Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Cult of

..........THE BLACK ATHLETE........

"Go easy on them" WTH

I'm still fuming after I heard about This on the radio an hour ago. Even knowing now that they used a BB gun.

And I must say that it's not restricted to only blacks. White athletes are also not known for their respect of others and others property.

Why the hell would these three........fine upstanding examples of product from our "Public" schools just go up and shoot this woman with anything...........even a spitball?

Could it be that for the past several years they've been coddled and catered to because they were athletically gifted? Did no one stop to consider that intellectually they were incapable of interacting with the general public? Did they receive so much praise for how fast they could run, or how far they could throw a ball that they considered themselves above the bounds of common decency or the law?

And the woman wants the prosecutor to "go easy on them".

I say that since they are already familiar with shooting at people that they should be immediately sent to Iraq where they should be given the duty of walking in front of either conveys feeling for IED's, or pulling point in imam Madhatter's town winning the hearts and minds of the local Al cutie brigade.

It's kinda like telling a 2 year old not to pick their nose, then when they do anyway just tell them "mommies not happy". No, smack their hand........the lesson will last longer than 20 seconds. Not much........but the next time they'll check to see if you are looking the other way.

Pushing out to sea on an ice flow with no paddle would be too good for them.

And what's up with his name? My guess is the closest his ancestors ever came to a Farouq was when some Arab sold his g-g-grandmother to a slave boat captain.

Just Damn.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What the Hell? Over

I was mentored in refining precious metals by an ol' timer. He started going mining with his grandfather when he was about 6 years old.........riding in a mule drawn wagon for two day to their hidden creek where they would stay for about 6 weeks or the flour gave out and return home with enough to pay the property taxes each year and have a little left over. Can you imagine how low taxes were in the 30's? Gold was regulated at $20 per ounce in those days.

One of the first things he told me was to beware of falling in love with anything Gold.
Silver to him was a byproduct to be dumped out. Bet he wishes he could call back a few buckets full now.

Of course I had to learn the hard way. Holding onto gold jewelry hoping someone will buy it keeps you from having money to buy more. Jewelry stores are learning to their dismay now that to try to own all the gold in their shop is going to keep them in the poor house. Ol' King Midas learned the hard way too that you can't eat gold. Selling it is the only way to keep your money working for you.

So can anyone tell me why I bought 27 MS 63 silver Dollars and 4 Gold coins in one day. Anybody out there still a coin collector?. I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Tomorrow is a day celebrated by Christians Worldwide.

I hope that all of you who do..........celebrate it with those you love.

I'll be having most of the kids and Grandkids here to help me eat Sub Sandwiches made here in our kitchen. The young 'uns will hunt eggs in the green grass of the backyard. The adults will catch up with each other and renew each other's spirits. Prayers will be said........necks will be hugged.........OH yes......Potato Salad will be consumed. Aged one day in the refrigerator.......makes it better don't you know.

For now.........after a long day.....following a night of little sleep........a short prayer:

"Oh Lord.......Kdzu is so tired......please bless Kdzu, and all my friends. Amen

Thursday, March 20, 2008

To all you......................

..............MOTHERS everywhere.

Now what could be on my mind with a lead in like that.

The wife has just returned from a week and a half care giving mission to older daughter's house.
LL is sick and the little monkey is rooting her off the bed, when we all know she'd rather be rolling around on it with someone else.
And there are millions.............nay considering the population of the earth........
....possibly Billions of mothers for whom the following is true.

God Bless Mothers.

Without them where would we be?

A stain on the wall.........perhaps?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Aren't you glad......

.........that you don't live HERE!

I think that it is human nature to want to live free. We want to be free to exist as we see fit for live where we enjoy the just fruits of our love whom we will and how we will.

That is unless, of course, you haven't totally been brainwashed by decades of religious schooling......often to the exclusion of subjects more apt to make you think for yourself. The more secular schooling you have, the more you question WHY. Why do we have to live as our ancestors did hundreds of years ago. Why are women considered inferior and chattel to be owned by their husbands or fathers and controlled by the religious edicts of men who are threatened by the sight of an ankle? Modesty of course is a virtue. Slavery is a vice unnatural to man.

Of course there are always men and women who will subjugate themselves to others for money or security........or simply because they are too lazy to take responsibility for themselves.........preferring someone else tell them where to work, live, act.

But, rational, thinking (and these are unfortunately in all to short supply) people want to be able to choose for themselves.

So I strongly support the protesters written of here.

But a society which has a secret police who spy on their own citizens rightfully exercising their opposed to secret intelligence gathering agencies concerned with protecting you from enemies is a society which I'd prefer not to live among.

You have to wonder if many of them will live out the year. Full control indeed!



On the salmon whatever it would be called..........Both the ol' Grump and I agree.....
......It's pretty good. I like it a little better cold, but for lunch today I scooped up a big spoonful.....mashed it flat and flopped it over in a skillet with a little bacon grease. Put a little crust on it....warmed it a bit........OH MAMA.

Next time I'll likely try it with about half of the ingredients except for the salmon which I'll leave the same. Can you tell I like salmon?
Same mixture without the peas and twice the salmon would make fine salmon patties.
Cook up a tray full of cats head biscuits and make some gravy out of the grease....
........and you're tongue will likely try to beat your brains out licking the taste off your chin.

Sorry I didn't get to the wieners........I've gotta eat all this before it goes bad.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looking for the Green

Ever tried to grow Grass?

No, not the kind with 5 know who you are.

The kind you walk barefoot through........lie down in and get chiggers around your crotchital areas. The kind you seen in those pictures in Homes Beautiful or other sissy magazines of similar ilk.

The place we live in has what undoubtedly is some of the worst soil known to man anywhere short of the Sahara. And the rocks are bigger here.

I holler at my grandson for digging in the bank alongside the driveway........
.....but really I suspect he'll go far in life because anybody that'll work that hard to dig down a few inches ain't got no quit in him.

Everybody around here is all worried about the possibilities of thunderstorms coming tomorrow. After all a tornado did try to clean up some of downtown Atlanta last weekend. Damn fools will just rebuild.......they oughta plant a little kudzu around there to soak some of the rain up and keep Peachtree creek from flooding every time we get 1/4 inch of rain.

I kinda figured that if it really does rain tomorrow that today would be a good time to put out some high powered fertilizer and spread a little yard patch on the bare spots. Then, I figured, if we do have a tornado, it might be a good idea to roll out some of that ground cover that holds the seedlings in place if by some miracle they do happen to sprout.
Also might be good to put it where the neighbors mud washes down into the yard and down the driveway. He gave up on getting grass to grow around his house and just drives his pickup around between our houses.........causing his grass to grow downward and not hold the soil in place at all....... at all. He's a pretty good ol' boy for all that........even if he does have people coming to buy stuff out of a trailer in his back yard. I asked him about it one time..........he told me he was just storing some furniture out of his living room there while they remodeled. But I haven't noticed any work going on inside the house..

There is something about living in a mixed neighborhood. The Blacks will not give me an honest answer......even their last name. I guess that's so I can't give them up to the cops..............And the Latinos stay behind their 6 ft. privacy fence and never invite us to the goat barbecues. That's of these days I'm gonna fire up the grill and make some of my award winning.....have to kill you if you learn the receipe......chili. I'm not saying it's good or anything but I saw a friend at church backhand his 6 year old kid for asking for another bite out of his bowl.

Anyhoo, if the rain doesn't wash all the seed away I may have gained another square foot of growing grass.........we'll be holding out breath for that. I went and bought an old fashioned reel mower because of a lack of green. The 48 inch cutting deck on the 18.5 hp riding mower just blows the dirt around.

On the other hand......if all the hundreds of dollars spent on this excuse for a lawn do take hold..........somebody may have to lead as search party to find me.

Oh Yeah, I forgot to mention that yesterday was St. Patrick's day. I wore my John Deere socks with the green toes and heels so I wouldn't get pinched. Hope none of ya'll drank too much green beer.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Batchalor cooking

While mama's away taking care of the elder daughter whilst she is recuperating from surgery........the ol' grump and I have to sorta fend for ourselves.....with me being the one to make sure he eats on a regular basis and semi-sorta-kinda wholesome type of food. Of course his lunch always consists of a biscuit and bottle of Boost. I have noticed him scrounging a bite of pound cake or a milky way bar in between times.
Considering that 3 years ago we wouldn't have taken bets he'd last the week......I'd say he's doing well

Anyhoo, since I have to be in charge of supper and with no money to go to Arby's or is my beholden duty to do my best.

Let's see........

We've got 3 cans of Salmon........Eureka.....that's what we'll have....something with salmon.

Alrighty then.........

Preheat oven to 450
3/4 cup each self rising cornmeal and flour.....mixed
Melt whole stick of butter in 1/2 cut water to boil.....pour into meal and flour
Mix well
2/3 cup whole milk mixed in
1 medium onion....chopped.........pour in
1 can mushroom soup (a favorite of mine)........pour in
Mix again
Add 4 hen apples and mix all this mess together
1 lb can of Salmon.......If'n it's only 14 1/2 ounces don't worry as this is approximately 1 troy pound......close enough.
Stir like heck or hell depending on mood
Oh yeah.......I almost forgot........somewhere in all this mixing and stirring add in a pack of frozen English peas or one can if you rather. be sure to drain....or not depending on your preference. Might be a little soggier is all.
Grease a casserole dish big enough to hold all this without it rising and spilling over.
Cook for 40 minutes or you can't stand it any more.......longer if you forget. I set the timer and will adjust according to what it looks like.
I guess you could crumble a few Ritz crackers on top a few minutes before done. Again I'll have to see what it looks like.

Eat till full.......if good. If not eat all you can and give the rest to the dogs.

Tune back in tomorrow when the chef will try to make weiners edible.

Remember to keep the # for poison control posted by the telephone.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Cart Whisperer

I've been a hunter most of my life.

I started out with a Daisy BB gun. Didn't take me long to master the art of poppin' sparrows, Field Larks, Mocking Birds.........and once in the snow.....a Cardinal.
Tin cans were toast....a cardboard box became a German pillbox to be overrun.

But............when my boyish enthusiasm led me to consider larger prey.......such as my sisters (sorry girls)............My FATHER made it clear in NO uncertain terms that I was using the wrong caliber weapon.

Eventually I moved on to a single shot .410 that blew back and tried to blind me.....
.......but was hell on squirrels and an occasional foray with Dad and Uncles after "Birds", the delectable Bob White Quail. On my 16th birthday I received a Fox Savage double barrel 16 ga. shotgun. I loved that gun (still have it in my Gun Case ..........already I had been allowed to venture into the woods on our farm alone with a gun and as many shells as could be stuffed into a pair of jeans. Germany I moved up to a Winchester 12 ga. and was quite deadly on the skeet range. An HVA Carl Gustof of Sweden .308 Win. made at Forenade Fabriksverken rounded out my long gun collection until my Dad died and I inherited his guns which include my Great Grandfather's 10 ga. double barrel English field gun made by J & W Tolley in Birmingham England about 1865.

Gradually I somehow moved away from going after prey with a gun. Somehow loses some of it's allure after you've been both prey and hunter of the top of the food chain. I survived that test and figured if it couldn't shoot back, half of the fun was missing.

Today I hunt for hidden treasures and bargains that have more value than I pay for them.

But others have different talents for coaxing the object of their desires to come.

Witness one fellows relentless pursuit................

Makes you tear up a little doesn't it.

I see you looking.......

.......And I have to wonder if you find the rambling and rantings of interest or just want to see what I'll think of next.
some days the visits are from far away countries.........from all around the globe. It would be interesting to hear the thoughts of people in Finland.....or China......Peru.... and Hong Kong.

The internet has within it the ability to pull people around the world together.
To exchange information and seek a greater understanding of the desires and necessities of each others culture. I'm sure to a small degree that is happening.
Maybe more among the young. I was visiting a friend yesterday and noticed a book on his shelf with what is considered a provocative title......."The Nigger on Narcissus".
It was a tale of a black man on a sailing ship written in 1908. I tried to buy it. My friend said it wasn't for sale. Apparently he has a collection of old books and many of them have titles and subjects that we here in the USA no longer consider cool to utter. They're just words.......they only have the power to hurt or insult if someone allows them to. unfortunately today too many people are looking for a reason to protest any perceived insult.........whether intended or not.

Ow well........I've found after many, many long years of trying that I don't make much of an impact on a macro scale..........I'll now confine myself to the Micro world around me. The rest can muddle on as best they can.

The Kudzu will be starting to put out leaves shortly......and again I'll shade myself within their fuzzy comforting arms.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lost anything lately


Can anybody think of any good reason why we shouldn't call our servicemen and women out of the immediate vicinity and just set off a small neutron bomb in berkley?

After all we could use the buildings to move all the homeless and urban outdoorsmen there. Put a big fence around it..........maybe a deep moat in case they tried to dig their way out. Furnish them with some sourdough bread starter......some flour.......maybe give them pellet guns so they can hunt tree rats and ground vermin.
There is most likely enough ganga and mushrooms laying around to keep them stuporfied for a long, long, long time.

I am so very glad that I don't live within reasonable driving distance........well that and the fact that the meds mostly keep me from thinking about it too much.......
.....otherwise the ol' .308 Win. would have a smoking hot barrel.

And I would feel no remorse at all.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Others........ as well as myself......... have said for years that I'm Crazy.

I wasn't a charter member of The John Birch Society........but I was quite active in the late 70's and early 80's.......and while they have the reputation for being kooks..
.........based on personal research and observation...........they for the most part were decent hardworking folks with a love for this country and a greater love for the founding documents that were the base the country is built upon. So that fact only testifies to the supposition that I'm a kook.

I volunteered to join the Army at a time and for an MOS that guaranteed I'd be sent into some of the hottest combat zones in what used to be South Vietnam. That probably only speaks to the fact that I crave a little adventure. That much is still true. Mostly I'm shy, retiring, reticent (OK, relatives be quite) and don't get involved in anything exciting. Yet, I've been known to jump off into the deep end of the financial world without looking first to see if there is any water in the pool. Can't say that I exactly excelled at swimming.........but at least I was out there Dog Paddling. Hey's how I get my kicks.......leave me alone.

Never had much desire for drugs (never used any other than prescription, as will be seen) smoking, drank for 6 years, nothing in the last 33. These things only make me a dull boy and unusual in this day and time.

Today I had my first visit to the VA clinic here in Athens. It's 4 miles away as opposed to going to Decatur which is as far as I'm concerned is the middle of Atlanta......only whiter and a little more upscale......albeit trending downward as all the old Jews in the area die off. And the traffic........ Well lets just say that I passed no cars on the way this morning and had to stop at no red lights.

So I'm getting acquainted with the new Doc. Cute young black girl....can't be long out of medical school.......very smart and with a great sense of humor........
.......Told me I had the option of refusing to submit to the ol' digital rectal exam.
......Of course she highly recommended it.......laughed like hell when I told her I'd submit......but only under protest........then realized I'd just volunteered.
Well........she was cute........and slender.......with tiny fingers.......and it's not every day you get a good looking female to play with your ass......Sadly I was not allowed to return the favor. These facts only say I have a slight masochist streak in me.

So she agreed that I should keep on taking all the pills and potions that keep me from screaming incoherently at the other crazy people in the I just snigger behind my hand as I gleefully keep up a running commentary in my mind about all that's going on. At least that's the case until I get to the head examiner who will no doubt want to tweak and change all the things I've spent the last several years getting regulated to my satisfaction. I can still play with knives and guns as long as I don't get too obvious about it. That scares the keepers of the gates and doors and they pass the word that I'm not allowed to go out and play.

I also had a great talk with the HMFIC of paperwork about getting a new ID Card...
.........I'd cut holes in the old one trying to find the locater device they plant in all of them. I keep mine wrapped in aluminum to foil their efforts to track my movements. This only shows that I'm cautious.

He and I agreed that we are sure glad Bush is leaving office come next January, 20th even though we had both voted for him twice.
We also agreed that considering the likely candidates to take his place.......If we had the chance we'd vote for him again.

Like I say "Crazy".

Saturday, March 08, 2008

What a useless TURD

Where in the hell is his common sense.

This is another example of why cousins.........close or distant........should never marry.

I had a collie once when I was young. Frisky we called her. A beautiful dog........
..loving and obedient. But dumb as a bucket of rocks. Same with ol' Charlie boy. I think any brains he had, he spilled in Camilla's knickers.

The Queen......God save her........knows exactly how dumb this fart enclosed in skin really is. Watch for her to hang on till her dying breath and then threaten to live forever unless Charles promises to withdraw in favor of Good Son William.
Diana's final revenge so to speak.

The world had warmed up almost a whole degree in the last 100 years...........that is until this year. You folk up in the great white north of the Mason Dixon line can testify to that.

They really should just send Charlie boy up to Scotland and let him hike through the heather with ol' horse face till they both just keel over. Then raise a huge monument in London sorta like Victoria did when 'Bertie' left for good.

Moonbats..................the rich and famous seem to breed more than their share of them.

Oughta put some working stiff in charge of every country. Pay them just enough to cover their utilities and tell them that any decision they make will impact them first. If they do good......their standard of living goes up...........bad...
.........Just the opposite.
Betcha they'd start thinking real quick about every one they made.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Just getting along

You know how that feels? Just gettin' along.
Nothing too much going wrong. Not much more than usual going right.
That sorta in-between feeling......where you don't want to rock the boat.

And then a cousin calls........1st cousin once removed. They grew up a hundred miles away and so never really knew them until almost grown......about 40 or so. Only really ever seen them maybe a dozen times..............

But......They're cousins...ya know........and there is a bond there that's deeper than the amount of time you spend with them.

And....he's crying......almost incoherent ......and you just know that this is going to be one of those difficult of those......why me, calls.
But, you soldier up....he's your than the distance.

His daughter died (aged 36) following complications of a stroke suffered last week which led to bleeding of the of the brain......doctors unsure of cause .......and they just ran out of time and options.

Life is like that sometimes......... one day you are posting cute pictures of the grandkids on the blog........the next you are trying to imagine how you would feel if it were your daughter........
I saw the grief on my grandparents and sisters faces when my Dad passed...... and still I can only imagine what it would be like to see your own child lying there in the hospital bed, slowly cooling.......remembering all the times you felt you could have done better........If ONLY
It's always hard at times like that to remember the good.

Ya'll say a little prayer for my cousin David to receive some comfort

Thank you.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Diggin' in th' dirt

Sometimes a guy or gal just has to get dig in the rich, cool unearth a new rock.....or worm....or just an old root.

Or perhaps like his younger and more free spirited cousin........ might prefer to dig elsewhere.

To each their own ........ I guess.

From the back 1/4 of the kudzu acreage...on a nice pre-spring day.

Now I gotta go watch Saving Grace on the boob tube.