Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Electricity ........... a powerful force. And apparently can exist in places and situations where you would least expect it.
Yesterday I had been trying to get some mud to dry all day and into the evening hours.
I had a ceramic dish about half full on a hot plate when I first started and by dark had it down to the point where it was beginning to show signs of most of the moisture being out of it. I would go out and check it occasionally and stir it with one of the wife's long tea spoons.
Anywho, I went out after dark for another stir and look at it.
As I touched the teaspoon to the dish the damn mud exploded and everything went black as much of it was in my eyes and all over me. Couldn't see a thing. Managed to get back up to the deck and feel my way to the door where I got the wife to lead me to the kitchen sink.
After much water splashed in my eyes I was able to see, although my eyebones felt like you had poured a pound of sand in them, and my eyelids were burned somewhat.

Apparently the bowl had picked up a static charge from the heat and the cold dry air we've been having, and much like when you scrub your stocking feet over the carpet and then touch the door knob a spark is created. Although this was like a M80 firecracker more than a spark.

Just damn. No lasting damage other than to my pride and wallet.

Maybe I'll tell you about the power of lightning displayed on my farm 25 years or so ago, someday.

Wish I could have fed the spark back into the power line last nite. Might cut my power bill by 10 or 20 $.


Kat said...

yikes, lol!

Y'all get snow/ice where you are? Here in Loganville,we got a bit of sleet last night, and just plain ole rain this a.m. Much to the disappointment of the kids, there is school here in Walton county today. :) (yay! lol)

kdzu said...

Same with us, most of the ice has melted other than in protected areas.

MamaSMorgan said...

Uncle Kudzu, why were you drying mud in a ceramic dish on a hot plate?
I'm sorry you got hurt.

k said...

Yeah, I'm dying to know about this mud drying business myself.

Anonymous said...

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