Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm prob'ly a little biased......

Well, hell, I know I am, but it is my WCO (well considered opinion) that folks what have been sent to places where they, and their close co-workers, are considered targets of opportunity and shot at with frequency, and real intent to do bodily harm, develop, should they survive, a high degree of logic and rationality. To whit: don't stick your head up, you fool, if you want to keep it attached to your shoulders. .. Don't fly over there by that patch of bamboo 'cause there's people who want to kill us over there.

such as that.

So that when I read carefully thought out reasoning from one of them, I pretty much pay a bit more attention that what I hear come out of politician's mouths or the boob tube or pretty much anything someone who is considered a big shot in holly wood.

Things such as this about fighting the so called WOD (war on drugs).

A couple of things you might do to persuade Mexico that you really want to do your part.

First, why don’t you put a youngish DEA guy, or gal, in each of about ten universities chosen at random: say, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Harvard Medical, Julliard, Haverford, Berkeley, UCLA, and Dartmouth. (I say they’re random). See, young agents could rig their apartments for sound and video. In six months you could arrest hundreds of children of senators, Fortune Five Hundred CEOs, and people high in the Executive branch. You could give them the same sentences that slum blacks get. Think of the headlines: “Senator’s Kid Gets Five Years in the General Population in Leavenworth.” Is that a concept or what?"


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Like Conspiracy Theories??

Try this one on for size.We have all been fooled into thinking that teh ONe, teh MIGHty, teh Omnipotent ONe, he of the IMMAculate ELEction..........Lord MOst HIgh Barrack Hussein OBama.

Barry O as he's know to Oprah and OTHers, does not, in fact, know what the Hell he's doing.

We point and giggle wildly as effort after effort goes into stimulating and masticating the EcOnomy

.Time after time we watch as he vows to TAx UnTo DeaTH those eVil Millionaires and BILLionAires, what with their private JETS and ILL gotten Lucre they got by oppressing the working Man and Woman, whether they actually have a job and pay taxes or not.

No, No, my friends.

His dastardly plan all along is to do all these stupid things, chant meaningless campaign slogans that somebody wrote and he read off of a teleprompter..........

And then see how many mindless myrmidons would actually cast their ballot for him the second time.

You see he's secretly a closet Randian. A worshiper at the alter of Libertarianism and Objectivism in the Ayn Rand tradition.

After the next election a list of Deamoncratic Voters will be forged from the supposedly SEcRet ballots, enabling a very specialized team of eliminators to quietly, furtively go about the business of wiping from existence those liBeraL voters, root and branch, meaning them and their offspring both, thereby ridding our proud Democracy of the Contagion of Stupid.

Best be careful which button you push in 2012.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Noodling down the highway of life today...

... on the way to Home Depot for a pine board and small box of deck screws, I put the Red Ram on auto pilot and gave a bit of thought to the fact that I'll soon (within a year) be able to apply for my Sociable Security. Doesn't hardly seem possible that I've lived this long. Some times I get to thinking that I should have lived a little more and not worried about the long thing.

I know most people looking into my life would suggest that I should have worked a little harder.

Me.......eh, I don't know about that. What I should have done is worked a little smarter.

Still......I've done a lot of different things and have discovered lots of ways not to do a thing or two.

Still the idea of getting my Sociable desserts causes me to ponder.

People say Social Security is broke and the younger generation will never be able to draw from it.

They say that the gubbermint has raided the fund and spent it long ago, leaving nothing but I.O.U's behind, locked away in a filing cabinet some where in an office building in Virginia.

They say that for every recipient these days that there are less than two workers contributing, and, with fewer workers feeding money into the trough, we pigs swilling out the other end are gonna get pretty skinny pretty soon.

So........I've come up with a way to save Social Security and put it on a solid foundation now and into the future.

Hold your applause and cheers for after the presentation please, as the sooner I get this plan into print the sooner we can all start living the life we so richly deserve. (besides, once you read the plan your cheers and applause will be so much greater. (notice how I delayed gratification 'til later so as to reap so much more in the future?)

Since we have all those I.O.U. in the Vault, which indicates somebody, supposedly the gubbermint, owes on them, why don't we just have the gubbermint print up enough money to pay them off, adding of course the interest that they supposedly would have earned since the first I.O.U. was written.

This should amount to a goodly sum.

Then we have Warren Buffet invest it for us. This should earn more than enough to allow all us old geezers like me to get a nice monthly check.

Alternatively we could take the supposed amount in the Trust Fund as of 2011, which is 2.600,000,000,000.00 divide it by the approximate total adults in the US which is somewhere around 229,182,000. This would give all adults approximately $11,340.90, which we pay to everyone immediately, end Social Security at once and let us do what we will with the money, whether it be play the Lottery, buy gold and silver, guns and bullets, beer and flat screen TV's, or I suppose you could invest it in some company or other.

Those not adults will be responsible for their own old age with no government intervention and no taxes when they get ready to retire.

The trick is that we would then be responsible for our own future and we'd know for sure what kind of a scam the gubbermint has been running all these years, and only the liberals would ever part with any money to the government to hold and manage for them.

I'll take mine in cash please..........then I'd open a currency trading account and bet against the $ every time. Which I would do from a small estancia in the hills of El Salvadore, just close enough to town to get internet service.

And of course a nubile young Latino Lady to cook my breakfast.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Whither Now?

After all the MMM's (moronic mass media) crocodile tears and wailing of the weekend just past, we need to take a few moments to engage in a bit of quiet reflection on the past 10 years.

I know what I think. You know what you think. Maybe we need to do a little 'outside of the boxes' thinking, and consider what paradigm we'll operate under going forward.

With a hat tip to Yabu , may I second the motion to go read this.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In an Age of Fops and Toys

Consider for a moment, quietly, silently, those young, and sometimes older, men and women who for the past 10 years have volunteered, each for their own reason, to join, fight and sometime die, or come home less than whole in either their bodies or minds, for the Idea of The United States of America, Freedom and Liberty from fear or danger.

Home to a country who's people support and honor them, but, who's politicians (a more derogatory term I cannot think of) spend them uselessly in foreign lands, spending the wealth of their blood and minds, as well as the wealth we could use at home, for personal and political gain.

When will we awaken, and like the giants who founded this Republic, throw off the shackles they use to keep us quiescent?

In an Age of Fops and Toys
By: Ralph Waldo Emerson

In an age of fops and toys,
Wanting wisdom, void of right,
Who shall nerve heroic boys
To hazard all in Freedom’s fight,—
Break sharply off their jolly games,
Forsake their comrades gay
And quit proud homes and youthful dames
For famine, toil and fray?
Yet on the nimble air benign
Speed nimbler messages,
That waft the breath of grace divine
To hearts in sloth and ease.
So nigh is grandeur to our dust,
So near is God to man,
When Duty whispers low, Thou must,
The youth replies, I can.

Sunday Morning coming down.

Like hearing that Pres. Kennedy was shot, that man had stepped on the surface of the moon, like remembering when our children were born (though not always the correct dates)......

So too, I shall probably always remember where I was upon first hearing that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. (at least until the dementia progresses farther along than has so far been the case)

It's been a long ten years. Lots of changes. They (changes) come more and more quickly. I've long since been left in the dust. But, we endure, because, well, because one must.

The days and nights following 9/11 were tough on me. I say that not to elicit sympathy........it's simply the truth.

The brightest moment came...possible the brightest moment ever.......with the response below from my daughter, to an email I sent out to friends and family, (which is even farther below).

These will always be my memories of September 11, 2001.

Well....I debated on forwarding this because it is a personal message from my dad sent to family and friends. With my emotions on a roller coaster as I'm sure everyone's are - it did me a world of good to hear these words from him. It also touched my heart and I hope it touches yours.
While my dad is not usually a man of many words I've noticed that as I grow older I seem to hear him more clearly :) While sometimes he and I have to agree to disagree, and some may think that he is a bit radical at times - he is a wise man who I love and respect.
I am proud to say that my dad served in Vietnam and is a firm believer in our freedoms. I do not remember Vietnam because I was a baby. But I do know that I am indebted to him for protecting me as a daughter and an American. I do remember the Gulf War but maybe it didn't affect me as much because I was not mature enough - I seemed to think America was "invincible". These are the days that I will remember for a lifetime. These days will change me forever and they are the days that I am striving to be the best person that I can be.
Today....not only am I very proud to be an American, a daughter of God, a mother, a sister and a friend but I am so very proud to be my Daddy's girl. :)
Love you all-
Eldest Daughter

Kdzu wrote:
> I love you all. Some of you have been subject to my diatribes over the years. More than 25 years. I do not apologize for them. I was raised in an era in which the highest accolade that you could pay to a man was to call him a patriot. I have tried to live up to the ideal which that word means to me. The events of the last few days have caused me to evaluate the principals by which I live. I see no need to be ashamed of those principals. Instead I will be more committed to those principals. I will still call for us to return to the principals espoused by the framers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States and the Bill Of Rights.
> Our 1st President warned us of the dangers of foreign entanglements.
> I warn us of the danger of PRIDE. This Attack is the result of pride. The Pride of thinking that we can impose our will on the rest of the world. They don't want it as we would not want if they tried to impose theirs on us.
> If you wish to impress people you should live in such a manner as to impress them to want to be more like you, not feel as if being like you is forced on them.
> The civilized peoples of the world should shun and isolate those who do not choose to be themselves civilized. We should make it clear that an attack on those of the society of civilized peoples will be the only excuse we need to slap them back into the stone age and that we would then see that they would never have the ability to harm us ever again and they will be shunned until they finally prove their ability and desire to become a useful and productive and willing participant in the society of civilized peoples.
> Like most of you I have felt awe, anger , rage, steely determination, resolve and all of the other emotions of the last few days, even fear, embarrassment for that fear, embarrassment for the desire for revenge on the perpetrators of this atrocity. They finally all came to a head this evening . I'm not ashamed to admit that I weep as I write this. I'm not sure when if ever I will be able to overcome some of the feelings that I have.
> I know this. We were placed here on this earth to obtain bodies and to gain experience. Sometimes experience comes at a high price, high enough sometimes to make people unwilling to pay that price. But, that price must be paid. It always must be paid.
> Some of you do not agree with my choice of a religion in which to believe. I respect your right to disagree. Some of you do not feel strongly enough to try to determine what exactly it is that you do believe in. I encourage you to examine your feelings and to determine exactly what you are, or wish to be. We are all children of a wise and loving Heavenly Father. One which loves us so much that we are allowed to choose our destiny. So too do I love you.
> We all have been lax and caught up in our own lives. There are however those who seek to understand the world around us and try to explain it and the ways in which we can make it a better place in which to live. We must each seek to become better educated and better prepared for the experiences which are to come.
> I've heard that the word for CRISIS in Chinese means both opportunity, and,.......
... its opposite. This crisis will give each of us the chance to choose which it will be for us.
> I begin to ramble, so good night.


Saturday, September 10, 2011


Just think of all the Chinese Coolies out of work.

Friday, September 09, 2011

What's this???

Is someone in the MSM actually giving some of Sarah Palin's ideas a bit of respect?

Click here to read the article.
She puts the cross-hairs directly on the biggest part of the problem, I think.

Until we unseat the career politicians, the bureaucrats and lobbyists, nothing will get done.

I know many people who think that nothing will change without at least some bodily fluids running over the ground. Whether that is piss running down their legs in fear of an electorate that has reached the point of "I'm Mad as Hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore" or "My name is (insert your name), You destroyed My Country, Prepare to die"

Big changes coming. The available time to prepare is fast running out. However you plan to prepare.

You do prepare, don't you?

Thursday, September 08, 2011

The unfaithful shepherds...and the jackasses...

For the shepherds have become stupid and have not sought the LORD;
therefore they have not prospered, and all their flock is scattered
(Jer 10:21).

A big day up yesterday. The Dow rose 275 points. Gold dropped $55.

What’s the matter with investors? They should be selling gold AND

Why? Because we’re in a Great Correction. Not a boom. Not a
recovery. Not anything except a Great Correction.

What does that mean? It means Mr. Market is correcting the errors of
the past. We don’t know exactly which errors — it depends on how
rambunctious he gets — but we know we won’t ever go back to where we
were in 2007. We have to go on. Forward. Adelante, to give it a
certain Latin sashay.

But where to?

C’mon...you don’t seriously think we know, do you? Of course, we
don’t...nobody knows the future. But just wait until Mr. Obama gets
on the TV screen. He’ll tell us where he wants us to go.

We’d like to tell him where to go too...

But, heck, he’s the POTUS. We’re just a lowly scribe...a miserable
molder of mediocre memes. A financial Jeremiah...always
warning...worrying...predicting doom and gloom.

But wait. Didn’t we tell you the bubble would pop in 2007? Didn’t we
tell you that real estate would go down 30% or more? Didn’t we warn
you to get out of stocks and into gold 10 years ago?

Sometimes right. Sometimes wrong. Always in doubt.

But what we see now is an unfaithful shepherd...

A central bank that has turned its back on the currency it is meant
to protect...

A government that has betrayed the principles it was set up to

And an economy that has turned into a zombie. It’s somewhere between
alive and dead... Pretending to be a capitalist system...but a
capitalist looking for a handout.

Consumer confidence numbers continue to sink...

Housing prices continue to fall...while housing starts bump along at
depression levels...

More and more people are moving into long-stay motels...more and
more are on food stamps.

An ABC poll tells us that Obama’s DIS-approval rating has increased
to 60%...with most Americans convinced that his jobs proposal (to be
announced today) will not work.

The output gap — roughly the difference between what the economy
should produce and what it actually does produce — is at 7%. It’s
never been this high at this stage of the business cycle.

Had enough?

Well, it gets worse. Because the effect of the unfaithful shepherds’
bailouts has been to shift more and more wealth to the people who
were wealthiest already. Business profits — especially in the
financial sector — soared. Wages fell.

And now, even old people can’t pay their mortgages...so they’re
stuck in jobs, leaving the young with nothing to do. The youth
unemployment rate is one in four; it’s a wonder they are aren’t
burning cars and rampaging through cities. But they live in the
suburbs and probably can’t afford the bus fare to get into town.

This is becoming a dangerous situation. Former Labor Secretary
Robert Reich explains:

The 5 percent of Americans with the highest incomes now account for
37 percent of all consumer purchases, according to the latest
research from Moody’s Analytics.

During periods when the very rich took home a larger proportion — as
between 1918 and 1933, and in the Great Regression from 1981 to the
present day — growth slowed, median wages stagnated and we suffered
giant downturns. It’s no mere coincidence that over the last century
the top earners’ share of the nation’s total income peaked in 1928
and 2007 — the two years just preceding the biggest downturns.

Starting in the late 1970s, the middle class began to weaken... The
middle class nonetheless continued to spend, at first enabled by the
flow of women into the work force. (In the 1960s only 12 percent of
married women with young children were working for pay; by the late
1990s, 55 percent were.) When that way of life stopped generating
enough income, Americans went deeper into debt. From the late 1990s
to 2007, the typical household debt grew by a third. As long as
housing values continued to rise it seemed a painless way to get
additional money.

Eventually, of course, the bubble burst. That ended the middle
class’s remarkable ability to keep spending in the face of near
stagnant wages. The puzzle is why so little has been done in the
last 40 years to help deal with the subversion of the economic power
of the middle class. With the continued gains from economic growth,
the nation could have enabled more people to become problem solvers
and innovators — through early childhood education, better public
schools, expanded access to higher education and more efficient
public transportation.

Of course, Reich goes on to misunderstand everything. He thinks the
rich got richer because government was not ambitious enough. The
real problem was that the rich were able to use ambitious, activist
government to their own ends.

The unfaithful shepherds rigged the game in their favor.

And more thoughts...

Last night we watched TV. There was a show called “Killing Bin

We do not normally react to political commentary, except to laugh.
But the “Killing Bin Laden” show gave us the creeps. We laughed. But
it was a bitter, worried laugh.

The show describes, with evident pride, how a group of American
soldiers trained carefully...and used the latest gee-whiz military
hardware to murder unarmed, apparently completely innocent people.
Encountering bin Laden’s wife, for example, the soldiers made no
attempt to protect her...or to rescue her. They just gunned her
down. As appalling as this was, what happened next almost took our
breath away.

An “expert” appeared on screen. In a single sentence, this jackass
excused the killing by saying “it was permissible” or some other
claptrap. What exactly was his rationale, we don’t know. He didn’t
say. Even in times of war, soldiers are not supposed to kill
civilians. Heck, these soldiers probably shot his dog too. You may
be allowed to kill enemy combatants (which is a huge stretch for Bin
Laden)...but what kind of army kills their wives and children too?
If this ‘expert’ doesn’t go to Hell we’ll be disappointed in the
whole structure of Heaven.

Our “History of the Jews” book has made us think. It has a lot of
instances of mass murder masquerading as military action. And then,
when the Jews had been massacred, their cities destroyed, and their
wives and children sold into slavery, they asked why their God had
forsaken them. The prophets answered: ‘because we forsook Him.’

It was a good answer. They argued that the Jews had been corrupted
by politics...and then they became its victims. Those who lived by
the sword, perished by it. Rough justice, administered by God

So, what’s in store for a nation that makes heroes of killers? We
don’t like to think...

Bill Bonner