Monday, August 02, 2010

Facing up to the darkness

It seems to be a common tactic of most public officials (read teat sucking scum bags) when faced with a budget short fall of some kind to begin to lay off some of the most essential personnel like police, fire fighters, and EMS to reduce the deficit.

It's almost like they are trying to blackmail the public to part with even more of the increasingly small amounts of money they have in order to keep these protectors of the public.

I wonder if the city managers of East St. Louis have reduced their pay and budget, laying off their personal assistants, Office managers, executive assistants, secretaries, and sycophants, street sweepers, grass cutters and possibly others who's services, while admittedly nice to have, might be more economical if supplied by the private sector or in some cases eliminated all together?

It admittedly is more work on the ones remaining, but have you ever wondered how they can have so many people out on coffee break at one time, all the time, and get anything done.

It is a truism that a persons needs and desires increase to the capacity of their finances, but not necessarily true that having increased will decrease when the capacity diminishes in size. For by then the increase becomes thought of as more Needs than desires.

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Jean said...

I've managed to trim my life quite a bit in the last few years. If I have to, I'll trim more. To survive.
Many of us are learning old lessons.