Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just go.................

............Here and read.
I know that most of my readers already read *Denny* but if you don't, at least read this one.
If you disagree, I would love to have a respectful discussion of it in my comments.

And if you agree, maybe you would consider passing it along.

It is a forgone conclusion of mine (IMOA) that change will have to come thru the people. Our elected scumbags, er, uh, I mean elected servants are too far gone down the primrose path to be of any use except as backstops.

The life has almost been choked from the once mighty oak. will we stop the spread of the kudzu in time?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I wish.............

..................I could say it like this

Why in the world..........

............did these idjits complain when they were escorted off the plane? They knew exactly what they were guilty of and what the expected reaction would be.

Had I been one of the other passengers on the plane I'd have sworn out a warrant for terroristic threats on their asses and tried my damnedest to see they at least served a night in jail.

And now they have the gall to protest and hold prayer-ins to complain of discrimation?

Common sense would tell a sky marshal to shoot them all. Only political correctness prohibits the use of a little common sense.

OOOhhhh the tangles are thick.

Monday, November 27, 2006

What is your idea............

......of Retirement?

What would it take for you to hang up the old J. O. B. and tell them to kiss where the sun doesn't shine?

I've held exactly three public jobs in my life after the Army. I hated them all.
I hated to be held to a schedule, to be expected to meet quotas, to bow at the alter of Mammon.

Don't get me wrong I like having money and the things you can do with it. I just would prefer to gather it in my own way and time.

Has this caused some weeping, wailing and gnashing of theeth around the old campfire. Oh hell yes, many times.

I'm not too many years away from that magical day when the government in its infinite wisdom has decreed they will give me a little stipend in return for being a good little worker bee for at least 10 quarters.

I know none of you gentle readers are so dumb as to think you might be able to survive on their largess.

But how do you intend to survive and prosper into your dottage. Will we be at the end a burden on our children? Huuuuummmmm?

Truly it is written:

A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children:
and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.

Any way, it would be interestin' to learn what your dream of retirement consists of.

Mine would be to continue to use what little grey matter between my ears as long as I can.

The Comment line is open...............

Don't let the kudzu hold you back.

It came.......... my mind today, that I have a vicious burning hatred for left-wing, liberal moonbats.

Those who spout the retoric of anti-americanism, anti-war even if you were attacked first, because of course we have treated the rest of the world like our playground and never done any good for anyone we've come in contact with, anti good old captalist free enterprise, all men are created equal but after that it's up to you to pull your own weight and hate like hell anyone wanting to take what you've created, built up, earned on your own, and give it to those less foortuunut, just because they don't want to give out of their own pocket, if they can get the government to take it from some one else just to make them feel good.........Them, Those, those f**kers.

It's a damn good (for them) thing that I choose to restrain myself from unleashing unholy hell on them. I'm sure my lust for destruction would overwhelm me, and I would only stop when stopped by even more overwhelming violence (from my prospective).

I just need to get that out in the open, so as to see what it looks like in the light of day, to see if examination would change my opinion.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

With Friends like these.....

.........who needs Enemies.

Ungrateful Bastards!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving having officially come..........

.........and gone, we can all have a day off. A day to eat leftovers, get rid of all the excess, let our bodies have a rest from the frenzy of cleaning up for the guests, planning the meneu, preparing the food, and eating ourselves into a stupour.

Unless you live here, where we'll be thankful on Saturday.

Thankful that all the children and grandchildren, even Joy and her family from Charolotte, NC, will be here, which will be the first Thanksgiving dinner we've ever shared with them, which makes me really thankful.

Yesterday for dinner I had 2 pineapple and cheese sandwichs on whole wheat bread with a surfit of mayonaise spread upon them and then I licked the knife clean.
A sure artery clogger.

Our neighbor had a lot of her children, sons and daughters-in-law home for a big meal.
This morning I hear crying and wailing, as the children frantically bundled her into a car. She fell to her knees sobbing and crying no, no, no as they did so.

Makes you think that someone passed before their time.

If you would say a little prayer for Miss Ava. That everything will turn out alright, or at least that she may be able to bear up under whatever burden is placed upon her shoulders.

I have much to be thankful for. Much of which I have voiced in prayer. Every day in which we can open our eyes and be glad to see that day, is something to be grateful. And I hope that if my eyes do not open someday, that I'll be just as glad.

I'm really grateful for the few who comment on this blog. You bouy me up with your comments and your own blogs. Keep on blogging.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I have a question.

I know there are more than two readers out there. I see you.

In an effort to get some comments going, I'd like to pose the following question.
Not trying to be smart ass or anything here. Although that's a given for me generally speaking.
I'd really like some serious, or not so, answers to this.

If as Christians believe, and I count myself amoung those, Jesus sits on the right hand of God,.......

Who sits on the left hand??

Or is this a subject totally taboo on the web?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

My Grandfather............

..........loved to hunt what we called in my youth, "Birds". Birds being defined in particular as 'Quail' or , more precisely 'Bob White Quail'.

In the area around Lawrenceville, Ga in the '50s and '60s, there were plenty of places you could go to hunt. We were related to practically every body in the county in one way or the other. At least the ones that mattered to us. So even though 'grandpa' lived on his own 100+ acre dairy farm, and My dads farm just 3 miles away was 300+ acres and we could find birds most any time on both farms, there were plenty of places to go hunting on land of relatives or friends, of which he had so many.

Pa,(pronounced Paw)loved English Springer Spaniels, for his bird dogs. Trained to search over a field or woodlot until picking up the scent of a bird or Covey of them preferably, then track the scent to where they were roosting or feeding. They are a beautiful sight to behold in the fall among the colors of the turning leaves.

When the dogs would get close to the birds they would go on point. If you've never experienced the joy and excitement of walking up behind a bird dog on point, you've missed out on one of the great joys and excitions of all time.

A good dog, on a crtain for sure covery of quail just ahead of them, will point with his nose at the birds, stretch his body out, sometimes lowering himself in attempt to not spook the birds, raise one front foot, almost as if ready to take one more step, then stretch out his tail in a straight line, almost like an arrow ready to fly from the taut stretched bow.

Hardly daring to breath you walk up behind the dogs, trying to position youself for a shot in the direction you expect them to go, speaking softly to the dogs, as you draw even with them, you urge them forward.....'easy, easy, move up, where are they?.

Slowly the dogs will, one step at the time, ease forward to where their quarry is supposed to be....

...........SUDDENDLY, They explode off the ground, flying desperately in differant directions so as not to run into each other, some high, some low.

Startled by the expected eruption, you try to aim your 16 ga. Fox/Savage double barrel at a down.........identify another.....Boom.......hopefully if you're good another down.

You quickly eject the spent shells and reload, in case a straggler rises..........

......then, call to the dogs, which took off like a flash toward the birds as soon as they broke cover. Here Pepper........Dead bird, dead bird. If their good they immediatly start searching for a bird on the ground. You guide them into where you saw the prey fall they locate the dead or wounded birds and gently pick them up in their mouths and return them to you, to lay them in your outstretched palm.....Goood dog........Good girl.....good boy. Not even a tooth mark on them. Good dog.

A few years before Pa's death, my wife and I gave him for Christmas one year a ceramic statue of a female Bob White Quail with a chick at her side. What do you buy a 75 yr old man anyway. He kept it on his gun case. After his death it came back to me. I'm looking at it now.

I miss hunting with my Grandfather. I hope where ever he is........

On a beautiful fall day, he'll arise, eat one of my grandma's hearty breakfasts, and then head out to a day of hunting, calling to his dogs, 'Let's go get some birds.

And there are no briars and kudzu for him to have to struggle thru.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A rainy nite ....... Georgia, Such a rainy nite in Georgia.

Who was th' guy that had a hit with that song????

It sure applies tonight. Coming down like a cow pissin' on a flat rock.

Can you think of any other phrases to describe 'raining lika sonofagun'?
Let me know.

Gonna cool down after this. Be close to 35 in the mornings and 50s in the daytime. At least it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow.
It's raining so hard that I didn't even feed the dog tonight, because I didn't want her to come out in the rain and get wet and be cold and wet all night. Not all of us let them in to sleep in our bed like Livey . Of course we don't have the cold and snow that she has already experienced.

I'm so glad I live in the south. Snow and freezing might be nice to visit if you're so inclined, although for the life of me I can't see the attraction. Maybe if you were stranded in a cabin in the mountians with plenty of victals, firewood and a loving and sexy woman who found you mildly attractive. Hint; Money or a large crank would probably help guys.

Back to the outside dog. She's a 3 yr of Dalmation, with one blue eye and one brown eye. I have never seen a dog that sheds as much hair as she does. I'd almost be willing to wager that if you could gather up all the hair shed by that dog, there would be enough to stuff a king size mattress. Probably wouldn't itch any more than the corn shuck matteress' our forefather would sleep on.

She reminds me of the little boy on the Penuts cartoon script *Pigpen* rub your hand down her back and it looks like a little white cloud.

Well, since I'm not stranded as in 3rd para. above, rainy weather will at least make for good sleeping.

Forget the kudzu for a while.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oh how I hate........

..............having to enter data into quick books.

It's especially hard when you are new to quick books and have slightly less than optimal use of the left hand.

Slower than the proverable molasses I am

On a bright note the Grandchild #6 came to visit last night. We'll be watching her till saturday. On a brighter note, at least her mother will be staying here for 3 0f those nites after she gets off work.

Now 5 months old, Callie knows how to push away with her arms and legs and how to grab eyeglasses and hair. Thankfully nanny can take care of most of the work with occasional help from me to put her to sleep.

A beautiful fall day outside. The leaves are just past their prime and falling like dominos at a japanese basketball court. And I'm stuck inside. Maybe I'll take a picture to remind me of what I'm missing.

Oh poor baby. Feel sorry for me.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Now that the pain pill has kicked in........

......I'll post this Veterans piece I saved at some point in time for just such a day..

Veteran's Day
Several PEOPLE have up the poem "In Flander's Fields". Analog Kid has a PHOTO PICTORIAL.

Everything that we have in this country, we have because of those who have gone before us to protect us. Nobody in their right mind wants to die. Nobody in the miliary goes out in battle thinking "Gosh, if I catch a bullet then people will love me because I'll be a veteran!"

Soldier's, sailors, airmen and Marines, who would rather be sitting at home having meals with their families, celebrating the holidays with their loved ones, are doing what they do because they understand that this country is worth fighting for. This country is worth protecting. The rights and freedoms that we have are worth fighting for.

Nobody wants to die, but those men and women in uniform understand that it is better to die fighting for what you believe in rather than live in a world where freedom is just a wishful dream. So to all veterans, I say Thank You. I only hope that I can live up to your expectations.

There are more Veteran's Day links at WINDS OF CHANGE and POWERLINE.

However, I think the best discription of all is from MAD OGRE.

Just a word to you cake eating civilians out there… You don’t say Happy Veterans Day. You don’t say Merry Vets Day. But just because you don’t have a meaningless Seasons Greetings for it doesn’t mean you don’t say anything. This isn’t some fat bunny in a sled passing around Jack O’Lanterns because it’s Santa’s birthday… This isn’t about some old fable-become-tradition. Veterans Day is a day for those that are still alive, and for those who are dead… those who died for your freedom to flip soldiers the bird and to call them baby killers and spit on them in the airport. Veterans Day is for the guys that died fighting for your personal independent liberty… It’s for that Veteran that walks with just a slight limp and seems otherwise fine, but he doesn’t have a spleen because an enemy of our country blew it out his back with an AK-47 so you can get 15% Off that new leather fat-ass reclining couch that your going to sit on to mock the President from while watching your 42 inch plasma TV flipping through the channels trying to find some Friends rerun. Veterans Day is for the guy that came home while all his friends didn’t. Veterans day is for the woman who gave up the best years of her young adulthood so she could press her hands over the sucking chest wound of some guy from her own home town 6 thousand miles away from home. Veterans day is for that old woman over there that raised 2 kids alone because when she was young she sent her handsome young husband off to fight for your freedom and came back as a flag folded into a triangle. That’s what Veterans day is for… and what do you say to those people who served? You just say “Thank You”.

VETERANS DAY...... always a day of mixed emotions for me.

First of all, I always get a greeting and rememberance from my sister Joyce. She's always thankful for my service and for the fact that I came home. She's also the only one to always remember and let me know that she remembers.

Then I always remember the ones who didn't return. Carl, John, Walter, Nick, Lt. Hunter, and so many others I can't remember and over 58,000 that I never knew.

I remember one scout pilot, a 1st Lt. whos name for the life of me I can't remember. For some reason he and I took to one another. Probably because we were 2 shy southern boys, who didn't go in for the drunken hell raisin', drink and be merry for tomorrow we die crowd.

We both were fans of a young British rocker call Rod Stewart, and were looking for some reason and purpose to our lives. Our lives revolved around flying. We loved it, and were, for some reason good at it. If being involved in the Southeast Asia War Games was the cost of getting to fly, so be it. It was.......

Lt. was a fan of a Florida guru/con artist popular at that time. Sort of a Tony Robbins of the '60s and 70s by the name of Glenn Turner. He taught some thing called the power of positive thinking. Lt would try to explain some of the teachings of Turner and the power of the mind. He was a slight built young man. Probably about 130 lbs, 5'9' or so. He was the only guy at that time I knew who could take a beer or coke can, place it on his forehead, holding it with only his palm, and crush it absolutely flat, suddenly, with no apparent effort. Mind you, this was before the switch to aluminium cans. I, of about the same size, couldn't even crush one between my two hands, exerting all my strength. There must have been something to what he had studied.

As things happen, people are killed, wounded or simply rotated home and Lt. was made the Scout Platoon leader. He took to it like a fish to water. A natural leader, and motivator of his pilots and crews.

We were assigned to fly hunter/killer teams in an area we called the tri/border area. Northwest of Kha Sahn, where North and South Vietnam and Laos came together.

One team, 1 scout ship, 2 cobras and 1 huey for cover, ran into a group of NVA on and around a small hill there. The scout ship was shot out of the sky and crashed, no apparent survivors.

All of the teams could hear what was going on. All quit whatever they were doing and prepared to give assistance. In the hope that there might be survivors another scout tried to sneak in with rocket cover from the cobras to check the wreck site. Another burning and crashing bird. Bell jet rangers, known for their inability to survive a crash.

Lt. was now on the scene in his scout ship. Appraised of the danger and the evident superior firepower of the NVA, he was warned and ordered to stay out of the area of the hill, since to attempt to rescue any survivors would surely result in another bird down. The conversations between birds was heated and intense, with Lt. adament that he was going to try to get his guys back, that he was positive he could succeed....

.........he and his crew died.

Their bodies never to be recovered.

Nine Men died that day. And I can't even remember their names.

But in Washington, D.C. their names are inscribed on a black wall in a hole in the ground, for the ages to remember as are so many names of so many men and women, from all the conflicts that this country has felt it necessary to order them to go.........

...............and die.

The tears always come, but never a catharisis, and never a release from the Kudzu.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You get exactly what you deserve

..........every time. Where you are in the universe and especially on this pitiable ball of mud is justly the result of all the decisions, good and bad, that you make over a lifetime.

And when a group of people get together as a large group you may be sure that the result of their group dynamic will produce something exceedingly stupid.

I didn't vote yesterday. I'll use the excuse that for most of the day I was too doped up to be allowed to go near a voting place because nothin in this world could have stopped me from pontificating on the stupidity of all those there, whether they intended to vote for the donkeys or the elephants.

We always get exactly the government we deserve as long as people believe we are a democracy.

Where are our statesmen. Where are those who really want to have and help make this a better country and hopefully a better world.

Harrison Ford was once asked if he believed in "The Force" ...
...his answer "the force is within you, Force Yourself.

When we as a people realize that we as individuals have charge of ourselves and don't want the government to lump everyone in to a Group.
, which has to have a leader because as a group individuals are the same as anyone else, they want someone to lead, be incharge and take the heat for all the dumb things the group does, then we might start using our heads to create more liberty, and freedom and not less.

Welcome to the New Reality.

Find some Kudzu to hide in.

I survived

Some would say that putting ones self at the mercvy of the VA hospital is a grave miscalculation.......

........I did just that yesterday, and awoke with all my appendages still attached.......

.....working, remains to be seen.

actually only carpal tunnel procedure. I've cut myself worse.. Still hurts a bit, however done. Between the meds already taking and this new pain killer I've quite a buzz on today.

I quit drinking back in '75. the wobble came as a bittersweet memory.

Differant party in charge of house in D.C. Same ol' Bullshiate. I REpeat previous advice. keep your guns and ammo in a dry and secure location, a surplus of money, both hard and phoney, squirraled away, and plenty of food & water put aside....

.....and keep your head down below the radar.

Else the Kudzu will get you. REMEMBER.........

......It's not paranoia, if they really are out to fuck you over.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Change...... good. Right??

In an effort to make things easier for me to type, you will note please that I have changed my ID to kdzu. No longer do I have to reach for the shift key and then remember to put in the .'s and spaces.

I hope this will make things easier for the 2 or 3 people who do read and comment.
I know that it will for me, as long as I can remember that I changed it.

Today was a b.e.a. utiful day hear in the peach state (yes I know that S.C. produces more peaches than we do). 80 degrees in Toccoa as we passed the bank. How in the world did banks decide to put the time and temp on their signs. You'd think that we know if its cold or hot, and if we're riding past in our autos or trucks we're probably already aware that we're late.

I have also today switched to Blogger Beta. It let me post my mountain post and pictures, but now they tell me that I can't comment on a blogger site. If you wonder where I am, I'm sitting here pulling my hair out trying to figure how to post to a couple of favorites. Soon they tell me. I don't want soon, I want now.
Instant gratification. Isn't that the american way. Especially if I can't afford it now. Let's just use that marvelous thing called credit, shall we.

Better go, I feel the kudzu crawling.