Sunday, January 14, 2007

They should just wait until a little closer to closing time

From News of the Weird, comes this fascinating little tidbit.

Scamming the Horny Panda: One trick that zookeepers have used to get male pandas interested in mating with dowdier females (according to a December dispatch from Sichuan, China, in Australia's The Age) is to let an attractive female roam around a pen, leaving her scent, and then, in darkness, with the male in the pen and frisky at the scent, to introduce the less attractive female into the pen, back-end first, so that the pre-excited male will quickly begin copulating. Said zookeeper Zhang Hemin, "When the males find out (that they've just mated with unintended partners), they get very angry and start fighting the female. We have had to use firecrackers and a water hose to separate them." [The Age (Melbourne), 12-17-06]

Now ladies, can you all truthfully state before a jury of your peers that your never had a more attractive friend do the trolling for you?

And Guys? Can you state categorically that your standards don't go down as closing time draws near?

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Jean said...

No... I have never had anyone 'troll' for me. Hell's bells, MY standards went down at closing time! Another good reason not to drink much in bars anymore...:)