Thursday, April 06, 2006

Once again

Well, once again the idiots in Washington, DC have proved that they are a bunch of spineless, worthless, scum-sucking, money grubbing, weasling, two faced, lying, no good pieces of fecal matter, floating in a sea of self serving lobbyists and hands out welfare, government tit sucking beauracrats and sycophants.

Call it what you will the legislatition to allow criminal lawbreaking border jumping, wetback sonsabitching so called illegals to not only stay in this country after they broke the law, but to call it reform of the highest order would make any sane citizen of this country puke in his pocket to save to sleep with it under his pillow. That is if there were any sane citizens left in this country.

Our fore and founding Fathers who gave us a government of laws and not of men, must surely be spinning in their grave at the speed of light giving off sparks and light much like a cyclotron, capable of creating a gigantic black hole capable of sucking all the matter in the universe into it, when they see to what depths we have sunken.

This is surely the proof we've been searching for that proves there is no afterlife. For surely our forefathers would defy the veil and return blowing on the trumpet of liberty and shouting arise, arise patriot and countrymen turn back the foe, kick out the invader, water once again the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants.

Public outcry turned back the Dubia ports deal. Let's see if there is any commotion made about this.

We have been strangled by the vines and tendrils of the kudzu which afflict us and our screams of outrage stifled by the green velvety leaves stuffed down our throats by our oppressors.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm Just Thinking

I just watched (for the umpteenth) the Return of the King of the Lord of the Rings.
I'm sorry if you can watch that movie without experiencing a vast array of emotions culminating in pride of accomplishment and the nobility of man, then you're on a different wave length than I.

Then I read from Fred.........

and I begin to think that I truly know so little, and am humbled by what God hath wrought.

And the Kudzu is both thick and thin. Smothering of somethings, yet, cooling and shading and protecting of others.