Saturday, February 24, 2007

Watch out....

.... This report is sure to raise some eyebrows and screams of indignation.

One thing we can be sure of. This guy Cameron and the tv stations will run it into the ground as long as it's worth a dollar to them. I don't know if he has any sort of agenda. If he does I'm sure that at least a little of it is wanting to make money or a name for himself. Course the actual digging happened years ago and he just heard about it and injected himself and his opinions.

Most people who know me, know that my beliefs are strong, but I would never deny you the right to believe that I'm wrong or whatever you want to believe in, as long as you will allow me the same courtesy.

Faith it is said, is the belief in things unseen (yet). The inspiration for this life comes from above or within, and the man or woman with hope in their heart can meet any foe and can rally from the most bitter disappointment. When hope spreads her wings, courage will dare the darkest night, and will come to the morning untired and undefeated. But without hope courage dies, and the feet are hard to move, and the wings are held with heavy weights, and darkness rules the light.

We are here now. Where we came from is not so important as where we are bound. Is this all? Is it both the beginning and the end? Do we stop here, or shall we go on?

Does some safe and quiet harbor await us at the end of our life's journey, where we can anchor from the storm tossed voyage of life and be welcomed to a blest abode amidst the shouts of friends and kindred dear, and there forever rest? Or is the future dark and hopeless, are the harbors closed, are there no lights along the shore.

I'm a big fan of the Lord of the Rings books. My first opportunity to read them came over 20 years ago when my brother in law gave me a set. Over the years I literally wore them out from reading and rereading. One of my favorite scenes comes in the third volume when Merry and Gandalf are under siege in the castle and all looks to be lost and Merry remarks that it looked like the end or something. And Gandalf with a longing and faraway look in his eyes says that death is not the end, but like a long voyage on the ocean, where you look for land, and then you see it, 'White Shores'.

If you don't know me, life has no hold on me. Whatever they are, I look forward, with longing, to White Shores.

Long after the furor of this is long behind us, whatever the outcome may be, there will still be those who believe as they will. And that is probably as it should be.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Realising how.....

...blind and counter-productive our elected servants in Washington are, I wonder how long it will take to award most favored nation trading status to our Persian brothers?


.....makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance: they make the latitudes and longitudes.

— Henry David Thoreau

Life............ not meant to be lived
in fear...
or alone...
or without...

under slavery...
in a funk...
in confusion...

in debt...
in trouble...
in bed, under the covers...

in anger...
in hatred...
or in sadness, for what might have been...

No, life is meant to be lived with your eyes wide open...
with your heart both hard enough to bear your burdens...
and soft enough to cause you to bend down to help another...

Life is to be lived...
in all its richness...
and poverty...
so that, if this is all there is, or will be...

that it will be enough.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Our good FRIENDS.........

............the Saudias have once again offered a token of their friendship to the U.S.

What's that old saying? Something about 'lying down with dogs'?

UPDATE; Scroll further down to read about the mooslimes (pig piss be upon them forever) high regard for women.

I promise............

...........that this will be the last post on Ms. Spears.

She has apparently checked out of rehab again after only one day, against my counsel.

Well if she won't listen to the Master, the grasshopper must be turned out of the monastery, into the chill wintery blast of the Tibetian winter. To freeze, starve or come to her senses as she wills.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You see Uniece........

She took my rant to heart, realised the error of her ways, and went back to rehab.

I have a brother-in-law who once shot himself. He was young and dumb. Not so young that he hadn't married and had a kid or two or three. Just young enough to think that the world was totally against him.

I forget if it was money trouble, wife trouble, mother trouble or stepfather trouble or drinking trouble. Just that he was convinced that every one was against him.

You see he didn't have a sense of self worth. He couldn't conceive of the idea that he wasn't somebody unique. Everybody should stop their busy lives and listen to him, and solve his problems for him.

That's really what determines when we reach adulthood. When we come to realise that 'if it is to be, it's up to me'. We can all function better with a support group, but, not if all that group is doing is enabling us in our disfunction.

Anyway the BIL called my wife and told her he had a .22 rifle and he was going to shoot himself. She found out where he was and begged him not to do anything foolish, and then took off to where he was.

As she pulled up, she could see him staggering in the driveway with blood on his shirt. Fortunately he really was so dumb he didn't quite realise where his heart is. Shot himself high in left chest, and it was only a .22.

She calls me from the hospital to come down. As I walked into the lobby I could hear him hollering, "Oh God, It hurts". I told my wife that if he was going to die he wouldn't be screaming with that much volume. And he did heal from the gunshot.

Unfortunately he never grew up. So now he's just an old baby, and his life has never improved in the last 25 or 30 years.

Maybe, just maybe, Miss Spears will have a 'wake up' moment in rehab, and come out of it with a determination to be a better, smarter grown-up person..........

.........if so my work will not have been in vain.

Like she or any of you pay any attention to what I think.

Just my view from the Kudzu.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh! Help Me! .............

..........Somebody PLEASE Help me!

You went to a rehab center stayed one day and then left you stupid stupid girl.

I don't know who is managing this girls career or what's left of it. It used to be her mommy, but, now you know she is an adult and can screw and have babies and everything. To bad she never had to grow up.

A star and famous and rich since before she started her periods, so she had hired help for everything. Yes men and women to cater to her every whim. Parents who were so caught up in the glamour and the fact that their little darling is a STAR.

What was it the Beatles used to sing? "Can't buy you loooove".

But some people will do anything for money, including telling you how special you are and how beautiful, and smart and we just love you so, so, very, very much. Just keep on handing out those Franklins and we'll give you anything you want.

Isn't it funny how so many of us don't really know just exactly what it is we want?
We want to be loved, and then act unloveable. We want to be smart, but will not put forth the effort to learn and retain the things we once learned. We want to believe what people tell us, only to see time and time again them fail us, or use us for their own wants. We want to be rich but will time and again opt to buy toys instead of investments.

Why is it that nobody wants what we really deserve? What we've really earned. Somehow we're entitled to so much more.

I know what I want.

I want it all. I'm just like the rest of you.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Are we headed for a dictatorship?

And if we are can we stop This?

Just trying to make both ends match.........

........I guess.

I see that our girl Britany’s head is as bald as her clam now. You can send your thanks for not rehashing that story with pictures here by sending me gold. 24 karat and three 9's fine.
Your welcome.

And then she went out and got tattooed to celebrate the event.. Interesting that she checked out of rehab after one day to go and do these things.

I've always felt that getting a tatoo evidenced either a sometimes subtle and sometimes not so cry for either attention or help or a screw you attitude. I could be wrong..........I've never had a desire for one, so can't really say. Some people cut themselves, some get tattoo's.

Had an employee once who's girlfriend/mother of his 3 children was fond of wearing those low cut jeans with a shirt which bared her midriff below the navel. Which area bore the classy tattoo EAT ME with a curved arrow pointing towards her nether regions. Made me kinda want to gently scold her with a length of 2 x 4 upside her head.

In other news I see that a lovely Friskey Austrailan has joined the 7 mile high club with some actor and then got fired for it. We can understand that she has to find some sort of replacement for her income.........
....along with the book and magazine deals. As as sure as I'm sitting in front of this keyboard someone is already writing a screenplay with her playing the head (couldn't resist) role.

People used to want to create something useful and productive with their lives.

Now..........just their fifteen minutes and a book deal.

If we could only see the kudzu vines wrapped around their souls, we would probably give up all hope of them ever being rescued.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Where do they find those people?

I have often asked myself that very question about the people who appear on some of the daytime reality shows such as, Judge Judy, Divorce court, Judge Joe Brown.

Hey don't look at me thata way. I don't turn over to them. Paw-in-law though seems to have a strong affinity for them. I just see them as I go back and forth thru the living room. I'd shield my eyes but I'd probably fall all over the pooch. Besides, thats where the most comfortable recliner for my afternoon nap is.

Now I know that, of course, none of my 5 or 6 readers ever watch those steaming, stinking piles of dog droppings. But, they keep putting them on the tv, so someone has to be watching.

What distresses me is the number of women who fall into a relationship with a man who is obviously, to the rest of human kind, less than the ideal mate or partner.
Why they're oblivious to the fact that he has none of the characteristics of even a sub-human, but even most animal species would run him off, I don't know. Well, maybe not pigs, but then pigs enjoy rolling around in mud and excretment.

For some reason a lot of women gravitate towards the so-called 'Bad Boy'. Whether it's because they seek danger of some kind, or their maternal instincts just want to see if they can change him for the better.

This in no way seeks to exonerate those women who themselves lack less than the ideal characteristics of the perfect young lady. We find too many of them around us also. Either they were never taught, they refused to learn, they are determined to go against common sense, or they are just too sorry and stupid to do better.

Unfortunately, they seem, for some insane reason to bear the most offspring.

And all too many of them exude a stronger pheromone than more refined flowers, so as to draw the male of the species closer.

I personally think the ideal young woman is independent. She fits herself fo a useful life instead of continually posing for a marriage proposal. She is one who appreciates her powers and influence. No one has more power today than woman, if she will only use it in the proper way. This young woman will never tolerate a young man that is not her equal socially, mentally, and morally. She will not marry a man to reform him. It is a precarious business when any young woman turns herself into a reformatory and undertaakes the hazardous task of reclaiming a young man by the marriage process. If she is unable to reform him before marriage, she can not do so afterwards. I do not know of any young men that marry girls to reform them. And besides, no woman can associate with or marry a man beneath her and hope to lift him up to her level.......She will descend to his.

Choices, we all make them every day, and often give little thought to them, even though each one can alter the future in ways not fore seen if we don't think about them. Especially if all we think with is our groins.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bah, Humbug.

But, for all you lovers out there.

Enjoy .

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Not that there's anything wrong with that." *

I was walking on the backside of our lot today with the rep. from the pipeline company. (We go to the middle of a 75' right of way, for a large petroleum company).

Talking about whether we could build a fence back there.

I was reminded of something I hadn't thought about in a long time.

While a mere fuzzy faced young lad in high school, I knew of a guy we all called queer. (Yes, I know that's not politically correct nowadays, but bite me, it was the 60's). He acted feminine in a time where that wasn't quite as accepted as now.

You will remember from a previous post how tolerant I am.

Anyway, he was a couple of years younger than I and our paths didn't exactly converge. I graduated, got married and then joined the army in the next year and a half and didn't think of him at all.

What got me to thinking about him today was talking with the pipeline guy and remembering another supervisor of said pipeline which also ran thru the dairy farm I was raised on.

After serving nearly 6 years in the Army, I got out to run the farm when Dad died.
The pipeline supervisor was a guy in his 60's I guess, and he had known my dad and each fall would come to our annual dove shoots. (Yes, we would actually kill those cute little mourning doves and eat them with great relish.) (And if we were lucky some fresh buttermilk biscuits and brown gravy. Yum!)

His wife ran one of the local real estate offices, and as the story was told to me, was in the habit of frequenting one of the beauty parlors in town, Fancy's if memory serves.

As it happened, the ol' boy we called queer had gone off somewhere and had a sex-change operation during the time I was serving my baser instincts and trying to inflict bodily harm on little brown skinned natives of a Southeast Asian Paradise.

Changed his name slightly and returned to the local area where he had a job as a beautician at the afore mentioned beauty parlor.

Anyway the wife, was having her usual Friday hairdo and makeup plastering. The quick change artist was styling the hair of the lady in the chair next to her, so it was only natural that she should overhear the conversion taking place.

Quickdraw was telling about his recent change of attitude and allowed as how, "Mama says it looks just like the real thing". "Do you want to go in the back and I'll show you."

Ol' gal ran out of there with her hair wet and the sheet flapping about her neck.

I still get the giggles from that visual image. Not that there is anything wrong about it you understand.

*with thanks to the Sienfeld Show.

Well, well.......

.....I see that we're now up to at least 5 men claiming to be the father of Vicky’s young daughter. The number will probably balloon up to where it rivals the size of her bra, although I can never remember seeing any publicity shot in which she was wearing one.

What is it with these guys? You know that they don't have the interests of the child in mind, don't you?

If you want my opinion, (which I know you are just panting to read) they should use a DNA sample from all of them and determine which, if any, of them truly are the father.

Then they should just shoot the rest of them between the eyes with a large calibar bullet, and ask the real father one simple question. "Will you take this child and raise it until adult hood and not get a single dime of money?"

If the answer is anything other than an immediate "Yes", they shoot him between the eyes, and place the child with a christian adoption agency and keep it's idenity secret until said child reaches adulthood and only if it then wants to know, reveal the true parentage. It just might hit the jackpot and grow into a halfway decent human being.

As it is now, the chances of little baby Smith, or whatever its name is, of having a snowballs chance in hell of having said halfway decent life is somewhere between slim and none.

God Bless that little child. She's got an uphill climb ahead of her.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Kudzu can............

......come creeping up on you in the damnedest places sometimes.

I would like to think that I'm a pretty tolerant type of person. You know what I mean. A real live and let live kinda guy.

(Pause whilst I go partake of the evening set of mood altering drugs)

Ahhh! That's taken care of. Good thing they are only partly effective and take a while to enter the old digestive tract.

Anyhow, back to bragging on what a great guy I am generally and all around. Handsome too, but who's looking.

As I said, a better person you'd have to look hard and long to find.

But, while driving back from the VA today, I realised that only my puritan nature and genteel upbringing prohibit me from leaving bloody footprints behind me.

Liberal, socialist, free-market hating, bombastic assholes just really get on my last half of a good nerve. Having to be in the same room, not to mention on the same continent with them irritates me like sand in my underoos.

I really, for the life of me, don't understand where they are coming from. To me it's only common sense to defend, fight for, and if need be to die for, Freedom, in all the many aspects of the word, for family, for country, for all of the rights both implicit and implied, laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the original Constitution and Bill of rights. To do all these things as quickly for someone else as for myself. To do anything else would diminish me as well as them.

What's scary if the fact the I'd probably be able to blow away someone who disagrees with me and walk away as if it were nothing. Don't offer to make me ruler of the world. That's just a little scary to think about, as alluring as it sounds. Especially the harem of dancing girls that would have to go with the job to even get me to consider it. That and the hoards of gold that would of course have to be paid in tribute.

Now that just totally doesn't jib with my original, (if somewhat tongue in cheek) comments about how I feel about myself.

Don't ask me for an explanation of this dichotomy, as I have no clue other than the duality of good and evil that resides in all of us.

Control of self, I guess is what sets us apart from animals, and will always keep us a little lower than the angels.....Maybe I need to take up Transcendental Meditation or Yoga...........or drinking.

Whadda ya think? Huuummmm?

UPDATE; Should have read Livey before I started picking at the lint in my navel.

Friday, February 09, 2007

I once knew..........

.......a fair young girl. She was blithe and happy. Her form was perfect------a fit model for the sculptor's skill. Her features were fair as the lily and her cheeks like the blushing rose. Her eyes wer bright as polished jewels, and sparkled like the dewdrops of the morning. Her voice was rhythmic and musical, and her laughter like the rippling waters. She was as pure as fragrance from a flower garden.

Her origin was divine. Everywhere were the finger-marks of God, and about her the fragrant breath of heaven. She was born to a high and holy purpose.

But alas! What a change! What a fall! That which had come from the hand of God as perfect as an angel form, and as pure as a baby's dream, the hand of man had touched and spoiled. So pale and poor, and haggard. So bent, and broken, and shriveled. No life, no ambition, no hope. She was like the fragrant flowers drooping and dying under the biting of the fiercest frosts. Like the blooming beauties scorched and withered by the awful blast from the hot furnaces of hell. You ask the cause?

All the scars and blemishes, all the wrecks and ruins, all the agonies and heartaches, all the faded beauty and withered hope, and all the sighs and tears are man made.

"God saw everything that He had made, and behold it was very good."
"And God looked upon the earth and behold it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted His way upon the earth."

Anna Nicole was once her parents baby, on loan to them from God, endowed with great beauty and nobility. Some where along the way, that beauty, that nobility, was changed, molded into different forms by life's experiences and trials. By temptations and desires for the things of this world.

We watched in amazement, in astonishment,in amusement, in lustfulness, in excitement for the next soap opera-esk tidbit of gossip that might come our way because of who she was preceived to be, and perhaps what we wanted her to be. And I wonder if she ever asked herself 'Who am I?'

And now she's dead. And before she's hardly cold the vultures are swarming around her corpse, and the flies of the media buzz about carrying tidbits of her off, bringing them to those of us who want to partake, in whatever measure, of the essence that was her.

Maybe God decided that she had suffered enough in this life.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Near Death Experience......

......not mine, the other guy.

It is amazing how thing will happen in a matter of seconds, sometimes, yet you can look back and visualise each bit of that space of time in incredable clearity.

I had just left the house this afternoon. Ours is the second driveway on the left, from the intersection. Less than 100 feet probably, at most 125'. I turned left onto Nowhere Rd. ( I'm not making that up ) I really do live almost at nowhere.

In my 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 (with 274000 miles on it) I accelerated away from the stop, and saw sitting at the next street, maybe 200 feet, a black crotch rocket with helmeted rider about to turn right toward me. No biggie right?

At about 50 ft from him, I saw him start to pull out. Still no problem....
......then I watched as he had trouble with the pullout, as if he had little experience on bikes. His front wheel gave a wobble left and right, and I knew we were in for trouble.

If he gets it straightened out and stays in his lane we're OK. If not he's going to cream me.

Decision time folks. Only course of action for me is get over and try to accelerate past the probable point of impact. If it works it gives him my lane to try to recover or at worst he'll run off the road and maybe up the grassy bank. A bruised ego and maybe a scratch on his bike.

I almost made it. Funny about bikes, the more they start to get away from you, the more you twist the grip to the rear increasing the gas to the engine. Just as I thought, 'maybe I made it', Wham impact to the left rear. I saw in the rear view mirror him hit the grassy bank behind me, I slammed on the brakes. No other traffic on the road in either direction, popped it into reverse and smoked tires backing up toward him and off to the right side of the road.

Stopping short of the point of impact, throwing it in park, I jumped out reaching for my cell phone and running to see if he is OK. He's getting up, I ask if he is hurt as my thumb is dialing 911.

I'm OK he says, just as the dispatcher answers, '911 dispatcher, can I help you'?.

"Auto accident, on Nowhere Rd, at Blueberry Hill intersection"

"Is anyone hurt sir?"

"Are you OK", I ask?

"I'm OK"

From there it was a matter of waiting for the police, which to my astonishment, happened within seconds as a Sheriff's cruiser pulls up behind us.

I'm thinking, 'Man their good down here'. Turns out he just happened to be in the area and didn't even get the 911 call before he got out to check on us.

He getS our license and my ins. card, and I'm stepping back to look at the damage to Ol' Red when I hear the guy say, "I just bought it and don't have ins".

Hot damn, wouldn't you know it. Not only didn't he not have ins. on the bike but he didn't have a motorcycle permit.

The bike was brand new with less than 20 miles on it.

His left handle bar and mirrow had hit just beyond my left rear tire. His mirror was still stuck inside the wheel well, and the left rear quarter panel was flattened from there to the bumper.

Could have been much worse. Lucky we were both just pulling out. Who knows what would have happened if our respectiv speeds were faster.

Turns out that he has his car insurance with the same company as I. Even if they refuse him, my uninsured motorist coverage should take care of Ol' Red.

Glad I didn't have to shoot her. We've grown used to each other.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

How Quickly.......

….does one forget in the midst of all our trials and tribulations, in the middle of our day to day scrabbling for the means of existence, and hopefully, some meaning, some reason for us to have a right to belong here, that we do not exist alone on this daub of mud and water spinning thru space at………. Mph around a relatively small sun on the outer reaches of our galactic cluster. Just one among untold other galaxies with uncountable suns and unknowable numbers of planets, all merrily spinning around. And their inhabitants, if any, totally unaware of us, and if they are aware of the possibility of our being, would probably soon forget about us, because they are also dealing with their own trials, their own scrabbling about for the means of their existence.

How quick are we to label others. As gooks, chinks, japs, savages, barbarians, mooslimes, or whatever we choose to label them.. Just because we really don’t want to take the time to identify with their humanity, because they look, or smell differently, or they believe in different gods, or like the French they eat snails.

How quickly we can lump them in to some anonymous, catch all group. Where we can hide from their humanity.

It’s so easy to let others have to deal with them on a personal level.

It really takes no thought to label someone for the color of their skin, or the origin of their being.

I confess to being one of those who tend to do these things. I remember a tee shirt I had in 'Nam, with the words I had written across it, "Kill 'em all, let God sort it out".

I had left for SE Asia, leaving a young 18 yr old bride, newly a mother of 5 days, and my dad's words of advice in my ears, "don't go looking for a fight, but do whatever you have to, to come home again".

No 20 yr old thinks he'll not come home. We're just too full of piss and vinegar.

One of the things that is different about this war, that I see, is the much larger percentages of somewhat older soldiers. Men who have more maturity about them. Who have recognized their humanity and also the humanity of those who they fight. And they recognize that the vast majority of Iraqis and Afgans simply want like us, to be left alone to eke out their existence for themselves and their families. Many of them truly seek a free and independant country where they live by the rule of law and their leaders are also subject to those same laws.

It's in the nature of man to desire to live free of undue constraints and to stand in fear of no man. To be able to keep the fruits of their labor, and to freely trade with others for things they themselves cannot produce. To subject themselves to others, if need be to provide service in exchange for money or goods, and then go home of an evening and spend time with children and wives.

Not too far back in the past, they could do that. The middle east, at one time the cradle of civilization, saw their accomplishment slide into memory over time as perhaps most culturs do as the long reach of time waves over them. Other cultures, different in certain respects, and the same in others, came along and introduced new ideas and took and built on some of their ideas. Progressing toward an uncertain future together.

Once a bastion of new ideas and inovations, then came the cruel hobnailed boot of religious fanaticism holding sway, and over centuries because of the desire of every breast to be free, a moving away from that toward a molding with the best of other cultures. Information, began moving across the world at a more and more rapid pace.

I can remember not too long ago you could look to the middle east and see freedom for men and women increasing. A vibrant blend of western and eastern cultures making progress toward providing all with more of the neccessities of life.

And then, for more reasons than I have time to go into, we in the west in our craveness, we abandoned the peoples of the Middle East once again to the religious fanatics. And for a generation they have only been taught that they should rule the world, and bring down the rest of mankind to their level, because they can't see how to bring themselves up to a level with the rest of us. Envy, malice fills the hearts of those who hold themselves up as leaders, and they fear that if left to their own devices their people will lose their fear and respect for them.

But, you can only suppress, never eliminate, the desire of man to be free no matter what it takes.

Many of our finest and brightest in the military recognize these traits. Some very few of our national leaders do. Virtually none of the MSM are willing to see it, because they have their own perverted reasons for keeping mankind a slave.

But it exists, it always has and always will.

If you've a notion to, you might check out this article......The hands of God

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to do nothing.........

All it takes for freedom to exist is for good men to stand up, upon sound principals, and share the idea of freedom with all he comes in contact with. And be willing to spend his blood and fortune and good name if necessary in that cause.

Friday, February 02, 2007


I guess I'm somebodies shit list now.

The first 3 hits I had today are all from

The little bit of ranting I did yesterday may have struck a nerve. Or else they are just lurking to see if my rants get any reaction from the 8 to 10 viewers I have per day.

I'm just saying that if you want to make your voices heard your have to be at least as loud as the local moonbats.

I really want this experiment we call the United States Of America to succeed. But, we need real leaders in charge. And, we need to raise our voices so they know that we're watching what is going on and, frankly, my dear, I'm not much impressed by 99/100th of that crowd.

They say they want to boost the economy......well, pass the Fair Tax!
They want support for the troops.........I do. But, I'd love to see a system somewhat simular to Swisserland where every adult mail is a part of their armed forces reserves, and have their weapons in their home, and they remain a part of, and train for their part till age 50 or something.

Personally, I'd like to see a system simular to on Robert Heinlen proposed many years ago. Let anyone who wanted all of the priveleges of citizenship, male or female, have to serve in the military. Those that do have full citizenship, with the right to vote, AND, to hold political office.
Those who are conceintious objectors and still want the vote will serve their country in a differant way but will still serve at the pleasure of the country.
Those who don't want to earn their full franchise would not have to serve, but would not be elegable to vote for anything higher than dog catcher.
And for those who want to live off the kindness of others, NO vote, No enjoying all this country has to offer, Just a menial job that supports them but they work were ever they ar assigned.
If They just want to be left alone, God Bless them, let them support themselves and families without any kind of stigma, or monetary help from the Govt. This might be the group I'd choose after earning full citizenship first.

Oh well, enought ranting for such an early hour. Time for my mid-morning nap.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Reporting in.

I said that I would report if any of my congress critters called me, or wrote in reply to my angry emails to them.

I'm sorry to have to report that I got a call from Sen. Saxby Chambliss's office today. Needless to say not from him, but a flunky.

He allowed as how the Senator was disappointed in what happened at the Capitol building. Disappointed , not angry, not mad, not concerned that lawbreakers we allowed to deface govt property. (although on reflection maybe that is something more of us should be doing even down to the local level).

No, just disappointed. I asked him if anyone up there was going to do anything to insure that it would not happen again. Well, "no".

The older I get the more I think back to one of the principals of lazzire faire' style governing. "That government that governs least, governs best".

I'm tired of the government trying to regulate everything we do in this country today. Want to start a business....... gotta get the proper forms and permits. Gonna build a house...........gotta get an environmental impact study and the proper form and permits, submit them in quadreplacits and we'll get back to you in our own sweet time. How long before, like china, we have to get a permit to have more than one child, before we have to carry the proper permits and forms to travel around the country. Before we have to carry a card that permits us to use our own money.
Oh, and heaven forbit that someone wants to carry around a thousand $'s or more in his or her pocket. Why, they must be a part of the dreaded illegal drug gangs that run rampant over the highways and byways. 'Oh we'll just that that from you so that you can't use it to by drugs, even if there is no evidence of that, and you'll have to crawl thru hell and broken bottles to try to prove that it's your money and you are not a criminal, which everyone knows you are, cause we keep passing new laws and regulations every day so that you are bound to break one or more.

Anywho, that's my report of how our elected officials don't care about addressing the concerns of the hoi' poloi. But, they will call you just to show you how very much they care.