Friday, September 28, 2012

Am I optimistic??

Almost two month since I've felt up to posting here.



Just a general feeling that I'd better be doing more to prepare our personal lives for the continued downward spiral our so called civilization is taking down the enameled throne.

Perhaps this will explain in part why.

Cause for thought, methinks.

We continue to slowly work on the new place.  We are coming up on six months here in 4 days.
Still much, much to be done.  And likely much will still likely to need doing in six more months.

I was scrounging around for a door to put on the well house.  The original interior doors had been left in an open shed down behind the galvanized man cave.  Just placed on the ground edge down.
Termites had eaten a little on a few of them.
When I started taking the cracked and peeling paint off the one selected for the well house, I found this.......

Evidently I had the wrong button pushed on the camera.  Real Tech whiz....that's me.
Can you see the close grain heart pine.  Hard to find anymore.  This is what the whole house is built of.  If there's ever a fire it won't last 10 minutes.

Check out the antique door latches.

I'm thinking I'm going to salvage ever piece of these doors possible.  Never know when I might have an artistic moment strike me someday.