Saturday, April 30, 2011

Paying the piper

As we all know if you don't pay the piper he'll pipe a merry tune and lead all you precious children out of town and into the forest, never to be seen again. I hate it when that happens. Don't you?

Not to worry........

Here's a good way to pay him.......well at least for the next year.

With a hat tip to Karl Uppiano and much thanks to Bill

Back again

Although we've not been gone far. I've been reading my favorite bloggers and visiting new ones for most of the past month. I've just not been able to work up enough of a give a damn to post something of my own.

Not that the month has been with out thing of interest........

I had an older lady run into the back of the Red Ram while I was stopped at a red light about a mile from home. Thank goodness for a nice new chromed hitch ball and bar. It centered her front bumper and only hurt Red's feelings, while bending her bumper around it and demolishing her name tag. (Inez, if it matters)

Neither of us was damaged, as I first thought, and though I'd left my license at home, since neither of us wished to make a report the nice Highway Patrol Officer gave me back my insurance card and wished us a safe trip home.

The Kdzu Wife had her throat cut. Not by terrorists, but by a young man who, looking too young, claimed to have preformed thousands of spine operations and taking cadaver bone fused a couple of her top vertebrae and relieve the pressure on nerves to shoulder and arm which had for a while threatened to paralyze her left arm. Guess you can't judge a Doctor by the apparent lack of facial hair big enough to require shaving on a regular basis. She is much improved and came home a week ago today after a one night stay at St. Mary's Hospital here in the Classic City with a much greater appreciation for pain relievers and muscle relaxers.

We have a small garden planted with two squash plants, four tomato and six pepper plants, along with two short rows of green beans. I planted them in the new topsoil I had dumped in the sinkhole that had been growing steadily bigger in the back yard. Happy to report that everything is looking good.

The recent violent weather in the south only brushed us a little bit late one night. Some needed rain and lots of rumbling and flashing but thankfully none of the Tornadoes that devestated areas to the west and north of us. I hope none of you were seriously affected. If anyone has heard from Eric SWG let me know as he's been suspiciously missing from the blogosphere the last few days. Hope he and Mrs SWG are alright. So many people are not. Over three hundred dead. Towns and communities wiped out. Many without electricity or other public services.
Say a prayer of blessing on all those affected and another one of thanks if it isn't you.

In light of these recent events the political and financial melt down of this country I love doesn't seem quite as relevant as it otherwise might. If you've been paying attention to the price of gold and silver and their reaction to the actions of the Fed Chairman Mr. Bernake and politicians of all stripes you see that my assertion that we're all screwed has not yet been discredited. The violence in places near and far including McDonalds in this country indicate that my prediction of Feb. 21st is still on track.

While you're on you knees for yourself and those lives disrupted by mother nature be sure to request a blessing that this nation will turn back to God, for that nation that turns away will be cursed until they once more remember him.

Keep well dear visitors. I'll probably be back.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


Richard Nixon declared "War on Drugs" in 1971. Are we winning?

Lyndon Johnson, carrying forward initiatives started by JFK declared "War on Poverty in 1964. Are we winning?

George W. Bush Declared "War on Terror" in 1971. Are we winning?

VA psychiatrists, psychologists, and even outside evaluators all agree that I'm not 100% correct in all my thinking. But.....are they right?


I just have to wonder though, if we haven't all been acting a little crazy for the last 50 years or so.

We willingly cast our ballots every two or four years for politicians who say, "give me your vote and the authority and I'll solve all these and other problems".

Do you want to lesson the costs associated with drugs? Declare them legal. Stop prosecuting people for possession. Start a program of treatment for anyone who wants to quit or control their desire for mind altering substances. Is someone in pain? Let them and their Doctors use whatever gives the best and greatest relief without fear of governmental oppression.
After all that if someone harms someone else through force or fraud because of, or while under the effects of, said mind altering substances, have a simple penalty...... Death by hanging to be administered immediately upon conviction after a trial in accordance with Constitutional standards.

Do you want to end Poverty in our time. Stop paying people to be poor. But provide lands, fertilizer and equipment whereby they may grow their own sustenance, build their own housing, raise cattle, whatever. Support them in this effort for one year with whatever they require.......after that provide only the land.....that they may realize that they have to work hard, save and preserve what they can, and above all they don't eat their seed corn. If they do eat the seed........let 'em make it as best they can.

Want to end the War on Terror? Fully recognize the Second Amendment at all times and in all places. Stop trying to tell anyone else what to do, whether in this country or without. Deal honestly with other countries in full transparency to the public in every country. If anyone wants to mess with us........
Fuck 'em. Long, hard and repeatedly until they either quit.....or die.

But then they do say I need to keep taking the meds.

Whatta I know?

Just this.

If we don't change things soon......we're fucked.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Move over Ayn Rand

I have a new love of my life.
(well my ranting and raving over political correctness and idiot politicians life anyway).

Go over here and watch Anne Barnhardt Give 'em hell

Watch the second video first. I promise you you'll not regret it.

Woo haa!