Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Well, well.......

.....I see that we're now up to at least 5 men claiming to be the father of Vicky’s young daughter. The number will probably balloon up to where it rivals the size of her bra, although I can never remember seeing any publicity shot in which she was wearing one.

What is it with these guys? You know that they don't have the interests of the child in mind, don't you?

If you want my opinion, (which I know you are just panting to read) they should use a DNA sample from all of them and determine which, if any, of them truly are the father.

Then they should just shoot the rest of them between the eyes with a large calibar bullet, and ask the real father one simple question. "Will you take this child and raise it until adult hood and not get a single dime of money?"

If the answer is anything other than an immediate "Yes", they shoot him between the eyes, and place the child with a christian adoption agency and keep it's idenity secret until said child reaches adulthood and only if it then wants to know, reveal the true parentage. It just might hit the jackpot and grow into a halfway decent human being.

As it is now, the chances of little baby Smith, or whatever its name is, of having a snowballs chance in hell of having said halfway decent life is somewhere between slim and none.

God Bless that little child. She's got an uphill climb ahead of her.


US said...

Makes me so sad. I thought about storming in there (wherever "there" is) saying "you give me the baby, I'll raise her, you can fight over the money, it will only ruin her life". You're so right, the little girl has very little hope of true happiness.

Anonymous said...

... that poor kid is screwed... and it isn't her fault at all...


Jean said...

I'm glad she is too young to be aware of all this. Wouldn't surprise me if they didn't put the poor thing up for auction to the highest bidder!.....damn.