Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Go to Hell.........

........that's what some parts of the world want the USA to do.

People like Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong IL, Amalamadingdong, and many others too numerous to mention (plus I hold them in such low regard, why should I try?).

It seems that wherever someone wants to impose their will on either their own country, someone else's country, their local township or the whole world for that matter, they feel that they have to first run down whoever is top dog at the moment.
For this moment and most of the moments since 1945, it has been The Republic of the United States of America. (wouldn't it be nice if that was this countries official title used in every instance when refering to the Union of States that we call 'the' USA.)

Why, I ask myself?? They didn't run down the old USSR. Of course the soviets were almost as bad as some of the assholes running around today. Except, of course, they knew they were lying to the world the whole time. Hell if we hadn't kept them fed thru loans, grants and most favored nation status they would have starved probably in the '60's or '70's.

Only reason they lasted so long is the proponderance of The Socialist media and so called pundits and commentators. As also the weak spined and willed so called Congress critters in D.C.

Call me crazy if you want, but if anyone was really a staunch anti-Communist like the late Larry McDonald,(remember him?) they were eliminated or ridiculed by anyone with a public voice.

Of course most of the citizens of this country (not my noble 8 or 10 readers, of course) want some one to take care of them, and then like most half-witted creatures, resent the hell out of anyone who will take care of them, either by choice (the politicians who are so willing to use YOUR money (which represents a portion of your life and effort), or the unwilling (the rich) where according to IRS statistics the top top 16% pay 85% of the income taxes collected each year. Don't tell me you would let them take such a large share of your paycheck (remember; your life, time and effort)if they didn't force you to by force of law, or your own fear. And don't give me any crap about the evil corporations not paying their fair share. They don't pay taxes. It's just money they get from their customers and pass along as a cost of doing business.

I guess what I'm trying to get around to in between all this ranting and rambling is this,........

What do you think would happen around the world, if tomorrow all of our troops were pulled back inside our borders, our ships and aircraft only patrolling out to the international border lines around our country. If all of our manufacturing and production capablities were actually here in this country and those of other countries moved at once to anywhere but here?

Would the dictators, do-gooders, Islamofacists, socialists and the like, then only play among themselves and point their fingers at us as taking our ball and going home, or would they realise that they could not survive nearly as well without the great free (for the time being) enterprise system we have here? Or would they try to overthrow us and take our wealth (of all kinds) for their due?

I don't know. I do know that it erks me no end to have to listen to every one and their brother cut down the remnants of a once, and perhaps future, Great Republic.

Guess it's a good thing that I have the kudzu to keep me occupied. Ya thin?

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