Monday, March 30, 2009


After about a week of rain (which we needed) the sun has risen above the piney trees to the east and it looks like a beautiful day ahead. Maybe I'll see if the lawn mower will crank and attempt to whack down some of the fescue which is a foot high in the back yard. May need to call in the seebees with a rome plow. If ya'll don't hear from me for a day or three....send in a search and rescue team.

In another bit of good news......the youngest grand daughter stayed the night. Kept me up till 11:30 dancing to old Dean Martin tunes on YouTube. Finally when she was too cranky to stay up any longer I put her down with her grand mother with the warning to not wake nannie and the pooch up.

She woke this morning with a smile and slide off the bed to go watch cartoons and play with the play doh.

Another good thing to come of her being here was the baking of a pound cake. Little twerp wouldn't share the mixing bowl with me, preferring to lick it all out herself.

Seems that she enjoyed herself.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Economic Stimulus

We can stew and steam and rant and rave all we want, but until enough of us raise our voices and scream "I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE" at Washington, D.C..........doing it everyday and twice on the weekends, they are not going to listen.

If you have not read the Fair Tax Bill, or the Two Books that explain it and it's benefits, you owe it to yourself and your posterity to do so.

Go to the link below, read the petition to the President, add your comments if you feel like it.........and send it on.

I sent along the below you reckon he'll ever read it??

Mr. President,

I ask you to read and be briefed on the Fair Tax Bill and then Act immediately to implement this much needed change to our Tax Laws. This will allow you to keep your pledge of lowering the tax burden on all Americans and at the same time provide much needed stimulus of the Appropriate Kind to the American Economy. It will also have the effect of making the United States whose Constitution you swore to uphold and defend, the economic powerhouse of the worlds economy, thereby providing stimulus to the whole worlds economy in a very short time.

You can follow this link Fair Tax to a petition to send to The president.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Attacked, while napping after a hard day in the hood, by a vicious denizen from the plains of York, our intrepid hero struggles against the violent attack with all the strength of his being, striving, again and again, to keep the wickedly rough tongue from scraping the day old growth of whiskers off his still youthful cheeks.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guess Not

Seems nobody wants to comment and I'm tired of arguing with myself, because I never win, so I'll shut up.

Somebody is shooting a gun down the street. Think I'll carry my pea shooters and see if they want company....or a target.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Thomas Paine Speaks Clearly


Buy a gun day is coming in less than a month on April 15th. If you have enough guns. ammo

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good God Girty what a Gash!!

I reckon GuyK perty well hit the nail on the head with his rant clicky on over there and get his take on things.

Today was one of those know.....the ones that start on Sunday and end about Saturday midnight.

I almost got up a little early this morning...well, I reckon it was a little early. Somewhere between 6:30 and 7:00. Wifey hadn't even finished heating the hen apple to the temp I like it. I ate that an a couple strips of bacon and then took a nap to let it all digest until almost time to take me and the Ol' Grump up to Jane's Walk in Tax Emporium and Travel Agency.

It's that time of year, when all us law-abiding folk get our taxes figured and see whether we have to send in any, or if the all-provident folks in washington will send us some of that free stimulus money. The Ol' Grump had to send some in and I'll be getting some of your tax money. I can't figure out why, but Jane allowed as how I was pore and all. Thanx

We got back about noon, and instead of taking a nap after eating the left hind leg of that chicken Wifey bought at Wally World yesterday, we saddled up Big Red and rode up to Talmo looking for treasure, and sure 'nuff we found some. I got me a worn out 1881 Ten $ Eagle. Damn thing is near too slick to hold onto and I've gotta decide whether to render it out or put it up.

We then headed back to Commerce City where I found more treasure including a 7 and 1/4 inch long wrist ornament required when wimmen play tennis. It's something about 5 1/2 carrots or something. I think the shiny rocks are for flashing at your opponents eyes so they can't see that yeller ball is coming at they head. Seems like kinda a sneaky way to play to me, but then, those critters in DC don't have no sense of fair play about them neither and everybody thinks that's alright. We're kinda a "monkey see, monkey do" society, and we haf to learn from our betters what we choose to lead us in these perilous times.

I just wondering when they gonna take away the massa's land and give us all a mule and forty acres.......or is that a Cadillac and a chicken in every pot. It's workin' real well in Zimbabwe I hear.

I'll be busy tomorrow separating the yeller from the blue and green.
Saturday I'll get up 'fore the chickens and go to the Indian Artifacts Show in Swainsboro.

Ya'll drop by and see me if'n yore in the area.

Another reason to be nervous

And maybe to begin to rethink some of our foreign policies.

Go Here

It makes one wonder whether we should stop interfering in other countries and simply concentrate on making our own country something that would be so bright and shining that they would want to emulate us instead of cutting our throats.

Boys as young as nine taught and encouraged to cut throats and shot prisoners

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reading and noodling

I read with interest the reports of the vilification of AIG executives by congress today. Too funny......first they give with no strings attached 170 Billion,(with a B), dollars to them.....and now they all have their thongs in a wad because AIG paid contractually obligated bonuses amounting to 165 million (with a m) to some of the idiots who got them in a mess to begin with.

If you haven't stopped to do the math, that amounts to .00095% of the original 170 Billion (with a B) dollars they were given by our, oh so prudent, elected servants in washington.

Hardly seems worth all the effort. Sorta makes me wonder what they are hiding behind all this manufactured outrage.

Again reading.....I was not surprised to learn that the wonderful Federal Reserve, today took the following action.......

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday said it would buy $300 billion in longer-term Treasury bonds to help arrest a deepening slide in the U.S. economy, a surprise move that sent stocks soaring and triggered violent moves in other markets.

The Federal Reserve's move, one of several actions taken Wednesday aimed at making it less expensive to borrow money, signaled it will boost the size of its balance sheet to more than $4 trillion. Today's moves double the amount of money the central bank has poured into the economy to try to stimulate economic activity.

In redneck talk what that means is that the Federal Reserve created $300 Billion (with a B) out of thin air and gave them to the government in exchange for the governments promise (as witnessed by elaborate and fancy pieces of paper with a seal upon them) to repay the aforementioned newly created money back over a period of time to include interest, to the Federal Reserve. Money which the government cannot create out of thin air and will therefore have to take by force of law from the workers and producers (those who will be left) in the form of taxes, tariffs and confiscations. Further legally obligating yet unborn citizens of this once Republic for generations to follow.

This must be a good deal for someone........right?

As I further noodle......I realize that my hope of somehow stimulating reasoned discourse here is futile at best and laughable at worst. After 30 years of attempting to influence someone other than myself, I realize that I'm spitting into a hurricane......all I'm doing is letting the wind blow it back in my face. My handkerchiefs are beginning to only smear it around.

There is probably a good reason the VA plies me with various and sundry drugs and therapies.

So I'll shut the fuck up and let people get on with their lives.

A noble undertaking if true.

Maybe I should listen to them..........on the other hand maybe I'll just listen to the ringing in my ears.

I'm going to take a couple of Aleve now.......maybe I'll call them in the morning if I wake up.

UPDATE: Increase the $300 Billion to $1 Trillion (with a T) all created out of thin Air nothing to back it, no wealth created, just electronic entries in a computer somewhere. Our Great Grand Children will speak of us with curses on their lips.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where Be We??

A good question for a mild Tuesday morning on the outskirts of the Classic City.

Before I go on I must tell you that it is already in the 50's with highs reaching into the 70's today. We've had 3 days of decent rain and the fescue is growing an will soon need cutting. The sun is filtering through the pines to the east southeast of us and will no doubt cause me a bit of squinting til I put on the shades. So there is nothing dreary to cloud my vision or my outlook. I know I'm better off than some people and worse off than others, as is proper considering the choices I've made for better or worse over more years than seems real to me......for at the core I feel I'm still young enough to be hopeful and optimistic, and am really looking forward to the next 133 years. Just think of the things I'll see.

Where indeed are we? A question which occupies much of my thinking on those rare moments when I can get the voices in my head stilled long enough to let two or more synapses communicate with each other.

You don't have to read far in this compendium of rants, ravings, and occasional forays into introspection to deduce that I may be leaning a little bit more to the right than Attila the Hun or Timur-i-ling. I claim to be a Randian Libertarian with a strong love for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, and an innate suspicion of anyone or group claiming that "we're from the Government, and we're here to help you".

I read a little each day of the political and economic thinking of several sources I consider to have a little credibility (which leaves out most of the talking heads on the news networks) and I was very interested to read of the following from Roger Wiegand.

I'll paste it here as you may not be moved to click onto the linky thingy. You can read it or not, read part and come back later, or, move on to your morning dose of internet porn......the world will likely keep on spinning around our middle class star some where in the outer reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy whatever you decide. If you care to comment on where you think we are....I'd be glad to know.

On Returning To Our Founding Fathers' Concepts

By Roger Wiegand Printer Friendly Version
Mar 9 2009 2:41PM

The United States of America was founded upon the American Constitution and Bill of Rights. After 233 years it appears we have strayed dangerously close to ruination of these ideas. Somebody measured the average life span of empires and said its 250 years. It seems to me if this nation would endure we better get busy reversing our stupid disasters and reinvent 1776. This is not an easy task and it cannot be done over night. However, if the will of the people is strong enough and they can recognize our precarious position there still might be a chance. We can endure going broke and the grinding fallout from our new and Greater Depression. This is what comes next. What we cannot endure is the loss of liberty, freedom and the old American way of capitalism and free enterprise.

The new U.S. Obamination has set us on a path of socialism decidedly pointed toward communism. Our highly regarded salesman president lacks critical skills to lead this country particularly with foreign problems and statesmanship. Give him credit for one honest statement: He told Joe the Plumber he wanted to “spread it around” and that is exactly what he is doing. The Obama budget is heavy on taxes, wasteful spending, pork and the obvious implementation of the Nanny State as practiced with remarkable failure in Europe. And, all of this shows total disregard for the ability to pay the money back using taxpayers’ funds. There is no hope of that whatsoever.

To clarify where we stand and be certain of definitions, (American Heritage Dictionary) please note the following key types of economic and political government:

1. Capitalism: “An economic system characterized by freedom of the market with increasing concentration of private and corporate ownership of production and distribution means, proportionate to increasing accumulation and reinvestment of profits. A political or social system based upon”…these concepts, rules and ideas.

2. Fascism: “A philosophy, or system of government that advocates, or exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through merging of state and business leadership, together with the ideology of belligerent nationalism.”

3. Socialism: “A social system in which the producers possess both political power and the means of producing and distributing goods. Also known as “The theory of practice of those who support such a system. Note this: Socialism also says “In Marxist-Leninist theory, the building, under the dictatorship of the proletariat, of the material base for communism.”

4. Communism: “A social system characterized by the absence of classes and by common ownership of the means of production and subsistence. A political, economic and social doctrine aiming at the establishment of a classless society.

With the Obama doctrine we have moved forward to the last giant step before communism. In our view, fascism has been actively practiced for years by the US government with military forces permanently stationed in over 100 countries. Further, political power has been the hand maiden of big banks and corporations using their shills the IMF and the Federal Reserve. This faction of extreme right idealism has swung the political pendulum to the left inducing Obama’s new socialist state. The last sentence of that Socialism definition says “the building, under the dictatorship of the proletariat of the MATERIAL BASE FOR COMMUNISM.

On Fox News in a recent broadcast, Alan Keyes, a former pol and media type guy said, Obama is a communist and must be stopped. What is your opinion considering these definitions? In our view, the Obama election was more a vote against the Bush-Cheney fascism than a vote for Mr. Obama and his socialist policies. The new regime now has the power as they got the votes. And, as one wag has said, “the voters have spoken and they are going to get it good and hard.” We hope not.

If you agree with the foregoing we are one step from being a Marxist-Leninist communist society. Should this be true and as an American you yearn for the pure capitalism of yesteryear, what can we do to turn the tide and avoid a disaster of an American Communist State and regain our freedom?

Formula for Resurrection Of A Free United States

It has to begin at the ballot box at the grass roots level. Within this nation there remain larger and solid pockets of citizens who love and practice liberty. We can assure you these types are hard to find most anywhere on the politically liberal east and west coasts. Those Kicky-Hip New Yorkers and New England liberals along with our sneering Washington establishment view political libertarians as uneducated hicks who should be relegated to the hinterlands of our lost middle states in this union.

The Kicky-Hips are not faring so well these days with the rejection of their financial mess on the east coast and those fallen liberal angels in Hollywood no longer receiving the reverence they once enjoyed. Phonywood is primarily adored by bored teenagers, inactive housewives, and other socially lost individuals with too much time on their hands and little self esteem. For now, it seems the actors cannot find financing for their $150mm movies. Guess the banksters that funded them screwed-up.

In our opinion the best thing we can do as liberty loving hicks from the hinterlands is to ignore them and deny their pitiful, surreal, fictional existence. We suspect that before this sad financial episode is over perhaps some of the banksters and their political gang members will be arriving at the crossbars hotel. Andrew Cuomo in New York is beginning to get serious. He and his constituents are very angry. And, unfortunately for these banksters, this is where they live and work.

The gun-totin’ Bubbas rural and mid-American are ready to fight and have said so. If this should occur there is nothing peaceful, religious citizens can do but use the power of words and the media. These oral and written tools as peaceful weapons are more useful particularly when used on the internet. We agree with the Bubbas and like them and understand them. But, we would prefer to do things peacefully. Our Washington, D. C. crowd is afraid of Bubba and well they should be.

The anger and distress levels are nearing the breaking point. Should violence breakout, we do not expect Americans, except for the local and state police, would fire on rioters with weapons. New battalions of U.S. soldiers are being formed as the pols and their gangs understand what’s coming. There’s been talk of using UN foreign soldiers for riot control as they would have no compunction about shooting at Americans. We would suggest that if they do it, they will be mowed down like a summer lawn from the Bubba squirrel shooters using them for seasonal target practice. This then opens new doors to further violence and is something to assiduously avoid.

Government is supposed to serve the people not intimidate them. Politicians of all varieties desire power and money. Control of them must be tightened to the extent they clearly know and understand that if they stray one iota from our citizen wishes they are political history. It is time to take back control and use it where it belongs and that is with good, honest American citizens. Most Americans are afraid of big government and this not only, not right but our system was designed otherwise.

How can we change this? We need to implement an internet computer platform containing simple accurate reporting and management of

1. An elected officials’ plan of action. When elected they should be handed a citizens agenda and told to go vote for it, and

2. Keep a monitor, or reporting leash on them to ensure they vote the wishes of the constituents and,

3. Ensure that they do not miss casting any key votes and,

4. We have a measuring yard stick telling us how their votes are helping those they represent and,

5. Should they miss voting on key bills or stray from the plan, they will be publicly embarrassed in front of those they purport to serve and tossed out in the next election.

6. As part of this politician regulation, any pol offering a new bill would first run it by his constituents and attach three bills already in law that must be repealed. In other words to get one new law passed, the pol would have to find three more to toss out (delete) for good. This system would clean out years of garbage and bad bills at a much faster pace. Sadly, once passed into law, lots of the old crap lives on creating expensive problems for years.

7. We reported in our Trader Tracks newsletter last week that 29 states are either involved with or are passing legislation to control the out-of-control federal government overstepping their authority. We find this significant and cannot remember in our lifetime another similar episode. This event signals all is not well in the hinterlands never mind what the two coasts and their Kicky-Hips prefer.

This monitoring system could be designed to foil bad ideas and negative bills from quick, or sneaky approval. While some would go into law anyway, most of the worst would be rebuked.

It would take millions of dollars of investment and a large group of managers to run the operation but this watchdog patriotic citizens organization could use folks from all political parties but they would have to unanimously adhere to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights with their ideas and votes reflecting their constituents.

Rules and regulations of this Political Monitoring Management Group would by definition mostly drive out those with a socialist or communist agenda. The United States was not founded on “Spreading it around” as Mr. Obama says. The Pilgrims soon learned that community gardens do not work as there always exists a percentage of loafers that ride on the hard labor others. If welfare rules were tougher the numbers of loafers would diminish rapidly.

Those on the dole taking food, shelter, medical services and other perks who cannot find work should have to donate 40 hours of weekly service work to receive these daily needs. Under that type of system, those truly in need would be fed, housed and cared for but they would contribute and earn their way. In our view, most would soon obtain a real job and earn more. Under the Michigan welfare system, there are multiple generations encouraged to exist on welfare. Some welfare relatives are working on their third, generational, 20 years’ receipt of state money in Michigan.

Our Northern Advisor Reviews The Current State Of Affairs

While our Northern Advisor gives us too much credit in the first paragraph below, we must say this man is probably the most intelligent person we’ve had the pleasure to ever know. His forecasting has been uncanny and often contains ideas within ideas and situations no one has even considered. We agree with his prediction that the die is cast and we have no alternative but to grind through years of economic hell designed not only by New York banksters, central governments and their banks; but we also understand social attitudes in the progression of time have produced another bad K-Wave we must painfully endure.

Cycles and time are critical and never seem to go away. There is no escape in our mutual view under the current conditions. It’s going to get much worse.

“Rog...As you know, my thing is forecasting the future. A few years ago it became obvious that the most important input to a future forecast was the influence of the bottoming of the economic K-wave cycle. My focus turned to all things affecting the economy which I was grossly lacking in both experience and knowledge. The learning curve was very, very steep. Much of the help in learning about the economy was the result of our extensive e-mail correspondence the past few years. There is no way I can thank you enough for that jump start on learning about how the economy really works.”

“Stepping back at this point, it appears most of the main negative changes in the global economy are locked in place now. About all that remains is figuring out how deep the depression will be, and how long it will last. With Hussein (Obama) following in the steps of FDR creating more debt in an attempt to fix what is basically a debt problem, there is likely to be the same end result.”

“That is, the current depression will be deliberately, artificially, and forcefully be extended for several years, exactly as FDR did the last time around. Only the economic scale is bigger this time. The last depression extended into WWII, and the global economy didn't really recover back to normal until after WWII.”

“So, my focus on the future will be shifting more to the geopolitical changes driven by the economic convulsions now underway. An extended depression will make stuff even worse. The plan is to analyze the social and political instability caused by this depression, particularly in those nations that would be challengers to the USSA. This means primarily Russia and China, but also the other rogue nations, such as North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela.”

“I am absolutely convinced that the coming global social and political upheavals caused by this economic crisis are going to be, by far, the most important changes that will affect a forecast of the future. Only a major freak natural disaster, global epidemic, or sudden climate change could become more important. (There is) Lots of stuff to keep track of.” - Yer Northern Advisor

We absolutely agree and believe precious metals, currency, grain, and energy trading offer the way out. Personal independence will not be something to be played around with. You will either get tough and handle business, or get smashed and sink with the preponderance of the Sheeple.

Time is ticking and we see the first of the really bad stuff hitting this spring with a very hot, rioting summer. Then, we better cheer-up as fall will be worse. This is no time for socialism. Let’s rebuild America together using the 2010 mid-term elections. We suspect by then the bloom is off the Obama Socialism Rose; its welfare petals squashed in a cacophony of riots, unemployment and hordes of angry unemployed people.

Roger Wiegand
Editor Trader Tracks Newsletter
The Jay & Rog Blog at

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fuck the Veterans

We'll get them to pay for the budget shortfalls that SPBO and his ilk are causing this country.

Check it out HERE.

I think they should consider that most Veterans know how to use a gun, a knife, their hands and most importantly their heads........seeing as how they didn't loose theirs while some of their comrades lost all.

I really strongly suggest they ponder on that single fact for a long time......
.....Maybe even rent Rambo on DVD since they are so fond of giving movies as gifts.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Democracy or a Republic

Having no qualms about stealing a good idea or thought from anyone, I swiped the below video from GuyK.....and since he gave credit to someone else, I figure he might not mind so much if I borrow it.

This is simple enough for a first grader. I would hope my grandchildren get to see it.

an "end to the old way of doing business."

Do you have any questions about where your tax money is being spenT????

Well in's where it GOES

I wonder if that HYWIC (high yellow what's in charge) up in the white house realizes how stupid saying things like this make him sound?

Saturday, March 07, 2009

To a little girl

I shamelessly have stolen the below link from AD (the Ambulance Driver) with the fervent wish that I could write, or hell, even verbally express myself, half as well.

Often we find ourselves with that need to say more than we encourage and uplift loved ones, family and friends. Words from the mouth are not adequate. Words from the heart have a power far beyond our meager strength.

So go Here.....lean away from the keyboard, maybe have a hanky at hand.


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I've got to learn a new language

For those of you who watch what you eat, here's the final word on nutrition and health. It's a relief to know the truth after all those conflicting nutritional studies.

1. The Japanese eat very little fat
and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat
and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

3. The Chinese drink very little red wine
and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

4. The Italians drink a lot of red wine
and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

5. The Germans drink a lot of beers and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans. CONCLUSION

Eat and drink wh at you li ke.
Speaking English is apparently what kills you

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Whatta Change

A few minutes make.

One minute I'm outside trying to get the blue out of the yellow, and 10 minutes later I decide that I'm not going back out for a while.

We've not had this much white precipitation in several years. In fact I don't think we even had an accumulation for the last 2 years at all.

But the squirrels are loving it.