Thursday, February 24, 2011


......the situation in Wisconsin for a moment.

With all the lay offs all over the country, what do you want to bet that double the number of teachers who are shutting down the schools there could be found among the unemployed and might me more than happy to fill those positions for 3/4th the salaries the protesters were making.
Fire 'em all and hire non-union workers immediately.

Could it be done?

Monday, February 21, 2011

At a loss

The is so much anger being shown by people around the world this week that I truly am at a loss for words.

Most anybody that's spent more than 5 minutes with me will tell you that's not an everyday occurrence. Give me an opening, no matter how small and I'll attempt to fill it with my tongue............wait that didn't come out quite how I intended it.......

Let's just say that I have an opinion on most everything, and mostly am not shy about expressing said opinions.

Lately, however, I've begun to think that maybe I should just keep my thoughts to myself. (Who says you can't teach and old dog new tricks?) The jury is not in however and maybe I'm leaping to conclusions a little too fast.

It has been said that change is inevitable and that our ability to change with the times has a lot to do with how successful we will be. (take a look back at the dinosaurs for instance, or the Native Americans......well up until they got the idea of running the gambling houses to get their due one mark at a time.)

By the time this coming summer ends I expect to see more traumatic change in the world than has occurred in many a moon.

Whatta ya think? Am I just whistling in the dark?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Early (for me) on a Wednesday morning.

I was awakened by the wife in response to a note left on the coffee maker. I've become much too used to awakening when the urge strikes me and have determined to get up at an earlier set time. We'll see how it goes.

One thing about my avocation.........not a job, as it's self imposed, is that I get to do a little traveling around North Georgia and see some of my friends made over the last 16 years. Yeah, we do a little business........but, I'd be just as glad to see them over a coke at the local convenience store. Most people are pretty nice one on one and it seems to me that if we could get more of that type communication going between peoples of the world that international relations might go along a bit better.

Of course for that to work we would have to keep the politicians and bankers completely out of the picture.

I know........ a dreamer I remain.

On the other hand, for some of the asshats in the world we just need to use a neutron bomb on them and take all their usable land and stuff.

This has the advantage of directness and efficiency and would soon eliminate either all the asshats or us........whichever came first.

Of course, I, as ruler of the world and Regent Potential of the Universe, would be in charge of deciding which ass hats would hear the gong.

We've had a couple of very nice days here in NE GA. Bright sun and warmish temps...
.. just a long sleeved shirt and it's pretty nice by mid day. A little cool in the mornings......I always check before starting down the ramp off the back deck, to see if there is any frost that might cause my feet to slip. A few more sudden smack downs of that nature and any brains in by buttocks will start slipping out the cracks.

Ya'll have a good day.........go out and make some money.....then convert it to gold or silver so as to actually have something of value.

It still surprises me that people will actually trade those items for pieces of paper with green ink on them.

The handwriting is on the wall and I have little faith the people in Washington are smart enough to keep us from going into default.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

In The Garden

We got the ol' Grump planted today.

After several emotional days with lots of people to call......lots of people calling with condolences, questions about arrangements, visits to the funeral home, the viewing, the renewing of auld acquaintances, the sharing of memories, looking thru his picture boxes, (remind me to post the picture of Miss Panama City Beach 1971, my better half in her pink Bikini) (I'm thinking of making it my screen saver)), the murmurs of, "Oh, don't he look natural, just like he's sleeping", (and the Funeral home did do a good job ), the Au Capella singing by the members of the Shoals Creek Primitive Baptist Church of the always favorite In The Garden and Amazing Grace, 4 of the Fulmer Sisters blending their sweet voices in harmony, and a comforting message by the Preacher and his son Chris, who have for the last 5 years had made it a point to drive 40 to 50 miles each month to bring the love of Carl's brothers and sisters in Christ to him, we got the Grump laid in a clear area of the cemetary surrounded by oak and poplar trees, then partook of a delicious meal prepared by the ladies of the Church.

If that is a long, run-on, blurry sentence, it is exactly how it seemed. Time rushing past with much to do, much done, and finally we can look forward to taking a deep breath, a little bit slower pace, a time to adjust to having only two people and a neurotic pooch in the house. (It just may have been more stressful on the pooch than on the wife and I).

Several people expressed their condolences and sympathy here and I very much appreciate it. Very kind of you. While I've only met and known you through your blogs and your occasional visits to mine, you feel like family and I appreciate you much more than words on a screen can express. Thank you.

Tomorrow is another day. We plan to sleep late and take the pooch for a little ride which he loves to take.....if only for the opportunity to stick his fuzzy head out the passenger side window and get brain freeze as his ears and hair are pushed back by the wind.

After all is said and we remain. Projects waiting to be undertaken and accomplished. Leaning on one another for support. Looking forward to another 43 years of marriage...(well, at least I am. The wife is not so sure she'll make it that far).

And so it goes.......Another Saturday Night at the Kudzu Grotto.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


The ol' Grump passes during the night........sometime after midnight when I finally lay down.
He'd had a busy day with visitors and was tired. He'd gotten up around 7:30pm to eat 2 bites of an egg and cheese biscuit the wife had cooked for him...took his pills and had his first nebulizer treatment.
When I put him to bed he wanted to keep his quilted jacket on over his PJ's and apparently at some point he got too warm, sat up on the edge of his hospital bed...took both the coat and PJ top off.......put the quilted jacked back on, buttoned it neatly and simply fell back with his feet off the bed.

Quicker than maybe we were expecting, but more gently than I expected also.

So the end or one more period of time. New beginnings for us all as we'll adjust to the absence and he to the presence of those gone on before.

So: R.I.P Carl Edward Murphy (12-18-1928 - 2-8-2011)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A world gone mad

Who in their right mind 60 years or so ago would have predicted the messes we would find ourselves in today.

I expected anti-gravity levitation belts that would whisk me effortlessly anywhere I wanted by now. Not that I'm complaining about the ride in the Big Horn Hemi-powered Dodge in the yard.

We've been paying bribes to Egypt for the past 30 years to prop up the government there and what has it gotten us? A government that spent the money on keeping themselves and their enforcers in power and trickled little to none down to the population at large. Hit them with an increase in food costs past what they can afford and I'm surprised the resulting riots have been as small as they have.

What would we do here? With millions of privately owned weapons and vehicles to get places can you imagine the carnage that would have taken place?

On the other hand the fast food diet we subject ourselves to is now claimed to Lower Our IQ's

DUH. Huh.

Keith Olbermann is now going to send tingles up Pope Al Gore's legs.

Obama's people have no concept of the "open to the Public" idea.

Must be all those Big Mac's with super-sized fries.

Not only is Joan Rivers still alive , they feature her in a Superbowl ad that doubtless has teenage boys all over the country jerking off in the closet.

Oh sure we believe that's really her. She's had more nips and tucks than an Amish Quilt. Doubtless she has to shave her throat already, you can only imagine whats hanging between her shriveled dugs. Probably looks like the backside of an ol' Jersey cow. (shiver)

Ya'll come back when you recover from that image.

Another week gone by.

The past eight days have been a little hectic.

The news on the ol' Grump is that he's still kicking but not very high. Kidneys started back up somewhat, but circulation to extremities is decreasing. Feet are swelled past the point of being able to get his house shoes on him. Bigger size coming up.
The hospice nurse comes out twice a week and takes vitals, adjusts medication and consults with the wife. Tuesdays and Fridays are bath day and thank goodness hospice provides people to help with that. The first two had him laughing and giggling but the one today was older and a little more dour, although she did sing off key which aggrieved the Grump somewhat.
We continue to adjust to the changes. More of a stress on the wife of my youth.
Ya'll keep here in your prayers