Monday, January 08, 2007

I was Going to ponder on this for a little while...

.......but,I realised that I have pondered this for years... so.....
inelagantly put, perhaps, but here goes.

LL posted This the other day, and it started picking at my brain.

I'm a baby boomer. I was born in Dec. 1949, not too many years after WWII.

With the exception of 6 yrs in the military, I lived until I was 35 on a dairy farm.

I was familiar with the circle of life from my earliest recollection. I witnessed births of cattle, dogs, cats. I watched as cows and bulls mated. I saw them get sick or injured. I saw them die, and in many cases helped them die.

We ate beef that we had grown. Also pork, game birds, fish of all kinds, and vegetables that we grew with our own efforts and the grace of God.

I wondered as a young man about the existence of God. Did he have a hand in the creation of this earth and all that in it is. Why would he go to the trouble, seeing as how we had wars, crime, all sorts of evil. Even 40 yrs ago, and I see no lessening of it today.

But I did finally receive a personal revelation to me that he does exist. I had only wondered before this, not disbelieving, just not sure.

What? you say, has this to do with being raised on a dairy farm?

My Grandfather, my Uncle and my father all were topnotch farmers and improvers of the stewardships placed in their hands. Farming is hard work, and you have to keep improving your stock to increase the amount of milk given for a given input of feed, husbandry and genetics.

When I read of stories like the one in LL'ss post, I wonder why instead of improving the genetics and capabilities of the human race, we seem to be devolving in some very important ways.

I know all about the abilities and knowledge of our scientists and learned men and women. But, doesn't it seem that we have more and more of the type of, I hate to say it, subhuman underclass that pulls us as a whole down? I mean, is it really necessary to wear your pants and underwear where the faintest breeze will cause them to drop and trip you.

By the time many children reach kindergarten age most of them have seen more of killing and violence than the most seasoned and hardened combat veteren.

Let's face it. Men will sow their seed in a knothole if nothing else presents its self. But their is no need to seek your pleasure or preference in lowness no matter your gender. I can't believe the number of women who will let themselves be treated as a knothole and accept it as no more than their due.

You can talk of your feminisim all you want. I'm all for strong, independent women. Knowledgable and capable. But look at the way many young girls act. Their heroines are Paris Hilton, (bet her grandfather is spinning in his grave) Brittany Spears. Her darling dad advised her on her career. (nothing but the best for his little slut)

Have we forgotten how to strive to better ourselves so as to improve the society within which we live. You don't have to look far no matter where you live to see examples of the meanness to which some people will descend. It is rampant in our culture.

I admit that most people which we all know, seem to be people you would like and want to associate with. But I know that we are all aware of that of which I speak.

The question is, Do we as a human race need to be more selective in our breeding, or in our nuturing?

Just wondering, and wandering, out here in the Kudzu, still seeking answers........

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.. brother, there just simply ins't enough ammunition.....

... trust me on that....