Sunday, May 30, 2010

In Vino, Veritus

In Wine, Truth

I don't know if there was much wine consumed, if any this past evening, but there were plenty of cool brews and margarita's along with something called 'apple shots' (whatever that is).

The occasion a grand 'Deck Party' ostensibly for the purpose of celebrating the oldest Grandson's matriculation from high school which actually occurred on Friday in the Gwinnett Civic Center, the culmination of 14 years of hard work by the young man from pre-k to the 12th grade during which time he, hopefully, obtained the necessary knowledge and skills to begin to learn some of the really important lessons in life, graduation from which will, again hopefully, come at the end of a really long and fruitful lifetime with the hardest quiz of them all.

One question;.........answered by those left behind,... have I been a good man?

Good BBQ, corn dip, cheese dip and chips, washed down with diet Pepsi and Diet Mtn. Dew in my case and somewhat stronger libations in other's cases according to preference and in part by the time of night.

Much good conversation, reports on the latest safari to South Africa to include comments on the size of pecker on an old bull elephant, dwindled down to a hardy 4 or 5 discussing the state of the economy, the country, the world in general and the abundance of, or lack of in some cases, sufficient ammunition to withstand the Zombie Hoards waiting to descend upon the unlucky and un-wary.

All-in-All a good way to celebrate the accomplishments of as fine a young man as I have been privileged to know and to wish him God Speed on the trip of a lifetime that lies ahead of him.

He'll do alright.......he gives as good as he gets in our ritual hand squeezing these days. I think he may have been milking a few cows in his spare time.

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