Saturday, January 21, 2006

Just Damn ! !

We tend to see things based on our life experiences. People we have known. Places we have been.
If our knowledge of the world is limited, then, our vision tends to be parocrical and limited also.
I've just been to a website where you can create a map showing what countries you have been to, also you can make a map of the states in the US you've been in.
Ive been in 9 different countries, some like Austria which I was only in long enough to turn around (we were exploring roads around the southern Alps of Germany, got on a road with lots of traffic but no place to turn around when we found ourselves at the Austrian border checkpoint. Thankfully the Guard recognized us as stoopid Americans and allowed us to enter and turn around and leave.
Vietnam, a most beautiful and at the time ugly place I ever saw. North Vietnam, (at the time a differant Country, and not officially).
The Netherlands (Holland) where we visited the museums in Amsterdam, went to the town of Gouda (where we naturally bought cheese, as well as a pair of wooden shoes for Hope). London England but only to the airport on the way back to the US.. Laos from the air ( something big and black fell thru the rotorblades, a most amusing tale).. Japan (bought a Camera in the airport)..
Guam (never left the plane during refueling). The US, natch.

I've been in 37 of the fifty US states. Some I spent a little time in, but most I just drove thru. Saw the painted deseret, from the front seat of our Ford Econoline, the petrified forest, the Navajo nation, passed right thru the Mojave Desert, up the central valley of California. I have lived in sight of Mt Rainer, and driven up it's foothills hoping to see Bigfoot. Passed within spitting distance of the Great Salt lake.

They say a life unlived is the most pathetic thing. There are many places I want to visit and really see before I die.

Just another tangle of Kudzu I'd like to untangle. Dang !

Go to to make a map of your travels.


kdzu said...

I don't know. You've seen Africa, and the Carribean. Spain.. I'd love to be able to speak the language and go there. Norway, I remember reading in grade school about them. Reader was probably from the thirties. Back before so many of the little countries in that area were absorbed by the Soviets. Must tell me where the other 9 states are. Territories can count. Guam, after all. Knew a couple of guys from Yap. Look it up.

Alicia said...

hmm... am i the only teenager(17 yrs old) that reads this blog. I have only been to various places in Mexico. Some beautiful but mostly it all looks dirty and sad to me. People ruin the niceness of nature over there. I have never been anywhere above Texas. This summer though me and two of my school chums are planning to go on a road trip. all of america and ending up in cananda. hopefully that doesn't go too bad.


Alicia said...

I can't picture anything other than very hot summers and warm winters. Going above Texas? I didn't know there was an above Texas...