Monday, January 29, 2007

I have always loved the ................

........BILL OF RIGHTS, as amendments that really defined this country. Especially the original 12 amendments. I will defend to the death your right to free speech, or your right to keep and bear arms..

Now they have said that you have a right, under the constitution, to burn an American Flag, as part of your right to free speech, as expressing your feelings.
Just be aware that I will exercise me right and responsibility under the oath I took many years ago when I joined the army, to run over and kick your sorry ass and do my damnedest to shove that burning flag down you throat or up your ass.

But I am really steamed over the defacement that was allowed to happen by the very people who had a responsiblilty to prevent it this past saturday.

The leaders of the capitol police who told them to retreat should be hung for treason or at the very least reduced in rank to the lowest in the force and then fired for cause.

I intend to write to both my Senators and my congressman, and also to all the congressional delagates from Georgia about this and make my feelings known and promise in no way to support any of them in the next elections unless they take action on this matter, and to report back to me in writing of the actions they have taken or not taken and their reasons why.

I encourgage every person who stops by here to send a similar request to all those who stop by their blog to do the same.

Congress needs to feel the heat on this one people. You don't have to do anything.
But, if you don't, you'll deserve the government you get.

You can't hide under the vines on this one.

The link to get the address of your congress critters is HERE

I'd love to hear what your representive has to say.
I'll let you know what mine say.


Jean said...

I thought VANDALIZE was a crime? Since when does freedom of speech allow anyone to vandalize????... damnnnnnnn!

kdzu said...

It is a crime. That's why we need to push our congresscritters to do something for the pay and perks they're getting.
The ones that made this happen should be fired, fined and imprisoned IMHO, and I have said so in my communication to my Rep. and both Senators.

Kat said...

Good for you, kdzu. It's all really outrageous...

Thanks for stopping by Yikes today... new update is up. Don't have to go to the hospital, as I'm improving (Yay) but still get to stay home from work for another week.

Snog Dot said...

I think this is just the beginning of the pussification of America.