Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's not Paranoia............

.........if th' Bastards are really out to get you !

Unfortunately those who have lived with me and those who have know me for any length of time know of my propensity for ranting and raving about "Them" "They" "The powers that be", and the government in particular.

I had the fortune to be born long enough ago so that most of what we were taught about this country and the Constitution and Declaration of Independence was mostly correct. I know that the winners always write history books, but for the most part you could still ferret out the truth is you were willing to read enough and try to analyze what you had read. (back before you were taught that everyone was the same and had an equal right to what you produced and earned)

Bane may call me a losertarian, but I'm, I think, rightly proud to have for the most part considered myself a libertarian. How can a right thinking person ever want anything but liberty. In the old classical sense.

Our System of Government was set up with the ideal that we elected representatives to serve our interests in congress, and they were rightly called Public servants.

Now however, we watch what they do or don't do in D.C. and too many are thinking that what we are is getting Hosed over, and over, and over, and over again and again. Some of us are getting a little sore and raw, irritated by the lack of lubricant. So 'they' keep coming up with little ways to bend us to their will.

What I keep thinking is, (and this is probably not a correct quote here)

Rage, Rage, go not quietly into that dark night.

Just a little rage from the kudzu patch.

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kdzu said...

And I'll continue to rage.