Friday, January 12, 2007

A first

We kept our newest granddaughter last night and today.
So we were the first to see her crawl on her hands and knees today, instead of just rolling or wiggling like a little worm.
Amazing how fast she mastered the major requirements of crawling once she discovered that she could actually get somewhere that way. You could almost see the little light bulb go on in here little bald head.
She turned 7 months old on the 5th of January. Now if she would just get some teeth, and a little more hair.
Oh, yeah. She had to be mad as a hornet that nanny left her with me to go to the kitchen. She would crawl a little and just bawl. But, she did it.
Watching grandchildren grow up is more fun that watching your own. Experience tells you that they'll probably get thru everything their supposed to.


Anonymous said...

I agree that grandchildren are more fun. We are getting three of ours today to take to a fun time in the park with snow and the works.

Kat said...

awwwwwwww....... cute! :)