Monday, August 17, 2009

In the heat of the day

I did get up to cut the Ol' Grumps grass today. It was only 97 degrees by the time I finished.

Finally...after fiddling around most of the morning trying first one thing and then another to get the Murray riding mower to crank.

I finally narrowed the choices down to either just plain cussedness or a bad solenoid. Replaced the solenoid and it still wouldn't crank. But then I asked myself if I'd replaced all the wires in the correct order. Made one change cranked. I had placed one of the small wires on the wrong post on the solenoid. Hurray

The grass at the Ol' Grumps was almost waist high and thick as could be. The Murray was moaning and belts were slipping, smoking and squealing. The blade adjustment was raised as high as I could get it. Next time I'll tell him to hire a bush hog...or maybe buy a couple dozen goats.

Speaking of cutting things.....

Our oldest daughter called the wife while on her way to work this morning. She passed along the news that the oldest grand son had tried to hack his way out of a chance meeting with a spider while helping to get the deer camp ready for the upcoming season yesterday. I guess you could say the spider won since Cody almost whacked off three of his fingers with a machete. Bird finger, pointing finger and little finger of the left hand. Only thirty stitches or so at the Washington, GA emergency room. Fortunately there was no permanent lose of any digit and the damage will heal in time. Hopefully the lesson on not over reacting to things will be imprinted on the appropriate parts of his brain. Next time he might have a chainsaw in his hands. Maybe I'll show him the three scars on my left kneecap where the chainsaw teeth nicked me several years ago just to help re-enforce that particular lesson.

One of my regulars called me as I was bringing the mower home this afternoon. I drove up after supper and picked up a few things.

One was this silver spoon from England. I'll put it next to a couple nuggets I picked up last week.

The other thing I picked up was an almost new 1866 Yellowboy (only fired once) from Cimarron's Repeating Arms. This one has the 24 inch barrel and custom engraving on the receiver. I'm not sure I'll be able to part with this baby. I don't know why as I don't do enough shooting to justify it. But better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it I suppose.

We were hoping to maybe get some rain off the tropical storm down Flordia way, but so far nothing. It's getting along about whirly girl time down that way. Hope any of you down then are battened down and provisioned up.

Ya'll come back. Maybe I'll tell you the story behind the spoon and the nuggets.

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