Saturday, October 30, 2010

What will we see?

What will we see 72 hours from now?

A fair question I think. Of course there are those who say I don't think....or simply don't think enough. There of course exists plenty of evidence for either and both of those suspicions regretfully. But I am young and can still learn. (hopefully)

We on the conservative side have high hopes for Tuesdays elections. We hope to slow if not stop the engineer-less locomotive of on-rushing progressive-ism, collective-ism, nanny-state-ism, dependency on government to provide all our needs-ism, serf-ism, slavery-ism. (sorry, I got carried away with the -ism's.

You should not think that the opposition will be light because of the universal right of our positions.

If anything the opposition will resort to any and all methods at their disposal.

Will that include voting fraud? I'd love to think that all the poll workers in this country were the most honorable persons in their respective communities, but they likely weren't picked at random from some Elders Quorum at the local church. No, they volunteered because they stand with one party or the other. Very few of them will vote for the man not the party. Mostly they will vote a straight ticket for which ever poison they prefer.

What then, if the election is close, and a few votes will swing it one way or the other. What if there are those cases where suspicion is high, where tempers flare, where swinging chads are examined with a magnifying glase. Will it only be lawyers that are called in? Will you accept politically appointed judges to render an impartial vote?

Fortunately there is a remedy provided in the Bill of Rights should it ever be needed.

Mike Vanderbough had a few remarks over in Alabama along these lines today.

I think it interesting to note that there are more like thinkers than you know or imagine.

May you live in interesting times
Chinese curse or blessing depending on your point of view.

Ain't it the truth. Ya'll come back now.

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