Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm alive but.............

.......Stuffed to the proverbial Gills.

Today started off with my being late.
I sat up till 1:00pm watching Kill Bill 1 & 2 last night. Normally I wouldn't watch such since bloodletting leaves me cold. Literally, cold both in my heart and brain.
I already know of the rage for vengenace that can wind around your soul like....
.......well... read the title of the blog. : BANE already thinks I'm too obsessed with the vine.

But something about the cartoon aspect and "Camp" degree held my attention, and I wanted to see it to the end just to see how it ended.

Anyway, I awoke late. Thankful for the shower last night, I hurried to shave and dress to go to meeting. New to the area, I was greeted with delight by some and ignored by those others who had something else on their minds. Nevertheless it was good to attend again.

As to the being stuffed......

.....My better half celebrated her 39th wedding anniversary Thursday by being so tired that staying home and resting was the order of the day.

So being the Kind and Generous Soul that I am, and having a promise from Ebeneezer of him paying for a Steak Dinner at the time of our choosing for working on his rental house...

......To Outback we went as soon as I arrived back at home.

Into the Blue Jag we piled, and drove about 8 miles in a driving rain to the object of both our desires.

First of all came the traditional "blooming onion". Now that has to be an artery clogger. Too good to be otherwise. Followed by a nice salad with just the right amount of dressing. Oh, and the bread and butter. I don't know how they get that dark color yeast bread, but your could troll me anywhere in the world with the heady scent of that loaf.....
Just as that was enjoyed, and fully consumed...
.......the main Course.

Oh, the joy of being a carnivour and having placed before you Medium Rare Prime Rib.

Lightly seasoned with steamed veggies. A slightly teriyaki tasting sauce to dip each tender, moist and delectable bite into. Makes you put down your knife and fork and chew blissfully each bite so as to get the greatest taste sensations on your tongue, before flushing it down the throat and hungerily, ravenously, rapidly slicing off another bite to experience it once again.

Can you tell that we don't get out much and certainly not to a place where they bring your food out on real plates. Styrofoam being much more ecologically sensitive don't you know.

Satiated, we drove back to reality, where a required Sabbath nap allowed all that digesting cow to settle.

Ahhhhhh, all is right with the world.

Oh, and wonder of wonders, I was linked by my hero : BANE .

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Jean said...

39 years!.....congratulations to you and Mrs Kudzu. And, Outback is awesome.
A link from Bane should get your sitemeter tripping for a while... good deal.