I just want to be able to identify the bastards so if I see them crossing the street I can hit the accelerator.
I might get me one of those brush guards to go on the front of the Red Ram first. I don't want to ding my bumper. It's hard enough to get the bug shit off the grill.

Maybe I'll get one of those big hay bale spikes too. Then I can see how many will fit on there before I have to pry them off.

Just Damn!