Monday, July 30, 2007


Hits came in today from all over Europe, South America. Even one from Lithuania. I all ways remember them for their courage in facing up to the Soviet Union and in the process of gaining their freedom led millions of other to freedom from tyranny from the old men in Moscow. Although in light of some of the things Putin is doing we need to keep a close eye on the Russians. The memory of Empire has not left their leaders.

Another was from Argentina. I was fascinated by tale of the gauchos on the pampas when I first read of them in grammar school. It's always been on my wish list of places to visit. Especially the mountains in the South. I also like to go on down to Terra del Fuego, the island group at the southern tip of South America that they share with Chile.

It would be lovely to speak enough Spanish to travel and interact with those peoples.
If any lovely young Latina from Argentina wants to visit America and teach me Spanish , I'll try to show them this part of The United States.


Open yourself up
And expose your heart
Open the window
and let the light in

Why sit in the dark
When you can
Let the sun shine in

Expose the dust bunnies
and the cobwebs
in the corner
up high near the ceiling
where you never seem to look

Why sit in the dark
while the bookshelves are loaded
with people and places
you've never thought to go

Why sit in the dark
You'll be surprised
From the very start
As you begin to open
Your heart

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The lack of pain

leads to a marvelously blissful sleep, and all the meds ensured that most of the day was drowsy. This was good as it tried to rain off and on, and finally came a most welcome downpour this evening about 7:30, and is still rumbling with thunder around here even now.

I started off the day by assembling a dowsing system to find items like gold rings or silver bars. I have had the plans in my head for a time now. dowsing has a long history and has it's believers and detractors. Those who either haven't seen it done or can't do it themselves tend to be skeptics and ridicule anyone who will claim it works.

Not believing in something simply because you don't understand it is akin to claiming there is not God nor UFOs simply because they've never seen one.

Anyho, I did assemble the device and tested it out in the back yard. Works very well there, will have to do more testing of unknown objects and locations to confirm my theory that one has to tune ones self to the correct channel to make the rods work.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Let's see......

............Nerve blockers, blood pressure meds, anti depressant and anxiety pills, two very good pain pills, and a muscle relaxer. No way in hell could I get it up tonight, and I don't care. No pain is good.

You all stay safe.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Imagine if you will..............

......How much heart this dad has............and for how long.

If they don't inspire you, you may need to hold a mirror under your nose. You may have died and didn't notice.

Oh my word..............

............Please mister government official, Save us from these perverts who think that pleasuring ones self is going to somehow ruin the world.

If you don't think that the socialists in power in all governments want to rule every aspect of your lives, you are living in fantasy land.

Update: I stole this quote from Neal Boortz. "Apparently toying with Waldo the one-eyed wonder worm in the privacy of your prison cell is a no-no. Better to wait for the morning shower."

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Want to buy a house.

Anybody out there want to buy a house?
Either a brand spanking new one or a slightly used one?

For many months now, those with eyes to see, and even a vague knowledge of what's going on in the housing and financial industry have been worrying about the huge numbers of houses being sold to consumers with average (read poor) or poor (read very bad) credit and no down payment. This follows the collapse about 3 years ago of the mobile home - land purchase loans to anyone who would slightly fog a mirror held under their nose.

This week sees news articles about the numbers of mortgages in default in various areas of the country. See here and here and here. And see too many other news articles to count on your fingers and toes.

Countrywide mortgage has recently been advertising in my neck of the woods like every thing is so good that they will damn near pay your mortgage for you if you'll just make a call to them

But a good friend of mine who has been in the mortgage industry for 36 years told me 6 months ago that countrywide would accept the application and perhaps even approve it, but would keep asking for more info and new surveys and appraisals even up to the hour before the closing making it impossible to close a loan with them.

What does this mean to you? Damnifiknow. I don't know you or your financial circumstance. But I do know that if you have the cash, you can go to any bank around here, and I suspect in a lot of other areas, and buy a brand new house built by a good builder, in a good subdivision, for less than they loaned the builder. Because they have had to foreclose on him and any number of what used to be good risks and have more houses on their books than the federal regulations permit. I have personally been offered houses for $80,000.00 less than the appraisal of $250,000.00.
If only I had the money or knew some one with the money to invest.

What will be the fall out for any of us. Maybe not much. Maybe you are struggling to make your own mortgage payments. Now might be a good time to see if you can negotiate better terms on your present mortgage.

The housing industry has carried a huge part of the countries economy for a decade now. Big and small industry has moved overseas to where production cost are less.
The good thing is that this has spawned huge numbers of small businesses. The Bad thing is that so many of them are serving the housing and related industry.

Henry Ford priced his cars so that his own workers could afford to buy them. What happens if the consumer doesn't have any money to spend?

Riddle me that, Batman.

Monday, July 23, 2007

I just feel...........................

. freaking much better now that I've heard this.

Now I don't feel so bad about my tinfoil hat.

A first for me.

Not much surprises me anymore. I've seen, read about, heard of, imagined many of the positive and negative aspects of the bi-pedal, mostly hairless, mammalian species we call us. Believe me when I say that no so called lower species of animal can obtain higher achievement, nor sink lower into degradation, than humans. Perhaps that's because we have free will to choose as we want or desire to.

My wife has a tee shirt that has written on it, "Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups". Can't argue about that. Some are all to eager to accept as truth anything someone they either admire or perceive as a leader, whether political, military, educationally or whatever as long as they don't have to think for themselves, just follow along like sheeple, heading to the shearing barn..

Come to think of it, they also like to make fun of anyone who stands outside the barn and thinks about whether they'd rather keep their wool for themselves. And if you're not careful they'll start throwing rocks or other more dangerous missiles at you.

I could go on and on and on and on. Just ask some of my relatives. All of my former friends, and a lot of people who only met me one time. But, I was going to write about a first for me.

Today I saw someone riding a real Segway personal transporter.

Oh yeah, I know they're old news. I've seen the articles on them and pictures of the use for them. I don't after all live way back in a cave. (just a small, dark, snug grotto with the salamanders and other slithery things).

I guess I'm lucky to live near a major university (UGA) Not only do I get to see a few of the flatbellied hardbodies on some of the hotties around town, I also occasionally run into something as interesting as a Segway. And being as shallow and stupid as the rest of the herd, for a brief second I thought, "hummmm, I'd like to have me one of those.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Real world that works...................

.........Real world that doesn't work.

I'm sure he's never stood in line at the Athens post office either. Eight (count 'em 8) counter spaces and I've never seen more than two manned, and generally one of them is processing passport photo applications.

Friday, July 20, 2007

I rather suspect.......................

...........that all of us could recall some things we'd rather the world didn't know we had done.

Kinda like the preacher saying, "Damn brother, I don't think I'da told that one.

Oh Please, please, please...................

..................tell me that's not his right nut hanging out there.

That's just too, too much information. ttmi

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I have the strangest........

..................feeling that This
just might work.

Especially if the others in the group were attractive women, intelligent, good humored, socially adept, and..................

.........................................more or less seductively clothed nymphomaniacs.

Just might work.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Star Trek Fan

I confess to being a huge Star Trek Fan. From the Sixties until today, I've enjoyed all of the various incarnations of the Enterprise.

I suppose it stems from coming of age in the 60's when we considered that we, all of us, individually and together could accomplish anything we wanted to. Or, as a friend once said, "if you can conceive it, you can achieve it".

That seemed to me to be so true. Especially in the summer of '69, when, while in basic training at Fort Polk, LA, we heard and watched as the USA, fulfilling a goal set by young President, John F. Kennedy, sent a rocket containing 3 astronauts and a moon lander to the moon, sat two of them down upon the surface, and returned them safely to mother earth.

Star Trek seemed so prophetic in those early days of the space program.

I've stated many times that I'd give my left nut to go into space. In any kind of vehicle that would carry me there. Heck, no more than I use them these days, I'd likely give them both. I could always get a bionic Roscoe like Acidman if I made it back and the women were clamoring for a piece of a man who slipped the bonds of gravity, if only for a little while.

The latest incarnation of Star Trek has to be my favorite. I'll admit to having had a crush on Troy on Picard's Enterprise, and later the delectable Seven-of-nine.

But Tpol played by Jolene
Blalock gets my sluggish blood pumping at like 2 cm per hour, or more. Quite a step up from my normal sloth like existence.

Even without the fantasy women though, I think we need to have a goal of the magnitude of achieving some sort of good space program again. Whether it's just going back to the moon, (to stay this time) or to mars and beyond. It would seem to be a goal that has the potential to unite all mankind, if we could only get beyond our petty politics, anger, and greed.

The way things are going, it just might be the last great hope of the human race.

Just my thoughts from the kudzu grotto tonight.

I wonder if women have fantasy's about some of the men of Star Trek.

It is always .............................

....................a mistake of the grossest kind to let me loose in a grocery store when I'm hungry. Especially if I've got 3 or 4 dollars burning a hole in my pocket.

Yesterday I was tasked to go to the store and pick up some soft drinks and ice for the old grump. Sufficient to quench the thirst of a group from his church an hour and a half away. They try to come up once a month to make sure that I don't convert him into some kind of weird cult or something. Well actually, they just like him and want to check up on him and visit for a while.

The preacher and his wife have about 9 children mostly girls, and as they are some sort of primitive Baptists, or something, they don't have that instrument of the devil, a piano, in their church. (Probably make someone get up and dance or something) As a result they have learned to harmonize their church songs, and it's a little like listening to a choir of angels to hear those girls aged from 5 to about 18 sing together. Papa and the one boy still at home are wise enough to keep their bass at a level that only adds to the general attractiveness of the sounds.

Quite a pleasure really, to listen to them.

Anyway as I was saying about the dangers of letting me loose. I returned home with the grumps drinks and change............and a package of Oreo cookies from my spare quarters and dimes.

Oh, the horror, and massacre, with which I tore thru them. Kinda like Sherman thru Atlanta and middle Georgia. Leaving nothing but plastic wrap and crumbs behind. I think the wife may have had two or three. I finished them off this evening just in time to click this out.

I'll probably poop black for a couple of days now. Chocolate being almost as good as Castoria (remember that kids?) at scouring the old pipes out.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Back to back .

Double feature of Pretty Woman with that flower of Georgia, Miss Julia Roberts on the TV this afternoon. Hogged the remote and me and the old grump watched it twice. I'm sure the song was written before the movie but Roy Orbison had to have had Julia on his mind when he wrote it.

And then when it was over I felt....

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Some times

When you want to hurry, the rain comes along and says, "Slow down, go inside, sit down and put your feet up. Just in time for second breakfast.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Leroy and Maybelle

Leroy and Maybelle were standing in front of the divorce court judge, Judge Amos.

"Ladies and gentlemen we have before us Leroy and Maybelle and Maybelle wants a divorce from Leroy" declared the Judge.
"Now Maybelle why is it that you wants a divorce"?

"Well sir, I be wanting a divorce from this hear man Leroy 'cause he don't satisfy me sexually, yore honor", said Maybelle.

"Well now Maybelle, Leroy looks to me to be a fine physical specimen of a man. Why just look at him. A little over 6 foot tall, with broad shoulders, a narrow waist and no fat at'all on him. Why can't he satisfy you?", asked Judge Amos. "Mos' wimmen would consider him a fine catch."

"Leroy, what you got to say to that"?

"Yo' honor, sir, I can't understand that cause I never had no complaints befor'," quote Leroy.

"Well now, les' just let the court determine that", said the judge>.

"Leroy, drop your pants and let's just see whether you have the wherewithal to fulfill your family responsibilities", ordered the judge.

It's hard to say that Leroy blushed, but he did sorta darken a bit as he faced the judge and complied by dropping his pants. It was quickly apparent that Leroy liked to go commando.

As he stood there the judge kinda smiled as he said to Maybelle, Miss Maybelle, it looks to me like Leroy has the equipment to satisfy most any woman". And sure enough, Leroy was the proud possessor of at least 10 inches of flaccid manhood, about the circumference of a coke can..

"Does he have a problem raising that flagpole", the judge asked?

"Oh no sir judge", said Maybelle,
he gets hard as steel."

"Well Maybelle, I can't see what the problem is".

"Let me show you, your honor. Turn around Leroy".

Upon Leroy presenting his backside to the judge, he could see that Leroy's ass was just as tight as the rest of him.........., but small as a young boys it was.

"Now Judge', asked Maybelle, "have you ever tried to hammer a spike with a tack hammer"?

"Divorce granted", bellowed the judge.

Slightly updated to make a little more sense.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Some people don't ........................

..................Know Shit from art.

The escalating value of the late Italian artist Piero Manzoni's canned feces was chronicled in News of the Weird in 1993, 1998, 2002 and 2004, but now in June 2007 his former colleague Agostino Bonalumi told a reporter that the project had been a hoax and that Manzoni had merely filled the cans with plaster. Manzoni created 90 small tins, and collectors had paid thousands of dollars each (making his feces worth more per ounce than gold, including once, in 1993, paying $75,000 for a tin). (A spokesman for Britain's Tate gallery, which once paid the equivalent of about $35,000 for one, said that the actual content of the art is beside the point.) [Reuters, 6-12-07]

Stolen with laughter and thanks from News of the Weird

Fred has women

...Figured out I guess................Go Here

"Rather men seem to want a woman who is reasonably cute, not fat and, by whatever the standards of the particular man, likeable. Conducing to the latter condition are (depending on the man) brains, sense of humor, a minimum of bitchiness, and being a decent human being.

With the exception of brains, these are not evolutionarily respectable categories. Yet, in my experience, bright, vivacious, good-humored, dark-haired and small-bazoomed easily trumps the reverse qualities."

I would however add one other criteria...............

..............Take a really really good look at her mother and grandmother. If possible have them and the intended take an IQ test. Be guided by their looks and disposition. Don't settle for anything under 115 IQ. Although if you have an IQ of 150 and no common sense, you'll likely ignore what is said here to your greater earlier satisfaction.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wherin I have been .............

.........Tagged by the Darling Miss Jean, I shall endeavor to think of 8 things about me. Might take a while.

First the rules.

1. Post the rules for the meme at the beginning of your post.

2. This meme consists of the blogger listing eight random

facts/habits about themselves.

3. People who are tagged in this post are to write their own

post listing their own eight random items and list the rules.

4. At the end of the post/meme, list the folks you are tagging

and leave them notice of such in their comments.


1. I graduated high school two years before Jean. Which is OK because I hear that girls mature before guys. And by the time I grow up she'll likely catch up to me.

2. Married almost 40 years. 20 of the happiest years of my life. (my wife hates when I tell that at a social gathering) (With good reason I guess).

3. I have 3 lovely daughters and a handsome son. Most of them inherited my brains, which is a good thing considering my looks.

4. I have always had a fear of wearing shorts. It's long pants or nothing for me.
The flesh of my belly and legs would put to shame the belly of a fish I reckon.

5. I have always had a way of putting the kids and grand kids to sleep when they are young. Give the mothers a break and me an excuse for a nap.

6. The years of 1969 through 1975 had a profound impact on my entire life. Not always for the better, but then, not always for the worse. It did give me a respect for taking oaths, which doesn't seem to be in vogue now among our exhaulted leaders. Much to my dismay, regret, and disappointment. But I will predict that the future leaders who have served during the current War, no matter the name they give it at the moment, will show the current crowd what Honor means.

7. I went to and graduated from Greenleaf Business College in Atlanta. Subjects were computer programming and business accounting. Neither certificate was ever used to good effect. Back then youngsters, the IBM 350 had 4K (four kilobytes) of memory.

8. I have on my desk a 10 oz bar of silver that I refined, melted and cast. A little rough looking, but so am I.

I tag anyone who may want to reveal anything at all about themselves. If I don't have you linked send me a note and I'll add you and read with wonder all about you.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Do you Care ??

That prominent leaders of the "religion of Peace" Can spout this kind of crap at will, but opponents are censured, spiked and ridiculed??

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."

Omar Ahmad, Chairman Emeritus, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Or do you feel helpless??

Someone out there is trying to kill us. Some people out there are trying to destroy our culture and our very way of life in this country. These people don't care who they kill -- women and children and just fine – to achieve their goals. CAIR is trying to protect these people; to convince the American people that they don't truly exist.

Why not call CAIR and express some concern?

* Call CAIR and tell them you're concerned that CAIR was founded by supporters of the terrorist group Hamas.
* Call CAIR and tell them you're concerned that they have received funding from Islamic terrorists and is currently being funded by Islamic countries that support terrorism.
* Call CAIR and tell them that you're not feeling all that warm and fuzzy about their spokesman Ibrahim Hooper after he said: "I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic law sometime in the future."
* Call CAIR and tell them that you have just the slightest of misgivings about a statement made by Omar Ahmad, Chairman Emeritus of CAIR, that "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."

If you're still in the mood for calling ... how about calling your local newspaper the next time they quote a CAIR spokesmen and ask them why you had to read this stuff on the internet.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Some Parts..............

..............of the world don't live constantly in fear.

A profound Q & A

I don't remember where I copied this down from. I ran across it again while trying to pare the size of my documents down to reasonable and back them up on CD.

Perhaps you can think of better answers or explain your feelings on the subject.

I am reminded of the writing assignment that a teacher gave his class, "What are the two greatest problems facing America today".
One self-absorbed young man answered in a manner that speaks for most people, "I don't know, and I don't care".

The Student got an A.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Oh my freaking ...........................

.............expletive of your choice.

We are all going to die this summer.

It seems as if our asslamic brothers have graduated another class of suicide bombers just in time for the big 4th of July fireworks displays all around the country.

Kudos need to go out for the quick way the British were able to make arrests and tow off the car bombs before most of them went off over there.

If that happened in this country there would be liberals who'd shout 'take all the guns away from the conservatives' because "we all know that guns kill children" or some such drivel.

I'll tell you how to solve this asslamic (my new word of the day) terrorist problem in just a few weeks time.

Just declare open season on all of them, with a bounty paid for ears (double if brought in by an honest to goodness redneck) no license or limit and extra if it's a doe nursing a male child. One eyed and one handed mooselem clerics would get you a winning lottery ticket for one million dollars payable immediately and tax free.

You'd have good ol' boys trying to get enough gas in their bass boats to make it to the suez canal. They'd be travel agencies advertising "Get your big Five in Iraq and Iran for only $3000.00 including air fare and deluxe accommodation's". Taxidermists would mount them to hang in the living room in natural poses like they just stuck their head thru the wall. Bronze their balls and use them as Knockers on the front door. Best pair in the neighborhood would get you lawn service for a month.

Come on people, start writing your states DNR office an talk up this idea. Some of the politicians up in Mordor-on-the-Potomic are big hunting fans, always ready to take a donation from the NRA, hell they let the vice president shoot lawyers (on whom there should be open season until the population is reduced to 5 per state. That way we won't have so many of them run over chasing after ambulances on the freeways.

Now people..................all 8 of you who read me, you know I'm a live and let live kinda guy. Whatever turns you on, floats your boat, tickles the little man in the boat, gets a rise out of you even if you do have to have a little pharmaceutical kick start, is all right with me. I don't want to interfere with anyone's method of expressing themselves, as long as they do it in the privacy of their own home. But when you start sending people, materiel, money, and suicide belts to other countries, that's where I draw the line, because my poor little doggie is afraid of lightning and thunder, in fact he's hiding under the desk as I type because of the rain and clouds bumping together, and I'm pretty sure that loud explosions and fireballs would make him shit all over himself and he'd try to drag it off on the carpet. And Friends, my wife wouldn't let me shoot him, so I'd likely be looking for the first sucker riding on a magic carpet shouting "alley, alley, akebay", and I'm likely to open up the 7.62mm anti-nutcase fire power on their ass.\

I mean Nobody better cause our dog to get more neurotic.

That's my view from the kudzu grotto. Where I have two flags flying. One reads "don't tread on me". The other reads "send your balls to Washington, they need them there".