Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oh Woe is us.

I'm jst sitting here at the puter and I hear the TV two rooms away, where the spousal unit and her father are watching the evening news.

And as sometimes happens your ear picks out something that you have a strong opinion on, even though your weren't really listening to the news.

Apparently they had a big anti-war ralley in D. C. today.. This female was speaking to a reporter and she says, "I'm so sorry that we are having to do this today. We didn't learn the lessons of Vietnam".

What a waste of space between a pair of ears.

If you can't see the differences between the war in South Vietnam and Iraq, you are just about to dumb to draw breath. Hopefully the dumb bitch doesn't have any children. I'd hate to think she's propagating her kind. But she probably is, and since I didn't see her or know anthing about her, I can't go and rid the world of a pimple on the asshole of the world.

For those of you who have forgotten, we got involved in Vietnam, for better or worse because we had a treaty that required us to do so. South Vietnam, having been divided from North Vietnam by that worthless pile of moldering Excretment called the United Nations (pause to spit) signed a treaty with many of her neighbors and the U.S. that if any of the signors were attacked the others would come to the aid of their treaty partner, which we, the U.S., Australia, Republic Of South Korea, Tiawan, and I don't know if any others contributed or not, did. A lawful and required action under the terms of the treaty. If a man, or a country give their word, they aren't honorable unless they keep that word.

Yes, it did turn into a cluster fuck. But, not because of a lack of heroism and committment on the part of the american fighting men, but, rather because of politicians seeking votes from this constituancy or other and caring nothing about honor (a disease that inflects them even more today). We litteraly had the war won three times that I know of and the North Vietnamese have admitted, when the gutless politicians in D.C. (pause to spit) bargined it away, caring nothing for honor and the valour of their troops. A large number of our own citizens share the shame and dishonour of that disgrace.

Now we are engaged in the defining struggle of our time and the time of the next generation.

Let us not forget that we are the ones being attacked, before 9/11 and after. We could identify the enemy. The previous administration had identifyed the same enemy. The difference was the magnitude of the attack and the outrage of the citizenry and the fact that we had a President who took seriously his oath of office to defend the constitution of this country and by implication the country and with the overwhelming support of this country answered this implicant announcement of war on us by an identifiable enemy with force.

We soundly kicked the Taliban and Al Queda in Afganistan's collective asses.
We identified and other countries such as france (pause to spit) Germany, Even the Vaunted U.N. (gag me with a maggot) declared that So damn Insane the dictator of Iraq was a danger and supported the Al Queda and their terrorists, AND that he was working toward having weapons of mass destruction.

So we Acted, as any soverign Nation worthy of holding its head up would, by acting under a U.N. (pause to vomit) resolution, and with the support of the majority of the Congress (Shaking head in disgust) of both the democan, and republicrats.

Some of you were too young to remember the shame and humiliation of this country, after Nixon, Ford, and Jimmy Carter (Pig piss be upon him and his house forever).

We were a pitiable lot let me tell you, trembling at our shadow, like a dog shitting razor blades.

We outgrew it, we overcame it, we directly were responsibe for the failure of Communism in the USSR. The world became a better place, a more optimistic place. But instead of answering small attackes on us during the Clinton years with determination and resolve, we ignored them and and focused on his diliance with a 21 year old intern who had stated clearly her resolve to a friend of 'going to Washington and earning her kneepads.

So, we have come to this........

.......What does the future hold?

Will we be mice......
.....................or Men?


kdzu said...

Is this freaking thing on, or, am I a tree in the forest who nobody hears fall?

Jean said...

I'm just in awe and am too ignorant to make a sensible comment.
Keep ranting, dear man.

kdzu said...

Jean, my dear, your insights serve you well, and you see things others do not. You alway make good comments.
Thanks for taking the time here.

Stevie said...

Hi... first time here, first time commenting and I have three things I wanna say...

First, the reason I came by was to letcha know you damned near made me dislodge my liver laughing at your "Hope you don't have to do like a math teacher and work it out with a pencil..."

Holy jeez, man...
Glad I wasn't trying to swallow coffee when I read that.

Then, I see this post and want to say thank you for the background on Nam.
All I know is I support Nam Vets above all others for more reasons than I can even articulate.

Then, I open your comments and see something that I hear myself ask quite often...

"This thing on? Is there anybody out there?"
(Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home?)

Right there wit'cha on that one...

And, now that I've seen your profile, I must ask one more thing...

Is not "honest politicians" an oxymoron?

Even moreso than is "goverment intelligence"?

Jus' askin'... *grin*

I'mina go blogroll you now...

kdzu said...

Stevi, unfortunatly such words are oxymoronic today. It was different in the past (admitedly a long ago past), but I can remember a long time and have read back even further.
Honor still exists, we just have to find a way to get honorable men in charge. Or Ladies, of which group Shrillery is not one.

kdzu said...

Also Stevie, I can only get to your profile page, can you tell me your blog address.