Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

A gentle lesson.

Some congratulate Veterans on Memorial Day.

I worked behind the shop and mowed the entire lawn today.

And thought............

Of all the barbeques and boats bobbing in the lake and all the bottles and cans of beer Consumed...

but, I didn't think much on them.

Please in no way take the next words as rebuke.  I was honored to serve my country as I thought I understood it and the Constitution we took oath to defend.  I am honored that you think of me as hero.  I will always try to be that for you as much as I know how.  My time as soldier marked me forever, ill or good.  Contributed to what and how I am today.  I have an ever greater appreciation of that as the days go by.

But, Memorial day, I'm afraid, will always be a time of sadness somewhat for me, for it is not just the barbeques, or the parades and the politicians high sounding blathering s to masses of ignorant sheeple.  Not stupid people, but people who yearn to have someone tell them what to think and do

Rather, I remember the dead I personally know and those I never knew, except through stories and histories, personal accounts of people who did know and serve with them, before my time and now in wars and conflicts both known and unknown, who believed and believe they were/are doing something required and right, whether it is/was or not, whether it truly made a difference, or not.

I remember the mother and father I had to inform that their precious son was not just missing, but gone.  Obliterated as if he had never been in the front seat of that Cobra, never ran home from school with excitement to tell of what he had learned that day, never taken his first turn behind the wheel of the family car, mother or father nervously watching, hoping he'd never be in an accident where they were not there to guide and counsel him out of the danger zone.
Remember those I saw fall, salute the boots and helmets, grief for the lose of their camaraderie, shameful for the relief that........there but for the grace of God.........

Mine not the only story, only out of all the hundreds of thousands. 

Stories we should remember with sadness and pride, not only on Memorial Day, but each and every day.


Joyce Partridge said...

i love you

Joyce Partridge said...

i miss your blog

Anonymous said...

After reading your post I respect your views. Personally, I know such philosophical experiences are a little sad but it's life. Everything that life gives you is meant to make who you are today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.